1. a?

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1. a.

Work in pairs.

Match the words with their definitions.

A hop - on / hop - off bus tour a double - decker

bus .

A guided tour • a guide


A person who gives information to tourists about

some sights.

2. A trip around famous places during

which you can listen to some information about them.

3. A sightseeing trip by bus when you can get off / get

on at different stops if you want to explore the sights.

4. A bus with two levels.

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Nasjamhv 19 июн. 2024 г., 12:11:06

A hop - on / Hop - off bus tour - 3

a double - decker bus - 4

a guided tour - 2

a guide - 1.

Savely228 16 мар. 2024 г., 17:49:01 | 5 - 9 классы

7. Look at the different objects?

7. Look at the different objects.

Can you think of other ways how we can use them?

Prepare your presentations about the most unusual way of using these objects.

Who has got the best imagination?

На каждый по 4 предложения.

Дам 20 баллов.

Valvalnii 12 апр. 2024 г., 04:09:15 | 5 - 9 классы

Portfolio : collect information then write a tourist guide section of about 80 worlds about a famous street in your city?

Portfolio : collect information then write a tourist guide section of about 80 worlds about a famous street in your city.

Write about :

its location (centre .


what you can find there (shops.


what you can do there (relax .



КрАсаВчИк02147 28 мар. 2024 г., 06:42:54 | 5 - 9 классы

Reading Comprehension Form 5 Read the text?

Reading Comprehension Form 5 Read the text.

Match sentences A - E with gaps 1 - 5.

One child families - are they good for us?

Have you got any brothers or sisters?

¹ Parents in China are excited about the news that now they can have more than one child.

So how are family sizes different around the world?

2 In Europe, the average family has two children.

In Turkey, parents usually have three children.

Most American families have two children.

But the American actors Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are famous for their very big family.

They have three children and three other children from different countries.

Zahara comes from Ethiopia, Pax comes from Vietnam and Maddox comes from Cambodia.

According to research, a sister or brother is an advantage.

You can talk to your brother or sister when you are worried about your problems.

You can learn lots of things from your siblings.

3 And learning how to get on with each other can teach you life skills too.

What about only children?

They don't have brothers or sisters to learn from or share with.

4 People say that only children can't share and are not friendly.

However, according to lots of studies, only children are no different from children with siblings.

They learn to share in the classroom, or with cousins, step - brothers and step - sisters and their friends.

5 The answer is yes.

Only children usually get on very well with their parents and they are very independent.

A. Four out of five children in the USA have brothers or sisters.

B. Many of the parents of only children worry about this.

C. So do only children get benefits?

D. Or are you an only child?

E. They can teach you new facts.


Алёна20 29 февр. 2024 г., 00:11:10 | 5 - 9 классы

Read these sentences and rewrite them using the modal verbs in the brackets in the correct form?

Read these sentences and rewrite them using the modal verbs in the brackets in the correct form.

Don't forget about full stops.

Example 0.

You are allowed to go to the party.


Answer 0.

You can go to the party.

1. It’s your duty to feed your cat.

(have to)


I strongly advise you to check your documents.



You are allowed to borrow my coat.


Кронг1 3 мар. 2024 г., 15:40:09 | 10 - 11 классы

1) Complete the sentences?

1) Complete the sentences.

1. This person looks after the plants and cuts the grass.



When your hair gets too long, you make an appointment

with this person.

H. 3.

If you have a problem with your central heating, you need

to call this person.

P. 4.

This person works in a laboratory and might have a

university degree in chemistry or biology.

S. 5.

Somebody whose job is to look after people’s money.

B. 6.

If you have a problem with the lights in your house, you

call this person.

E. 7.

If the police arrest you, this person can help you.

L. 8.

This person can help you to manage your money.

A. 9.

This person checks your teeth to make sure they are in

good condition.

D. 10.

When you are in hospital, this person looks after you.

N. 2) Complete the sentences with the words in the box.

Team people environment self - employed skills

salary university degree qualifications training


She works for an important bank in London, earns a very

good .

And drives a company car.

2. You need to have several years of .


become a doctor.

3. They have a really nice working .

– their offices

are modern with good air conditioning and plenty of light.

4. I really enjoy working on big projects with lots of other


It’s good to work in a .

5. You need to have a .

To become a lawyer.

6. Receptionists have to deal with .

, so they

need to be friendly and polite.

7. Some people prefer to be .

And work for lots

of different companies.

8. Secretaries need to have a lot of .

– they

need to be organised, and good with computers.

9. You need to have good .

If you want to get a

job at this university.

Korex322 26 янв. 2024 г., 02:01:23 | 5 - 9 классы

He (wait) for the bus this morning?

He (wait) for the bus this morning.


Bhrayrik 2 апр. 2024 г., 00:05:48 | студенческий

СРОЧНОChoose the correct item?


Choose the correct item.

1. You don't have to / mustn't take the bus to the airport.

I should / can give you a lift.

2. Jason ought to / could ride a bike from the age of four.

6. We must / can be at the airport two hours before our flight departs.

7. May / Might I see your boarding pass, Madam?


Крис340 7 апр. 2024 г., 21:19:46 | 5 - 9 классы

Complete the questions with the correct preposition?

Complete the questions with the correct preposition.

At the moment, what sort of music are you listening .

? At school, which subject is hardest to focus .

? What is the worst situation you have ever had to deal .

? In your family, who’s the person you can most depend .

? Which global problems do you most worry .

? Before you fall asleep, what do you think .

? .

Aiperiperu 12 апр. 2024 г., 16:53:48 | 5 - 9 классы

Будьласка допоможіть6?

Будьласка допоможіть


Write a text for your poster.

Use Ex.

2. My town / city / village



In the north / south / east / west / centre of the country

What you can see There is.

/ There are.

/ is one of the most famous.


What you can do In.

You can tour.


/ take walks in the park .

/ relax.


Я живу в Закарпатті.

Аня1309 5 мар. 2024 г., 14:27:43 | 5 - 9 классы

Look at the picture?

Look at the picture.

Write four more sentences about places you can see and four sentences about places you can't see.



TanyaKlein 23 янв. 2024 г., 02:25:59 | 5 - 9 классы

2 Match the words in Exercise 1 to the definitions?

2 Match the words in Exercise 1 to the definitions.

1 You use this to know how much exercise you do.

2 You wear these on your ears to listen to music.

3 You can carry this small computer around with you.

4 You click on this object with your finger when you work on a computer.

5 You can read books on this machine.

6 You use this machine to put images and text from your computer onto paper.

7 You need this machine to play video games.

8 This is a type of modern telephone.

9 This is a very small flat computer.

You use your fingers to control it.

10 This part of a computer shows pictures or words.

11 This part of a computer has letters and numbers on it.

12 Sound comes out of this part of a computer.


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