Open the brackets and put the verbs into the proper tense for : 1?

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Open the brackets and put the verbs into the proper tense for : 1.

Не (go) out when the weather (get) warmer.

2. I (wait) for you until you (come) back from school.

3. I'm afraid the train (start) before we (come) to the station.

4. We (go) to the country tomorrow if the weather (to be) fine.

5. We (not pass) the examination next year if we not (work) much harder.

6. If you (not drive) more carefully you (have) an accident.

7. You (be) late if you (not take) a taxi.

8. I (finish) reading this book before I (go) to bed.

9. You must (send) us a telegram as soon as you (arrive).

10. We (have) a picnic tomorrow if it (be) a fine day.

11. We (go) out when it (stop) raining.

12. We (not to have) dinner until you (come).

13. I'm sure they (write) to us when they (know) our new address.

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Vlad200010 8 мар. 2020 г., 0:10:53

Откройте скобки и поставить глаголы

в надлежащее напряженной для :


Не (идти), когда погода (получить) теплее.

2. Я (ждать) для вас, пока вы (не пришел) из школы.

3. Боюсь поезд (начать), прежде чем мы (прийти) к


4. Мы (идти) в стране завтра, если погода

(Быть) в порядке.

5. Мы (не проходят) экзамен в следующем году

если мы не (работа) гораздо сложнее.

6. Если вы (не ездить) более

тщательно вы (у) в аварию.

7. Вы (быть) поздно, если вы

(Не принимать) такси.

8. Я (отделка), читая эту книгу, прежде чем я

(Перейти) к постели.

9. Вы должны (отправить) нам телеграмму, как только

Вы (приехать).

10. Мы (есть) пикник завтра, если он (быть)

прекрасный день.

11. Мы (идти), когда он (остановка) дождь.

12. Мы

(Не иметь) ужин, пока вы (не пришел).

13. Я уверен, что они

(Запись) для нас, когда они (знаю) наш новый адрес.

Rail979 5 мар. 2020 г., 7:41:22 | 5 - 9 классы

Your friend has just come back from a holiday?

Your friend has just come back from a holiday.

You ask him / her about it.

Put did / was / were in the spaces.

1. Where _______ you?

2. ________ you enjoy your trip?

3. How _______ you travel about the city?

4. _______ the weather fine?

5. _______ it warm?

6. ______________ you stay with your friends?

7. _________ they meet you at the airport?

8. _____________ your room comfortable?

9. _______ you meet anybody interesting?

10. _______ you tired when you came back?

Man159 9 янв. 2020 г., 9:33:51 | 10 - 11 классы

Заполните пропуски модальными глаголами переведите предложения на русский язык?

Заполните пропуски модальными глаголами переведите предложения на русский язык.

You …stop smoking.

You …be cold.

Harriet …to run away from the slave - owner.

I …not buy this book, I have not enough money.

You .

Save him.

She …follow our example.

We …walk all the way.

… you open the window?

The children… not play at the road.

You…to go to school.

… I speak to Mr.

Brown, please?

Oleg1357 2 февр. 2020 г., 9:25:30 | 10 - 11 классы

Измените по образцу?

Измените по образцу.

I did not go out yesterday.

I (not to have) English last term / I (not play) computer games.

She (not go) to the party.

We (not watch) TV.

Измените по образцу What did you do in the evening?

When you (to have) breakfast yesterday?

What you (read) in the evening?

Where she (go) yesterday?

Ailaana 15 февр. 2020 г., 5:14:28 | 1 - 4 классы

Complete 1) Dont push the door?

Complete 1) Dont push the door.

You should____________ it.

2) We dont work at night.

Our shop is _________.

3) Look up and read.

Its not an entrance, its an_________.

4) You should cross the street when the light is _________.

5) You _________ cross the road at the crossing.

6) When you cross the street in London you should first look_________ then___________.

7) You ___________ walk on the grass in front of the museum.

8) You ____________ put the litter to special bins.

Валитова123456123 23 янв. 2020 г., 3:23:01 | 5 - 9 классы

Complete the questions?

Complete the questions.

Use be going to.


(you / have) for dinner tonight?

What time.

(you / get up) tomorrow?


(you / go) on holiday this year?


(you / do) your homework?

Varvarasokl 26 янв. 2020 г., 14:01:21 | 5 - 9 классы

1. He (spend) last summer in the contry?

1. He (spend) last summer in the contry.

2. What your brother (do) now?

3. He (not write) a composition by next Monday.

4. My sister (wash) the dishes every morning.

5. You (go) to the south next summer?

6. When I (ring) Mike up yesterday, he still (learn) a poem.

7. If you (not help) me, I ( not do) this work by 5 o`clock tomorrow.

8. Yesterday he (go) for a walk only when he (do) his homework.

9. I (not go) to the cinema tomorrow, I ( watch) TV the whole evening.

10. When I came to the station, the train already (leave).

11. We( not grow) tomatoes next summer.

12. You ever (be) to Piccadilly Circus?

13. What you (buy) at the shop yesterday?

14. If it (not rain) tomorrow, we (not stay) at home.

15. When he (come) tomorrow, I still (do) my homework.

16. Look!

My friends (play) volleyball.

17. He (not read) this book since he was a pupil.

18. You (write) this letter by the time she (come) tomorrow?

19. "Mary usually (watch) TV in the evening?

" "No, she__.

20. What you (do) at 6 o`clock yesterday?

Booozy 6 мар. 2020 г., 22:49:32 | 10 - 11 классы

Use the appropriate forms of the verbs in brackets ( Pr?

Use the appropriate forms of the verbs in brackets ( Pr.

Simple or future simple) to complete the sentenses.

1) I don't know if I (see) you next Sunday.

I think I (be) out of town.

2) I (stop) and (ask) the way.

I (be) not sure we are walking in the right direction.

3) If the situation (not change) , we (lose) the game.

4) If John (arrive) on time , we (not miss) the 5 o'clock bus.

5) They don't know when Mr Green (return) .

6) If it (rain) , I (not allow) Jack to go for walk.

7) I don't think we ( go) out if it (snow) .

8) Who (speak) to Mr.

Biggs when he (come)?

9) They (not tell ) you when they are leaving.

10) It's difficult to say if they (finish) the project today.

Alia561 20 янв. 2020 г., 9:26:20 | 5 - 9 классы

Заполните пропуски предлогами места и направления : 1?

Заполните пропуски предлогами места и направления : 1.

The book is.

The table.

Will you put the book.

The table!

Will you take the book.

The table!

2. The fax is.

The table.

Will you put the fax.

The table!

Will you take the fax.

The table!

3. The note - book is.

The table.

Will you put the note - book.

The table!

Will you take the note - book.

The table!

4. The diskette is .

The box.

Will you put the diskette.

The box!

Will you take the diskette.

The box!

5. The computer is .

The box.

Will you put the computer.

The box!

Will you take the computer.

The box!

6. The boxes are .

The room.

Will you put the boxes.

The room!

Will you take the boxes.

The room!

7. The box is under the table.

Will you put the box.

The table!

Will you take the box.

The table!

8. The fax is under the box.

Will you put the fax.

The box!

Will you take the fax.

The box!

9. The lamp is.

The table.

10. The map is .

The computer.

11. The programmer is.

The table.

12. Will you sit down.

The table!

Olegefremov96 18 февр. 2020 г., 5:24:26 | 5 - 9 классы

All the sentences in this exercise are about the future?

All the sentences in this exercise are about the future.

Write the in brackets in the correct from, 1, When you _______(to come ) I will plant an acacia .

2. If we _______(not to be ) tired , we will go to the forest .

3. When you ______(to come ) to our town in spring , you will not recongnize it .

4. You will not see many old oak - trees , and animals will disappear if you ________(not to take ) care of them.

Ученица108 1 янв. 2020 г., 23:10:43 | 5 - 9 классы




3. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense


If I _____________________ (not / have) a car accident yesterday, I __________________________ (not / take) to hospital.

2. I _______________________ (ask) Monica out for a meal, if she ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­____________________ (not / be) busy ____________________ (prepare) for a test now.

3. If people _________________ (not / like) ____________________ (scare), thousands of horror films ____________________________ (not / produce).

4. We ________________________ (fail) the test unless / if we __________________ (study) hard for the whole weekend.

5. I __________________ (leave) you my phone number in case / if you _________________ (need) any help.

6. I wish I _______________ (go) to that conference.

My boss ____________________________ (not / go on) at me now.

7. The burglar got in because you forgot ___________________ (shut) the window.

If you ____________________ (not / leave) the ground floor window open for the night, your house __________________________________(not / break into).

8. I wish I _________­_____________________ (have / my teeth / check) regularly in my childhood.

9. As long as you _______________________ (work) six hours a day, you ____________________ (get) this job __________________ (finish) on time.

10. (inversion)_____________ I _______________ (know) about their anniversary, I ______________________________ (buy) some flowers.

11. Supposing you _____________ (win) a trip to any place in the world where______________ you ____________ (go)?

12. If a passer - by __________________ (not / take) me out of that burning car, I _______________________ (not / be) alive.

13. I _______________ (buy) an extra bottle of wine in case the Stuarts _______________ (join) us for dinner.

14. I wish this thought _____________________ (stop) _______________ (haunt) me!

15. I’d rather you __________________ (not / come) with me to the fashion show tomorrow.

16. I know it’s probably not going to happen but imagine I _______________________ (become) a famous super model.

17. It’s high time hats _________________________ (come) into fashion again.

18. If only Henry _______________ (get) a haircut!

I can’t stand his scruffy looks any more.

19. Don’t you sometimes wish you _____________________ (be) invisible?

20. I wish I _______________ (not / leave) this to the last minute.

I am going to try and wing it.

21. I’d rather you ______________ (not / lend) Brenda any more money – she’s got to learn not to spend what she doesn’t have.

22. They _____________________ (know) everything by the time you _________________ (be) back, so don’t hurry.

23. He asks you if you ____________________ (meet) him in the library at 5 o’clock.

He can be useful if you ______________________ (treat) him right.

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