2 Read the text and choose the correct answer, A, B, C or D?

Английский язык | 10 - 11 классы

2 Read the text and choose the correct answer, A, B, C or D.

Charity fundraiser

Recently my whole class got involved in doing some fundraising for charity, but there were some restrictions given to us by our teacher.

For example, you’re 1 __________ to make money if you make cakes and sell them.


A allowed

B unable

C meant

D certain

But to do that you are 2 _________ to spend money.


A permitted

B required

C need

D succeeded

Our teacher told us we were not 3 _________ to buy any products.


A allowed

B managed

C certain

D sure

You’re also 4 ________ to raise funds if you ask your parents and family friends, *

A have

B unlikely

C bound

D obliged

But we felt it would be too easy and we 5 _______ to make more of an effort ourselves, not just ask for money.


A ought

B bound

C sure

D required

We raised money in a few different ways.

One team 6 _______ in putting on a performance and selling tickets.


A managed

B obliged

C permitted

D succeeded

They made the tickets out of scrap paper from the classroom and they 7 _______ to make a lot of money.

A needed

B managed

C allowed

D had

Another group was 8 ________ to help the environment so they organized teams of people to pick up litter in the streets and keep the local parks tidy.

We were able to raise a large amount of money for various charities.


A meant

B permitted

C likely

D ought

I really enjoyed the experience and I’m 9 ________ to keep doing my part to help our world in the future.

A succeeded

B ought

C unable

D sure.

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Ответ :

1 A





6 A




Объяснение :

Это не точно.

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1. She has never been to Washington?

1. She has never been to Washington?

A) doesn’t she B) don’t she C) has she D) was she


There ________ a big book shop and a theatre in our city next year.

A) will B) is C) were D) will be


Her sister works at school, she _____ Geography there.

A) educate B) teaches C) studies D) speaks


Mary doesn’t want to play now, she ___________ an interesting book.

A) reads B) reading C) was reading D) is reading


As soon as he ____________ the window, she will watch TV.

A) washes B) will wash C) washed D) is washing


Where will the meeting _________ ?

A) take part B) take place C) take from D) take off


It is _________ book I have ever read.

A) worse B) the best C) better D) the goodest


They mustn’t ________ sport suits at school.

A) wear B) take off C) dress D) have on


When I came home my little sister ____________ with her dolls.

A) is playing B) were playing C) was playing D) playing


The air in the city is _________ than the air in the country.

A) more dirty B) the dirtiest C) the dirtier D) dirtier


When ______ you _________ this blouse?

A) have…bought B) did.

Buy C) did…bought D) were…buy


I didn’t see ________ in the house.

A) anybody B) nobody C) somebody D) nothing


Helen came into her bedroom and saw that all her clothes on the floor.

A) are B) were C) is D) was


She likes the film about Alice very much.

He _______ it many times.

A) saw B) have seen C) has seen D) sees


Her dress was different ____ all others.

A) of B) to C) from D) with


Whom are you afraid _____?

A) with B) of C) toD) up



______ a lot of stars in the sky.

A) It is B) It was C) There are D) There is

18 He ____since she was ten.

A) is painting B) has been painting C) was painting D) has painting


We are hungry.

How about ____ some pizza?

A) having B) have C) to hav D) we have


This money ____ours.

I can’t take ____.

A) isn’t, them B) aren’t, them C) isn’t, it D) isn’t , its


It was a very difficult test.

I ____look up a lot of words in a dictionary.

A) must B) have to C) had to D) must to


Who ____ to participate in your performance?

A) does want B) wants C) want D) is wanting.

Seliverstovaaa 9 февр. 2024 г., 00:18:26 | 5 - 9 классы

I. Mark the correct variant for the word in bold?

I. Mark the correct variant for the word in bold.

1. a silly idea (a - good, b - strange, c - new, d - foolish) 2.

The title of the story (a - hero, b - subject, c - name, d - main idea) 3.

Are you certain?

(a - here, b - in a hurry, c - sure, d - ready) 4.

To feel very ill (a - sick, b - tired, c - scared, d - awake) 5.

An ancient story (a - humorous, b - terrible, c - old, d - lively) 6.

To be very grateful (a - delighted, b - helpful, c - thankful, d - thoughtful) 7.

To persuade smb (a - to assist, b - to force, c - to understand, d - to convince) 8.

To be not very likely (a - probable, b - well - liked, c - enjoyable, d - similar) 9.

The violence of the storm (a - effect, b - sound, c - force, d - approach) 10.

To deceive one’s friends (a - to praise, b - to make fun of, c - to trick, d - to look after) 11.

To injure one’s teeth (a - to brush, b - to clean, c - to examine, d - to harm) 12.

To prohibit swimming (a - to enjoy, b - to permit, c - to be afraid of, d - to forbid).



RambOo997 21 мар. 2024 г., 18:12:15 | 5 - 9 классы

Complete each gap (1 - 10) with the correct answers (A - D)?

Complete each gap (1 - 10) with the correct answers (A - D).

4. Last year I decided to attend ¹_ dancing classes.

I did it because I wanted to go out and socialise, and I also 2 that I would meet there.

The school I have to say, I learned a lot and I also 5.

Dancing can make you very attractive.

Girls like guys who can and who like_ fun.

Nice people is very popular in our region.

Out that 9 To be honest, the dancing was very difficult at times, but I never gave because I knew I had to stay focused.

Dance has become more important to me anything else for various reasons.

I believe it is an art which helps you express your feelings and it also you good exercise habits and helps you improve your strength and flexibility.

10 1 A - 2 A hoped 3 A much 4 A choose 5 A caught 6 A dancing 7 A have 8 A out 9 A of 10 A teaches B any B noticed B any B was choosing B moved B dance B had B on B as B is teaching C the Casked C some C chose C brought C dances C having Coff C than C taught D this D suggested D the D chooses D found D to dance D has D up D from D teach​(СРОЧНО 24БАЛЛА ДАЮ).

Кериллллл 8 янв. 2024 г., 02:46:54 | 5 - 9 классы

Помогите 35 баллов :1) ___ of the students should do his own worka)everyone b)all c)each d)every2)Half of the luggage __ herea) is b) be c) is d) are3)Look?

Помогите 35 баллов :

1) ___ of the students should do his own work

a)everyone b)all c)each d)every

2)Half of the luggage __ here

a) is b) be c) is d) are


The police__ already here

a) was b) be c) is d) are

4)Physics __ a difficult subject

a)were b)be c)are d)is

5)None of the information__ correct

a)is b)have c)were d)are

6)Every man, woman and child __ invited

a)been b)have c)are d)is

7)Neither of these phones __

a)working b)functioning c)works d)to work

8)They are __ good students that they will all pass

a) so b)so a c)such d)such

9)My friend doesn't like opera, but I __

a)am b)was c)does d)do

10)He had his hair __ yesterday

a)cutting b)to cut c)cut d)was cut.

Dina202 5 февр. 2024 г., 00:20:06 | студенческий

1. Choose the verb?

1. Choose the verb.

I go to school on foot but yesterday I.

By bus.

A) to go b) go c) went d)


Alisher Navoi.

In Heart.

D) good Sarvar is.

Than Dilshod.

8. Choose the preposition 9.

I read a lot of books.


10. We should put three cups water.

A) of b) at c) with d) in 11.

Choose the verb.

When the mother came, we .

The room.

A) clean b) were cleaning c) are cleaning d) cleaned a) are doing b) doing c) were doing d) did

a) live b) was born c) life



In the 6 th form last year.

A) was b) were c) is d) are


Choose the adjective.

She is brushing her .


A) long b) short c) the longest d) longer


This exercise is.

Difficult than that exercise.

A) the most b) much c) more d) most


A) long b) shorter c) tall d) small


Ann is.

Girl in our class.

A) beautiful b) more beautiful c) clever d) the most beautiful

He lives a small house.

A) on b) at c) with d) in

a) on b) at c) about d) in



You. at 6 p.

M. yesterday.

13. Find profession.

She helps children to find books.

A) librarian b) teacher 14.

We make fire with.

C) nurse d) cook

a) knife

b) spoon c) water d) matches


We cook pancakes in .

A) kazan

b) frying pan c) saucepan d) matches.


Milesh 2 апр. 2024 г., 04:22:00 | 5 - 9 классы

If the government?

If the government.

Taxes, people.

Less money a) raised / would have b) would raise / had c) raises / have d) raised / will have​.

DraKulA456 17 апр. 2024 г., 00:52:37 | 10 - 11 классы

Please help me?

Please help me!

1. i live on the .


A)first b)second c)the second d)the oneth e)the twoth


The students.

Different questions by the teacher at the last exam.

A) is asked b)were asked c)are asked d)has asked e) asked


My. is economics.

A) study b) rating c) work d) subjects e)major


Did you .

To France in August or in October.

A) goes b) go c) went d) gone e) will go


We'll discuss.

Topics at the next lesson.

A) any b) something c) anything d) some e) noting ​.

Klimovmii84 15 янв. 2024 г., 01:27:20 | 5 - 9 классы

1 Слово "any" и производные от него употребляются вВыберите один ответ?

1 Слово "any" и производные от него употребляются в

Выберите один ответ.

A. отрицательных предложениях B.

Утвердительных предложениях C.

Вопросительных предложениях D.

Вопросительных и отрицательных предложениях

2 Вставьте нужное слово :

Can you find .


Выберите один ответ.

A. something B.

Some C.

Any D.


3 Выберите правильный перевод предложения :

"Сюда приходит мало людей"

Выберите один ответ.

A. Little people come here.

B. Few people come here.

C. A little people come here.

D. A few people come here.

4 Вставьте нужное слово :


Student must work hard.

Выберите один ответ.

A. Nobody B.

Some C.

Every D.


5 Вставьте нужное слово :

He is not lucky.

. can help him.

Выберите один ответ.

A. Anything B.

Nobody C.

Anybody D.


6 Вставьте нужное слово :

There .

Two books and a pen in the bag.

Выберите один ответ.

A. was B.

Be C.

Is D.


7 Вставьте нужное слово :

There .

A pen, two books and a pencil on the desk.

Выберите один ответ.

A. are B.

Is C.

Were D.


8 He hasn't got .


Выберите один ответ.

A. much B.

Lot of C.

Many D.

A lot of

9 Are there .

Books on the shelf?

Выберите один ответ.

A. a lot B.

Many C.

Lot of D.


10 Вставьте нужное слово :

Have you got .

Interesting books?

Выберите один ответ.

A. a B.

Any C.

Anything D.


11 Вставьте нужное слово :

There .

A coin in my pocket.

Выберите один ответ.

A. is B.

It's C.

Are D.


12 Вставьте нужное слово :

There are some newspapers on the table, .

? Выберите один ответ.

A. aren't B.

Aren't it C.

Aren't there?

D. aren't they

13 Вставьте нужное слово :

There .

Three vases on the table.

Выберите один ответ.

A. is B.

Be C.

Was D.


14 Вставьте нужное слово :

Is there .

New house in your street.

Выберите один ответ.

A. the B.

An C.

- - D.


15 Выберите правильный перевод предложения :

There is a new house in our street.

Выберите один ответ.

A. На нашей улице будет новый дом.

B. Новый дом есть на нашей улице.

C. На нашей улице новый дом.

D. Новый дом появился на нашей улице.

16 Вставьте нужное слово :

You can take .

Book you like.

Выберите один ответ.

A. anything B.

Some C.

Something D.


17 Словосочетание "мало денег" следует переводить как :

Выберите один ответ.

A. little money B.

A few money C.

A little money D.

Few money

18 Слово "little" употребляется с существительными :

Выберите один ответ.

A. исчисляемыми B.

С исчмсляемыми и неисчисляемыми C.

Неисчисляемыми D.

Употребляющимися только в единственном числе

19 Вставьте нужное слово :


Students works hard.

Выберите один ответ.

A. Any B.

Nobody C.

Some D.


20 Вставьте нужное слово :

Can you hear .

? Выберите один ответ.

A. nobody B.

Something C.

Anything D.


Elizavetakyzne 24 янв. 2024 г., 11:49:00 | 5 - 9 классы

Bs3 Circle the word with the different vowel sound?


3 Circle the word with the different vowel sound.

1 a book

b soon

C cook

d wood

2 a car

b cat

c bag


3 a big b sit

d is

4 a one b phone C come

d love

5 a ruler b student c computer d Sunday

C child

Listening Strategy 2

Some words sound similar, but have very different


Being able to detect the small difference in

pronunciation will help you to understand them when

you hear them.

Use the context to help you too.

Mintoning Strategy 2.

Circle the word you hear.

543776358 1 янв. 2024 г., 13:02:11 | 5 - 9 классы




Choose the correct answer :


She will be 25 .

This year.

A) in B) - C) at D) on


They don't like books .

Have a happy ending.

A) who B) whose C) that D) this



A) . al B) .

Ment C) .

Ality D) .



I . get up early tomorrow because it's Sunday.

A) mustn't B) didn't have to C) don't have to D) am not necessary to


. . .

Juice in the bottle.

A) There is a B) There is some C) There are D) There are some


I . .

. my homework now.

A) do B) doing C) does D) am doing


Give it to______.

A) he B) I C) she D) her


______________on the left in America.

A) You mustn’t to drive.

B) You not must drive.

C) You mustn’t driving.

D) You mustn’t drive.

9. Listen!

I ______to you.

A) am talking B) talk C) do talk D) am talk


I haven’t got _________ money.

A) no B) none C) some D) any


She’s ____than I am.

A) older B) more old C) more older D) most older


You’re not _________I am.

A) as tall than B) as tall as C) as taller as D) tall as


Oh no!

________ my key.

A) I lose B) I’m lost C) I’ve lose D) I’ve lost


I spoke to a girl________ was from Barcelona.

A) what B) which C) who D) whose


English ________all over the world.

A) are spoken B) is speaking C) is spoke D) is spoken


What is the official name of the country?

A) The United Kingdom of Great Britain.

B) The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

C) United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

D) The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


What ___ you ___ at the weekends?

A) does / does B) do / does C) does / do D) do / do


When I was younger, I ____ a mile in forty minutes.

A) could swim B) should swim C) may swim D) must swim


May I invite you to the _______ of my 14th birthday?

A) celebrate B) celebration C) celebrated D) celebrity


I can't fly, .

. . A) can't I?

B) am I?

C) can I?

D) am not I?

21. .

. . sugar in my tea.

A) There is not a B) There is not some C) There are not D) There is not any


Peter and Sydney are ___ Australia.

A) from B) for C) to D) at


___ has got blue eyes.

A) We B) I C) She D) They


We ___ to Spain last week.

It was so interesting!

A) goes B) go C) went D) was gone


You have a toothache.

You ___ go to the doctor.

A) must B) should C) might D) can


My sister usually goes to school ___ foot.

A) by B) on C) in D) with


___ to visit our family this weekend?

A) Would you like B) Are you like C) Do you like D) Is you like


Have you ever ___ to London?

A) gone B) been C) arrived D) went


I have lived in Almaty ___ 5 years.

A) during B) since C) for D) ago


I haven’t had so much fun ___ I was a young boy!

A) when B) during C) for D) since.

Kirillparfen201 11 мар. 2024 г., 13:34:08 | 5 - 9 классы

Choose the correct answer?

Choose the correct answer.

I always _____________ mistakes in Maths tests.

A) do b) make c) does d) makes

He is ___________ his homework now.

A) doing b) making c) does d) makes

Can you call me ___________ later?

I am busy.

A) back b) off c) out d) up

Can you look ___________ my dog while I am away?

A) up b) at c) after d) for

I need to ___________ the laundry.

A) doing b) do c) making d) make.

Перед вами страница с вопросом 2 Read the text and choose the correct answer, A, B, C or D?, который относится к категории Английский язык. Уровень сложности соответствует учебной программе для учащихся 10 - 11 классов. Здесь вы найдете не только правильный ответ, но и сможете ознакомиться с вариантами пользователей, а также обсудить тему и выбрать подходящую версию. Если среди найденных ответов не окажется варианта, полностью раскрывающего тему, воспользуйтесь «умным поиском», который откроет все похожие ответы, или создайте собственный вопрос, нажав кнопку в верхней части страницы.