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Yadelegat1 28 окт. 2021 г., 21:15:08 | студенческий

Put the verb to be in the correck from use oresent oast of future simple1)l?

Put the verb to be in the correck from use oresent oast of future simple


Never late for my work

2)her hair.

Blonde in an hour

3)My shoes.

To light

4)the pur thers.

Satis fied with the house lase year.

Oleandr70 28 окт. 2021 г., 17:38:23 | студенческий

Use the right order of words1)Day, it, a, fine, is2)Some cups, there, are, on, the table3)Digging, in the garden, the man, is4)The ticket, got, have, you?

Use the right order of words

1) Day, it, a, fine, is

2) Some cups, there, are, on, the table

3) Digging, in the garden, the man, is

4) The ticket, got, have, you?

5) A hotel, in England, is?

6) Party, dinner, to our, to invite, Nick, want, we.

Madeir 28 окт. 2021 г., 11:33:15 | студенческий

The class is a typical group of high school kids?

The class is a typical group of high school kids.

Marco (Max Riemelt) is handsome and sporty, one of the best players in the school water polo team.

He's popular and outgoing but has problems at home.

Marco's going out with Karo (Jennifer Ulrich).

She's sensible, intelligent and hard - working and always gets good marks.

Karo's best friend, Lisa (Cristina do Rego), is pretty but not as confident as Karo.

Another student, Sinan ( Elyas M'Barek), is Turkish - German.

He's as good - looking and sociable as Marco and a good water polo player too, but they both fight all the time.

Tim (Frederick Lau) is an unhappy loner with no friends.

He's brilliant with computers but doesn't get on with his family.

The enthusiastic and hard - working Mr Wenger starts an experiment.

First, he moves around the desks and the students.

Everybody has to stand up when they speak and sit down again immediately.

They do relaxation exercises together.

They march in time next to their desks to annoy the class downstairs.

They choose a name, The Wave, for their group.

Everybody has to get a uniform ( white shirt and jeans) to get rid of differences between them.

They think of a symbol and a salute for the group.

Most of the students enjoy the class.

They're not as divided as before.

It doesn't matter if they're rich or poor, good or bad students.

They're all part of the group now.

Even Marco and Sinan start getting on better in the water polo team.

Tim is the keenest - he loves the descipline.

Only Karo and a friend refuse to wear the uniform ; they don't like what is going on in the class.

Karo argues with Marco and Lisa about it.

They don't understand her negative attitude.

Then, The Wave spreads outside the school.

They paint their symbol all over the town and have parties only for group members.

Fights start between Wave members and other local groups.

At the end of project week, Mr Wenger's little experiment ends up in a real tragedy.

Можете перевести на казахском языке пожалуйста срочно нужно).

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What is an electron?

It is a very small, indivisible, fundamental particle – a major constituent of all matter.

All electrons appear to be identical and to have properties that do not change with time.

Two essential characteristics of the electron are its mass and its charge.

Qualitatively, an electron is a piece of matter that has weight and is affected by gravity.

Just as the mass of any object is defined, the mass of the electron can be defined by applying a force and measuring the resulting rate of change in the velocity of the electron, that is, the rapidity with which its velocity changes.

This rate of change is called acceleration, and the electron mass is then defined as the ratio of the applied force to the resulting acceleration.

The mass of the electron is found to be about 9.

11  10 - 28 grams.

Not only the electron but all matter appears to have positive mass, which is equivalent to saying that a force applied to any abject results in acceleration in the same direction as the force.

How does the other aspect, the charge of the electron, arise?

All electrons have an electric charge, and the amount of charge, like the mass, is identical for all electrons.

No one has ever succeeded in isolating an amount of charge smaller than that of the electron.

The sign of the charge of the electron is conventionally defined as negative ; the electron thus represents the fundamental unit of a negative charge.

Alex2281543 28 окт. 2021 г., 08:40:45 | студенческий

Help прошу?

Help прошу.

Слова вместо пропусков.

Нурсун 28 окт. 2021 г., 08:06:55 | студенческий

Ерефразируйте следующие предложения, употребляя сложное дополнение с причастием?

Ерефразируйте следующие предложения, употребляя сложное дополнение с причастием.

Пример : Не was reading in the garden.

She saw him.

She saw him reading in the garden.

1. She was sleeping peacefully in her bed.

Mother watched her.

2. The cat was rubbing itself on my leg.

1 felt it.

3. They were fishing.

We saw it.

4. The pupils were writing a test - paper.

The teacher watched them.

5. He saw two girls.

They were dancing on the stage.

Nikita20071 28 окт. 2021 г., 06:57:54 | студенческий

Помогите с английскимThe pocket calculator (was и were) by Clive Sinclair 1971?

Помогите с английским

The pocket calculator (was и were) by Clive Sinclair 1971.

Ксюша6366 28 окт. 2021 г., 05:08:14 | студенческий

Помогите с английским?

Помогите с английским.

1. Поставте общий и разделительный вопросы к предложению : We live in a confortable flat in a new house.

2. Поставте специальный вопрос к предложению : And besides, there is a telephone on a small round table.

Katkr2016 27 окт. 2021 г., 19:57:41 | студенческий

10 примеров на present simple?

10 примеров на present simple.

Лучший37 27 окт. 2021 г., 19:56:37 | студенческий

Помогииите, срочно нужнооооо?

Помогииите, срочно нужнооооо!

Narvikadamov05 27 окт. 2021 г., 18:09:12 | студенческий

Пожалуйстааа, очень срочно, помогите пожалуйста?

Пожалуйстааа, очень срочно, помогите пожалуйста!

Vadim24565 27 окт. 2021 г., 17:09:21 | студенческий

Use the required passive forms in the following sentences, observing the difference between the passive of action andthe passive of state :1?

Use the required passive forms in the following sentences, observing the difference between the passive of action and

the passive of state :


The house (to lock) up when they set off.

2. The house (to lock) up before they set off.

3. He wished to know if his instructions (to carry) out.

4. Talking of Susan, Milly (to remind) of something she once (to tell).

6. Wherever I went I found that the camp (to leave) in a disgraceful condition.

7. Wherever I went I found evidence that the camp (to leave) only a short while before we arrived.

8. From where I stood the house (to hide) by lime trees.

9. Everything (to prepare) for the ball.

The front lawn (to floor) and (to tent) ; palms and azaleas (to place) round it.

10. Dan had a car waiting, and open country easily (to reach) in |those days.

11. Looking over his shoulder I saw that the note (to write) in pencil and on a whole sheet of paper.

Normik5 27 окт. 2021 г., 09:44:45 | студенческий

Помогите с английским, хотя бы что нибудь?

Помогите с английским, хотя бы что нибудь.

Taisa95 27 окт. 2021 г., 07:57:21 | студенческий

III. Put the verb in brackets into the correct form?

III. Put the verb in brackets into the correct form.

1. Corydon's oldest inhabitant.

Fred White died at the age of 101.

Fred (live)

there and (teach) at the local school for 25 years until he (retire) __ in 1950.

His funeral (take) _place next Friday.

2. Please, don't phone at 7 tonight, We (have) dinner at this time, but we (finish) by 7, 30 and then you may call.

3. If you (leave) your watch with me now, it (not take) more than 2 days to repair.

4. I haven't got my car at the moment, (repair) in the garage.

5. The newspaper reported that four people (take)_______to the hospital after fire at their home.

The doctor said that they (send) home after treatment for minor burns.

6. We (no be) here since we were young.

7. I found this photograph last night when I (look) papers.

8. It was 6 o'clock.

Peter was hungry because he (have)________since morning.

9. He told me he (offer) a very well - paid job.

VladSemenov2003 27 окт. 2021 г., 06:57:37 | студенческий

Помогите срочно завтра контрольная?

Помогите срочно завтра контрольная?


5 упражнение пж.

Вика3028 27 окт. 2021 г., 06:07:22 | студенческий

Choose the right option?

Choose the right option.

Fhjmhjy 27 окт. 2021 г., 05:34:53 | студенческий

1. What days of the week do you like and why?

1. What days of the week do you like and why?

2. What time do you get up on Sunday?

3. What do you do in the morning?

4. How do you usually spend your days off?

5. Do you often go to the country on your lays off?

6. How did you spend your last Sunday?

7. Do you go shopping?

8. Do you go in for sports on Sunday?

9. Do you often go to see your friends?

10. Do you like to spend your days off with your friends or with your parents?

Ответы на вопросы текст MY DAY OFF(мой выходной).

ViVnadyakozaljoy 27 окт. 2021 г., 00:10:46 | студенческий

Do people often go to the theatre nowadays?

Do people often go to the theatre nowadays?

Why? Are you a great theatre - goer?

Which visit to the theatre do you remember best?

Why? Did you enjoy the play?

Did you like the actors starring in the play?

Igortolst 26 окт. 2021 г., 21:22:57 | студенческий

I _____ (not clean) my football boots?

I _____ (not clean) my football boots.

They _____ (not start) their meal.

I _____ (not do) my homework.

He _____ (not win) all his matches this year.

My brother and I _____ (not see) any films this week.

It's my birthday party today.

I _____ (not invite) many people.

He _____ (not wash) his hands.

They're very dirty.

Mum's really angry.

We _____ (not tidy) our room!

I can't play with my friends this evening.

I _____ (not finish) my homework.

I _____ (not visit) New York for three years.

Where's Alison?

We _____ (not see) her since yesterday.

Dad _____ (not take) a holiday since last August.

John _____ (not play) the violin since he was school.

Стесняйся 26 окт. 2021 г., 17:25:48 | студенческий

Определите форму и функцию глаголов to be, to have?

Определите форму и функцию глаголов to be, to have.

1. All articles are published from The Economist print edition.

2. The Economist online is part of The Economist Group and is responsible for The Economist on the internet.

3. Leaders are discussed, often disputed, each week in meetings that are open to all members of the editorial staff.

4. Since 1928, half the shares have been owned by the Financial Times.

5. The Economist has survived, and indeed prospered, by building on the internationalism of its outlook and by selling abroad.