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Напишите предложение три раза, образуя условные предложения 1, 2, 3 типов1) If it (not to be) too cold, I (not to put) on my coat?

Напишите предложение три раза, образуя условные предложения 1, 2, 3 типов

1) If it (not to be) too cold, I (not to put) on my coat.

2) I (to write) the composition if you (not to disturb) me.

3) His vocabulary (to increase) greatly if he (to read) fifty pages.

4) You (to go) to the Philarmonic much more often if you really (to love) music.

5) You (to understand) the rule if you (not to music) the teacher’s explanation.

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Помогите пожалуйста, подруге надо?

Помогите пожалуйста, подруге надо.

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Здравствуйте помогите пожалуйста по английскому : Write questions for the answers?

Здравствуйте помогите пожалуйста по английскому : Write questions for the answers.

Use the question words in the box.

И даны слова : what.

Why. when.

Who. how often.


How many.


1)Where are you from?

I, m from Poland.

2)I, m a student?

With3)I live with my friend Olga?

4)Only two people live in the house, Olga and me?

5)In our freetime we like to go to the cinema or go out with friends.

We both love reading too?

6)We go to the cinema about once a week?

7)I, m studying English because I would like to work in this country.

8)I, m in class 2a, Pre - intermediate.

9)I started learning English when I WAS at school.

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2 задания по английскому 40 баллов?

2 задания по английскому 40 баллов.

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Fill in the gaps with articles or pronouns wherenecessary Retell the text?

Fill in the gaps with articles or pronouns where

necessary Retell the text.

Jack London, .

Great American novelist, was born in .

San Francisco and spent.

First years of.

Life there.

John London, .

Father of.

Family, left.

Farm and moved to.


He tried a lot of trades, but couldn't make enough money to send.

Children to.


Jack London had to begin learning.

Living at.

Early age.

He sold.

Morning and evening papers in.

Streets At.

Age of fourteen he began working in.

Factory He worked eighteen to

twenty hours.

Day Then he became.


Jack London traveled.

Lot. He had to do do.

Very hard work, but he also read.

Lot and tried

to get.


He went to.

School and to.


In addition he read.

Lot of books on.

History and Philosophy.


London's ambition was to become.


Later London went to.

Far North of.

America He didn't bring

back any gold from there, but he brought something much better than.

Yellow metal.

It was.

Book of.

Stories about.

Life in.

North .

He had realized.

Ambition, he had become.


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Срочно пожалуйста?

Срочно пожалуйста.

Надо написать цифра буква.

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Составить пять предложений в прошедшем времени ?

Составить пять предложений в прошедшем времени .

Помогите пожалуйста : ).

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Помогите сделать 4 и 5?

Помогите сделать 4 и 5.

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Нужна помощь, перевод не совсем точный получаю?

Нужна помощь, перевод не совсем точный получаю.

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Complete these sentences using while?

Complete these sentences using while.

Пример : the plates of A FIXED capacitor CANNOT be moved to vary the capacity WHILE the plates of a variable capacitor CAN be moved to vary the capacity

1) THE SECONDARY WINDING of a transformer is connected to the LOAD RESISTANCE.

2) the PRIMARY winding RECEIVES energy.

3) A STEP - DOWN transformer DECREASES the primary voltage.

4) an AIR core transformer is used for HIGHT - frequency currents.

5) in STEP - UP transformer the number of turns of the secondary winding is greater than the number of turns of the PRIMARY winding.

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Переведите пожалуйста Vladimir State UniversityLeaving school and entering the University is a step towards future?

Переведите пожалуйста Vladimir State University

Leaving school and entering the University is a step towards future.

Many students enter the University to gain a qualification that will form the basis of their future career.

Vladimir State University provides a lot of opportunities training engineers, lawyers, economists, psychologists, historians, journalists, museologists and other specialists.

The first and second years are common to all students and provide a foundation in mathematics, computing, social sciences, foreign languages and scientific principles.

All courses give students the opportunity to develop IT (information technology), research and communication skills which employers are looking for.

Foreign languages are a vital skill in today’s world.

The study of foreign languages helps students develop effective communication skills in the language and prepare for a professional career where you may use foreign languages in an international setting, e.

G. in business, economics, law or journalism.

And thus English, German and French are studied in conjunction29 with a wide range of other subjects.

The staff who teach students are themselves professional engineers, economists, lawyers and scientists, each actively engaged in research work as well as teaching.

Courses involve different types of learning activity to help students assimilate the material effectively, developing their understanding and skills, moving towards professional independence.

These are lectures, seminars, practicals and laboratories, term paper and projects.

Lectures, which are one of the basic teaching methods, present information and ideas, often from a variety of viewpoints, encouraging students to ask questions and discuss some of the problems raised.

Seminars tend to involve large groups and offer intensive discussions so that students gain the confidence to explain technical issues to others.

Practicals and laboratories are a key component in Science and Engineering courses which illustrate the application of theory and allow students to develop the

skills associated with their subject, acquire the habits needed for selfeducation and master the use of a full range of computing skills.

Lectures and practical classes establish a good understanding of the foundation subjects upon which the later years depend.

The assessment of academic progress varies according to the purpose and the course that is being assessed.

Many courses include a substantial30 proportion of continuous31 assessment, which means that some or all of the work you do during the course counts towards the final marks.

In some cases students have to submit term paper and laboratory reports, and at the end of each semester (twice a year) they take examinations.

During their final year, all students have the opportunity to do project work on a topic of their own choice, supervised by members of the staff.

The topics are usually related to the research work carried out by the department, and students gain practical experience in their discipline.

Vladimir State University also offers postgraduate courses in 41 majors, which can lead to the Master’s degree, and doctorate course in 9 specialities in 8 scientific fields.

Facilities to support courses in different sciences include spacious32 and well - equipped laboratories, workshops and lecture rooms.

The University Library offers a wide range of books, videos, journals and other reference sources.

The Library houses a Media Center.

Its networked PCs provide students with e - mail and access to the internet and other software.

The University offers a lot of excellent facilities and an extensive range of activities to cater for everyone from the dedicated33 sports fanatics to those who just play for fun.

The University Sports Center includes a swimming pool and two gymnasia.

Students can swim, ski, play basketball, volleyball, football, badminton, table tennis, and keep fit.

Aerobics, athletics, body pump, boxing, wrestling are among the sports offered.

Our halls of residence comprise student bedrooms with shared kitchen, shower and WC.

The accommodation is self - catering, but you can always eat in the university’s refectory34.

The graduates of the University can be found working in a variety of interesting and challenging35 jobs.

They are needed in organizations of all types and sizes – in Vladimir and Vladimir region.

The University graduates obtain employment in such fields as journalism, information technology, banking, management, marketing, civil engineering.

They are also welcomed into research institutes and laboratories, electrical, electronics, automobile and chemical industries.

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Нужно написать три формы глагола.

Пример work - worked - worked








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Put ap many questions as you can to the sentence below?

Put ap many questions as you can to the sentence below.

One day the little Red Hen found a grain of wheat in a field.

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Как будет по английскому меня зовут катя я учусь в 10 школе у меня школа начинается в 8 : 00?

Как будет по английскому меня зовут катя я учусь в 10 школе у меня школа начинается в 8 : 00.

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Помогите pleaseперевести текст?

Помогите please

перевести текст.

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Перевести предложения с фразами глагола?

Перевести предложения с фразами глагола.

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ПОМОГИТЕ ПЛИЗЗЗнаписать как я провожу время в торговом центре?


написать как я провожу время в торговом центре.

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Помогите, 5 задание с домиком, вот текст THE PICTURE (after The Broken Bridge' by Ph?

Помогите, 5 задание с домиком, вот текст THE PICTURE (after The Broken Bridge' by Ph.


Ginny, the main character of the story, is 16.

She's turning out to be a brilliant artist like her mother, who died when she was a baby.

In the extract you're going to read

Ginny sees her mother's picture in the art gallery.

When Ginny was first becoming interested in art and the history of painting, Dad had given her a big book with hundreds of reproductions in it.

She'd pored over it with more than delight — with a kind of greed, in fact.

She absorbed everything the book told her about the Renaissance, and the Impressionists, and the Cubists, about Boticelli and Monet and Picasso, and she breathed it all in like oxygen she hadn't known she was missing.

And among the pictures in the book, there were two that made her gasp.

One was Whistler's Arrangement in Grey and Black, the portrait of his mother sitting on an upright chair, and the other was El Greco's View of Toledo.

She remembered her reaction quite clearly : a sudden intake of breath, caused by sheer surprise at the arrangement of shapes and colours.

It was a physical shock.

And when she looked at the big painting that dominated the end wall, the same thing happened.

It would have affected her the same way whoever had painted it, because it was a masterpiece.

What it showed was a middle - aged black man, in a uniform with epaulettes and medals, in the act of falling on to the red - carpeted floor of a well furnished room.

He'd been eating a meal, and on the table beside him there was a plate of yellow soup.

Beyond him, through the open door and at the open window, stood a crowd of people, watching : white people and black, old and young, richly dressed and poverty - stricken.

Some of them carried objects that helped you understand who they were : a wad of dollar bills for a banker, a clutch of guns2 for an arms dealer, a chicken for a peasant ; and the expressions on their faces told Ginny that they'd all in some ways been victims or accomplices3 of the man who was dying.

And all that was important, but just as important was the strange discord of the particular red of the carpet and the particular yellow ofthe soup, so that you knew it was something significant, and you guessed the soup had been poisoned.

And the way the dying man was isolated by the acid red from every other shape in the picture, so that it looked as if he were sinking out of sight in a pool of blood.

And mainly what was important was the thing that was impossible to put into words : the arrangements of the shapes on the canvas.

These same elements put together differently would have been an interesting picture, but put together like this, they made Ginny catch her breath.

She began thinking of what her mother had wanted to say by the picture.

Tell the story of the corrupt1 officer?

Yes. But not mainly.

What she had probably wanted to do was just to see what happened when she put that red and that yellow together.

That was what could start it.

Some little technical thing like that.

And the shape of the man as he falls.

Because there's no shadow, you can't see easily where he is in relation to the floor.

He seems to be floating in space, almost.

But at the same time no one could say that the picture wasn't technically correct.

It was amazing, brilliant!

Ginny felt a lump in her throat.

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Помогите пожалуйста очень надо?

Помогите пожалуйста очень надо.

II. Сделайте предложения отрицательными :


I usually listen to English songs.

2. His sister works at school.

3. Children get up at 6 o’clock.

4. Our family is very friendly.

III. Найдите лексические ошибки и замените их :


I am a teacher and I work for a company.

2. He likes to play English books.

3. The classroom is very clean and dirty.

4. Thanks for your mistake.

IV. Найдите грамматические ошибки и замените их :


I like coffee but my brother don’t.

2. They is doctors.

3. My sister read fairytales for her children.

4. Miss Dorothy have a clever child.

V. Расставьте члены предложения в правильном порядке :


I / various / to collect / love / and / books / souvenirs.

2. draw / he / to write / likes / poetry, / and read.

3. my / sitting / at / mother / hates / home.

4. to / she / goes / gym / the / three / a week / times.

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Помогите пожалуйста?

Помогите пожалуйста.

Соотнесите синонимы :


Main line


Wooden rails


To design


To switch to






To manufacture


To adopt






To select


To originate






To use


To build




Passenger car





To project








To accept


To create


To employ




To shift to


Bad luck


To construct




Timber rails




Trunk line


To produce






To choose