Раскройте скобки, поставив ing или ed?

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Раскройте скобки, поставив ing или ed.

1. The film we watched was ________ (interest).

2. Mona Lisa’s smile is quite ________ (intrigue).

3. It’s ________ (freeze) cold in this room!

Haven’t they got central heating?

4. Listening to classical music is quite ________ (relax).

5. Ben didn’t understand the teacher’s question.

He looked ________ (puzzle).

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Хелп гайсLEONARDO DA VINCIEverything you should know about Leonardo da Vinci and the Mona LisaIt’s the most famous work of art on the planet?

Хелп гайс


Everything you should know about Leonardo da Vinci and the Mona Lisa

It’s the most famous work of art on the planet.

The Mona Lisa is also known

as La Gioconda.

Leonardo da Vinci painted it between 1503 and 1506.

We know that the

painting was special to Leonardo because he spent so long working on it.

In one of

his notebooks he wrote, “Tell me, tell me, has one ever finished anything?

Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci (his full name) was born in 1452, the son of a

lawyer in the Tuscan town of Vinci.

He didn’t have a classical education but became

an apprentice in the studio of painter and sculptor Andrea Verrocchio.

He spent 13

years there, learning and working with other important painters such as Sandro


He was a vegetarian.

Apart from being an artist, Leonardo was an engineer, inventor and


He also loved geology, anatomy and astronomy.

As a scientist, he was

ahead of his time.

He died in France in 1519, aged 67.

We don’t have any final proof of the identity of the woman in the painting.

Most people agree that it is a portrait of Mona Lisa, who married Francesco di

Bartolomeo di Zanoli del Giocondo in 1495.

The title La Gioconda comes from his

last name.

There have been theories that the portrait is of Leonardo’s vision of an ideal

woman or of an adolescent boy dressed as a woman or even a self - portrait.

It was painted on a thin backing of wood, which is now extremely fragile.


is why it is preserved behind a glass case.

The painting was acquired by François I of France.

He knew Leonardo when

the painter lived in France.

The painting remained in French royal collections from the beginning of the

16th century to the creation of the Central Arts Museum at the Louvre in 1793.


The Mona Lisa was stolen from the Louvre on 21 August, 1911.

An Italian

painter, Vincenzo Peruggia, stole it to return it to its country of origin.

It was found

almost two years later.

Since then, the painting has left France on two occasions : in 1963 to the United

States and in 1974 to Japan.

The painting was welcomed in both countries like a

visiting film star.

President John F Kennedy opened the Mona Lisa exhibition at the National

Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, saying, “This painting is the second lady that the

people of France have sent to the United States and, though she will not stay with us

as long as the Statue of Liberty, our appreciation is equally great.

The Mona Lisa is housed at the Louvre in Paris.

2. What can you remember?

Complete the summary.

The Mona Lisa was painted around _____________________________(1)

years ago.

The other name for the Mona Lisa is

_____________________________(2), which is based on her husband’s


It was painted sometime between

___________________________(4) and ___________________________(5).


French king _____________________________(6) acquired the painting when

Leonardo da Vinci went to live in France at the end of his life, and it’s now on

display at the ___________________________(7) art gallery in

__________________________ (8).

It’s kept behind a

__________________________(9) because it was painted on a thin layer of wood

and so is very fragile.

The Mona Lisa has left the gallery only

_____________________________(10) times : once when it was stolen by a painter

who wanted to return it to _____________________________(11) and twice on

loan to other countries – the _____________________________(12) and


Leonardo da Vinci’s full name was Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci.

He was

born in ___________________________(1) in the town of

________________________ (2) in Tuscany and died at the age of

__________________________(3) in _______________________(4).

He studied

painting and sculpture for 13 years under __________________________(5) but,

apart from being an artist, he was also an important


He was also interested in


__________________________(7), ________________________(8) and


A curious fact about Leonardo da Vinci is that

he didn’t eat ________________________(10).

3. Here are descriptions of some of Leonardo's works of art.

Match them up to

the titles given below.

1. The Apostles are presented in four groups of three each.

2. Christ Child manifests his Divinity as he blesses the infant St.


3. This painting depicts an event from 15 - th century history.

4. The face has suffered in the course of time but nothing has spoiled the sad half

smile that plays about the lips.

5. It was never carried any further than the monochrome underpaint.

6. The Virgin sits on her mother's lap, as in traditional representations of this theme.

A. Mona Lisa


Adoration of the Magi


Madonna of the Rocks


Last Supper


Madonna and Saint Anna


Battle ofAnghiari.

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6. Составьте из двух предложений фразу, добавив слово в скобках ипоставив одно из сказуемых в Past Perfect?

6. Составьте из двух предложений фразу, добавив слово в скобках и

поставив одно из сказуемых в Past Perfect.

1) The lecture began.

. 2) I entered the room (by the time).


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Word Box : relaxing, cheap, energetic, fascinating, boring, tiring, noisy, dangerous, cruel, expensive, enjoyable, crowded, horror films, adventure films, musical, cartoon, thriller, drama, historical?

Word Box : relaxing, cheap, energetic, fascinating, boring, tiring, noisy, dangerous, cruel, expensive, enjoyable, crowded, horror films, adventure films, musical, cartoon, thriller, drama, historical, director, soundtrack, cast, audience, sequel, excellent, terrible, disappointing, scary, violent, historical film, detective film, fantasy film 1.

Last weekend, I watched a(n) 2.

The www that transported me to a different era.

Of the film created a powerful and emotional atmosphere.

I saw on TV was filled with unexpected twists.

4. The of the thriller kept me on the edge of my seat.

Www www van 5.

Unfortunately, the sequel to my favorite adventure film was quite 6.

The film depicted the events of World War II in a gripping manner.

7. The documentary about wildlife conservation was both and informative.

8. The director's www approach to storytelling added depth to the narrative.

I watched as a child to be heartwarming.

9. I found the animated 10.

The horror film was so 11.

The detective film had a(n) that I had trouble sleeping that night.

Plot that kept me guessing until the end.

12. The fantasy film was visually stunning but somewhat in terms of plot.

13. The war film depicted the harsh realities of battle, making it both and heartbreaking.

14. The director's 15.

The comedy was 3.

The www filmography includes a mix of genres.

I couldn't stop laughing throughout the entire movie.


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Где ошибка в 3 предложениях4?

Где ошибка в 3 предложениях


The Belarusian group "Pesnyary" is very popular by many people because they play melodious and touching music


Kate is in classical music.

She never misses opera perfomances


When the concert begins?

Лгналрпав 6 мар. 2024 г., 18:07:21 | 5 - 9 классы

Выберите правильный вариант ответа :1?

Выберите правильный вариант ответа :


… likes listening to modern music, but … choice is classical music, … enjoy ….

A. I, his, he, him b.

He, my, I, it c.

He, her, she, it


… room is the largest room in my apartment, … are rather small.

A. that, those b.

This, that c.

This, those


They did their works…, but I cannot complete it … .

A. themselves, myself b.

Ourselves, yourself c.

Ourselves, myself


He … a student last year, but now he … a good job, he … a lawyer and he …a good specialist in the future.

A. is, have, was, is b.

Was, has, is, will be c.

Was, has, will be, is


There … two beds and a wardrobe in the room.

… there an armchair?

A. are, are b.

Are, is c.

Is, are


Were you at college yesterday?

No, I .

, I was ill.

A. wasn’t b.

Was c.

Am not.

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Нужно Срочно?

Нужно Срочно!

Read the text and put its parts in the logical order.

Fill in the table with the letters (a - d).

Driving to the Royal Hotel - -

a) Robert knew his friend's interests very well.

He also knew that a lot of interesting places to see are in the centre of London.

Robert didn't think that driving a car in the central part of London was a good idea as it was fairly difficult and he wrote to his friend about it.

B) He looked at the city map, but i didn't help much : he couldn't find his hotel.

So he got out of his car and stopped a taxi.

"Take me to the Royal Hotel, " he said.

But Rene didn't get into the taxi, he went back to his car.

The taxi man laughed and drove to the Royal Hotel.

Rene drove after him.

They got to the hotel ten minutes later.

C) Robert Holden had a friend in France.

His name was Rene.

Rene wanted to visit London and to see its places of interest.

He wrote to Robert that he was going to travel by car and to stay at the Royal Hotel, one of the best in the city.

D) But Rene thought he could easily find his hotel and other places he wanted to see.

So he went to London by car.

He arrived in Dover all right and drove to London.

But in London there was so much to see.

Rene stopped here and there to have a look and suddenly he understood he didn't know how to get to the Royal Hotel.

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1Rewrite the sentences using really, very,quite or not very?


Rewrite the sentences using really, very,

quite or not very.

✔ really



X not very

The shops are busy now.


The shops aren't very busy now.

1 This beach is quiet today.


2 This food is nice.


3 Iskander is good at surfing.


4 The cafés are cheap.

/ / /

5 The weather is bad this week.

6 Our Spanish friends are funny.


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Task 4 (24 points).

Give any logical answers to the questions.

Example : 0.

Where did he skate yesterday?

– He skated in the ice - skating rink yesterday.

When did they visit their granny?

– __________________________

Why did he walk in the park yesterday?

– __________________________

What film did she watch yesterday?

– __________________________

Where did he paint his picture?

– __________________________

Did you enjoy this book?

– __________________________

What did your mother cook for dinner last weekend?

– __________________________

What game did they play last Friday?

– __________________________

Did they listen to music in the morning?

– __________________________.

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Помогите пожалуйста?

Помогите пожалуйста!

В разделе а) раскройте скобки, поставив глагол в нужное время.

В каждом

предложении раздела б) определите видовременную форму и залог глагола - сказуемого.

Все предложения переведите на русский язык a) 1.

There (to be) many cattle breeds in the USA.

2. They (to do) this work tomorrow.

3. They (to milk) the cows already.

B) 1.

They are working in the field now.

2. He has already fed the animals when I came.

3. When the summer comes, we will work on the farm.

Victoriaspace 23 февр. 2024 г., 19:13:32 | 5 - 9 классы

The cold coach watched his team … football?

The cold coach watched his team … football.


VegaNinja 4 апр. 2024 г., 10:00:28 | 5 - 9 классы

Упражнение 3?

Упражнение 3.

Напишите вопросы к предложениям, начиная со слова в скобках.

My sister eats sweets every day.


He won't go to the country this summer (Will)

They are planning to have a holiday soon.


She made a beautiful dress for herself last week.



Everybody was waiting at the door to the museum.


By the end of the year, he had read about twenty books.

(How many)​.

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