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Помогите по английскому языку, 5 класс?

Помогите по английскому языку, 5 класс.

Найти все артикли и объяснить почему они там стоят!


Mark Twain, the famous American writer, was well - known as a lecturer.

Literary clubs often invited him to speak.

Before one of his lectures a club member came to him and said : Twain, people say that you can tell very funny stories.

I hope that during your lecture you will tell a story that will make my uncle laugh.

He hasnt laughed for ten years.

Ill do my best.

Mark Twain said.

When he began his lecture, Mark Twain noticed the club member.

He was sitting in front of him with an old man who had a very sad face.

Mark Twain began to tell jokes, one after another.

I told long jokes and short jokes, new jokes and old jokes, Mark Twain told his friends.

I told every joke l knew and soon everybody was laughing .

Everybody - but not the old man.

He was looking at me with cold, blue eyes.

I couldnt make him laugh, and Itried again and again.

But nothing helped, .

After the lecture, the club member came to Mark Twain and said, Thank you, Mr Twain .

I have never heard so many funny stories.

They werent funny enough for your uncle, Mark Twain answered .

He didnt even smile.

I know, the man said.

He hasnt laughed for ten years.

But I didnt tell you that he hadnt heard anything for ten years.

He is deaf.

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Помогите пожалуйста по английскому?

Помогите пожалуйста по английскому.

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Очень срочно?

Очень срочно.


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Помогите задать 5 вопросов к тексту пожалуйста?

Помогите задать 5 вопросов к тексту пожалуйста.

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Помогите перевести предложение в Past SimpleВчера моя мама поливала цветы?

Помогите перевести предложение в Past Simple

Вчера моя мама поливала цветы.

Что моя мама поливала вчера ?

Моя мама не поливала вчера цветы.

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Подчеркните в тексте предложения в страдательном залоге и дайте их перевод?

Подчеркните в тексте предложения в страдательном залоге и дайте их перевод.

The World is not Enough

He's one of the most famous characters in film history and over three billion people have watched him - that's half the world's population!

Since 1962 he's been in twenty films, or one film every two years.

Who is he?

He's Bond .

James Bond.

The British writer, Ian Fleming, created James Bond in 1953.

Fleming was a typical English 'gentleman'.

He was educated at Eton (an expensive school in England), then worked as a journalist before becoming a banker in London.

However, during the war his life completely changed when he worked as a spy in Russia.

He wrote most of his novels about his own interesting experiences.

Although the Bond novels were exciting action stories about spies, they didn't become well known until they were made into films.

When the first film Or No opened in Britain in 1962, Fleming became famous overnight.

However, it wasn't untilGoldfinger in 1964 that James Bond became successful around the world.

Goldfinger broke box office records at home and abroad.

The phrase `I'm Bond .

James Bond' was recognised all over the world.

Will Bond films continue to entertain us in the future?

The answer is probably 'yes'.

There will always be James Bond fans because audiences will always enjoy exciting thrillers.

The last film, The World Is Not Enough, made an amazing £6.

2 million in its first weekend!

The truth is that James Bond films, with their fast cars, spy gadgets and dangerous missions, are the ultimate action movies.

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Помогите перевести предложение в Present PerfectМоя мама только что поливала цветыМоя мама только что не поливала цветымоя мама уже полила цветы?

Помогите перевести предложение в Present Perfect

Моя мама только что поливала цветы

Моя мама только что не поливала цветы

моя мама уже полила цветы?

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Помогите пожалуйста с английским 9?

Помогите пожалуйста с английским 9.


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Помогите пожалуйста?

Помогите пожалуйста.

. очень прошу

Переведите данные предложения, обращая внимание на слова - заменители that и one :


This computer is more powerful that the one we need.

2. Many people who do not get job after quitting the old one ofter leave the labour force to return to studying.

3. This dress is more beautiful than that of my friend.

4. This test is simpler than that we had last week.

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Ответьте на вопросыHave you seen any interesting TV shows letely ?

Ответьте на вопросы

Have you seen any interesting TV shows letely ?

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They were arguing ?

They were arguing .

Loudy so / such

She was not.

Yong as he thought.

So / such.

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Помогите 3 задание срочно надо?

Помогите 3 задание срочно надо.

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Ответить на вопросы по тексту, пожалуйста?

Ответить на вопросы по тексту, пожалуйста.

Read my lips!

Forget about fortune tellers and horoscopes.

The shape of a person’s lips can say a lot about them.

The 5.

000 - year - old art of face reading is gaining popularity.

So, take a look at the shape of someone’s lips to find out about their personality….

People with full lips are usually responsible.

You can always trust them to do what you ask them to do.

They are also decisive ; they make decisions quickly.

On the other hand, they tend to be rather bossy.

They like telling other people what to do!

People who have thin upper lip and full lower lip are energetic.

They work very hard and like participating in a lot of activities.

They are ambitious as well ; they want to be successful in life.

However, these people tend to be self - centered.

They seem to only care about themselves and they sometimes forget about other people’s feelings.

People with thin lips are determined ; they know what they want and they do all they can to get it.

They are careful people who do their work with a lot of attention and thought.

However, they tend to be reserved ; they don’t like showing their feelings or expressing their opinions.

They can also be mean ; they don’t like sharing things or spending money.

People who have lips with down - turning corners are very generous.

They love giving things to other people and helping them.

They are also intelligent and understand difficult subjects quickly and easily.

On the other hand, they can be sensitive at times ; they get upset easily, so be careful of what you say to them.

1. What is face reading?

2. Could you describe the character of people with full lips?

3. Could you describe the character of people with thin lips?

4. Could you describe the character of people with thin upper lip and full lower lip?

5. Could you describe the character of people with down - turning corners of lips?

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Посогите с английским пожалуйста?

Посогите с английским пожалуйста.

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Как это читать на русском, помогите пожалуйста, только перевод не надоMy wife is an economist?

Как это читать на русском, помогите пожалуйста, только перевод не надо

My wife is an economist.

She works at the Ministry of Foreign Trade


She goes to the office every day.

My wife does not learn


She already knows English very well.

She reads very many

English books, magazines and newspapers.

At the office she

sometimes writes letters to foreign firms.

She often translates

telegrams from English into Russian and from Russian into English.

My wife, s also a student.

She learns German and is doing very well.

She usually gets good marks and is always in time for the lessons.

She likes languages very much and is going to learn French next


My wife and I usually go home to gether.

We do our homework in

the evening : we learn the new words, read texts and do exercises.

We also revise grammar rules.

We sometimes speak English at


We speak about our work and our lessons.

"Who, s an economist?

" "My wife is"

"Who knows English?

" "She does"

"How well does she know English?

" "She knows it very well"

"Does she learn German or French?

" "She is learning German now,

but next year she, s going to learn French"

"What does she often speak about in class?

" "She often speaks

about her work"

"What is she going to do tonight?

" "She is going to do her


"Is she going to have her German tomorrow morning?

" "No, she is

going to have it in three days"

"Which of you likes to speak foreign languages?

" "My wife does".

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Вставить глагол to be или have gotSam Brown ?

Вставить глагол to be или have got

Sam Brown .

A manager of the company.

The company .

In London.

Sam .

A family.

There .

4 people in it.

They .

His wife and to doughters.

His wife .

A dentist and the girls .


Sam. a car.

It . in the garage near the house.

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Поставьте предложения в отрицательную и вопросительную форму1?

Поставьте предложения в отрицательную и вопросительную форму


I never drink coffee in the evening.

2 The baby always sleeps after dinner.

3. usually set up at seven o'clock in the morning.

4. My cousin goes to school every day


My mother plays the piano in the morning.

6. I.

Read books in the evening

7 He helps his mother every day.

8. My friend like to play basketball


We go to the country in winter.

10. My sister eats sweets every day.

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2. A : We're having a party on Saturday?

2. A : We're having a party on Saturday.

B : Oh, good.

I . (make) a cake to bring along.

3. A : Have you finished that report yet?

B : Yes.

I. (give) it to you in a minute.

4. A : Why are you buying all those vegetables?

B : Because I.

(make) vegetable soup.

5. A : This writing is too small for me to read.

B : Give it to me and I .

(read) it to you,


A : I.

(stay) at Claire's house tonight,

B : Alright.

I won't expect you home, then.

7. A : Would you like to join me for lunch today?

B : Yes, please.

I. (meet) you at half past one.

8. A : .

(you / help) me with the shopping tomorrow?

B : Of course.

9. A : Are you excited about your trip?

B : Yes.

This time tomorrow I.

(sit) on the plane.

10. A : I can't hear the television very well.

B : I .

(turn up) the volume.

Future Perfect and Perfect Continuous.

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Текст описание белки?

Текст описание белки.

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Помогите, все на фото?

Помогите, все на фото.