1. They got away police officers?

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1. They got away police officers.

A) easily disappointingly W the because they could run faster than the c) carefully b) amazingly d) caused by the hurricane It was​.

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245678fuf 24 июн. 2024 г., 14:49:09

Відповідь :


a) easily


B) amazingly.

Школьник12235578 6 февр. 2024 г., 16:36:49 | 5 - 9 классы

Travelling, vacation, tourism10 Complete the sentence with : book, refund, hire, rent, spoil, change, miss, include in the correct form?

Travelling, vacation, tourism

10 Complete the sentence with : book, refund, hire, rent, spoil, change, miss, include in the correct form.

1 They the cost of the meal because they got our order wrong.

2 We were able to a car and drive around the countryside.

3 We asked to rooms when we discovered we didn’t have the view we booked.

4 I got ill on the boat trip and it my entire holiday.

5 We our flight because we got stuck in a traffic jam.

6 I’d like to a room for next weekend, please.

7 When I was little, we used to a cottage by the seaside.

8 Our package holiday food and entertainment.

Rinatk799 23 янв. 2024 г., 14:27:55 | 5 - 9 классы

Read the text about the legendary rock band and decide if the statements are Right (R) or Wrong (W)?

Read the text about the legendary rock band and decide if the statements are Right (R) or Wrong (W).

The legends of rock

The Beatles was one of the most popular British rock bands of the last century.

This band won the hearts of almost all people around the world.

The band of four musicians were very famous in rock music and changed the lives of their fans.

The names of this group members were known even for children.

The factories produced the clothes with their names written on T - shirts, caps, and other items of clothing.

The name of this legendary four were typed on the posters, calendars and even on the drink and food labels.

Some new parents even gave their names to the newborn children.

You could hear the songs of the Beatles everywhere.

People sang them and danced.

The lyrics of the Beatles’ songs were easy to tune but they were with deep meaning.

Most of the songs were about peace in the world, friendship and love.

They were cheerful, energetic, soft and quiet.

They were different.

People from many countries were the fans of the Beatles.

Right / Wrong

You could hear the songs of this band in some parts of the world.

Right / Wrong.

Irishkagoldfis 9 янв. 2024 г., 09:54:53 | 5 - 9 классы



Task 1.

Прочти текст, дополни предложения подходящими словами из текста


The Khan … to go to the festival.

2. He … off his rich jewels.

3. All the girls at the festival suddenly … the Khan.

4. The young women … where they stood.

5. When they saw the Khan, all the girls … into birch trees.

Odilolimov 4 февр. 2024 г., 02:12:06 | 5 - 9 классы

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the vetbs present simple / present continuous1?

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the vetbs present simple / present continuous


They (make) decorations in December.

Валерия225 3 апр. 2024 г., 10:07:41 | 5 - 9 классы

Перевести в пассивный залог?

Перевести в пассивный залог.

Пожалуйста очень нужно!

1. They built a new school last year.

2. Mother had cooked pasta.

3. They were repairing my car when i came.

4. They will deliver the letter tomorrow.

5. They are renovating the church noe.

6. They can complete the task by Monday.

7. They clean the house regularly.

8. They designed a new dress last month.

9. A famous artist has decorated this temple.

10. They must follow the timetable.

Vtrntg 10 янв. 2024 г., 09:25:33 | 10 - 11 классы

Past Continuous TenseMake the sentences using Past Continuous Tense?

Past Continuous Tense

Make the sentences using Past Continuous Tense.

Example : (they / not / talk)

They were not talking


(they / take the exam.


Аліночка5 4 февр. 2024 г., 04:54:39 | 5 - 9 классы

FILL IN PAST SIMPLE OR PAST PERFECT1) He ____ (ask) me which animals I ____ (see) in Africa?


1) He ____ (ask) me which animals I ____ (see) in Africa.

2) After Columbus ____ (discover) America, he ____ (return) to Spain.

3) Before they ____ (move) to Liverpool, they ____ (sell) everything.

4) After he ____ (work) very hard, he ___ (fall) ill.

5) She ____ (open) the box after she ___ (find) the key.

6) They ____ (go) to a restaurant after they ____ (sail).

7) Before they ____ (start) the party, they ___ (invite) some friends.

8) After she ____ (wash) the curtains, she ____ (clean) the windows.

9) They ____ (go) for a sightseeing tour after the bus ____ (arrive)

10) After he ____ (finish) school, he ____ (work) for a magazine.

11) They ____ (drink) a cup of tea after they ____ (finish) lunch.

12) My sister ____ (eat) all the chocolate before my parents ____ (come) home.

Aminka14 1 мар. 2024 г., 15:15:29 | 5 - 9 классы

The bicycle is fast bus the car is fasterвставити прикметники so big?

The bicycle is fast bus the car is faster

вставити прикметники so big.

As. .


Поличка69696969 9 февр. 2024 г., 08:10:53 | 5 - 9 классы

Как читается по русски НЕ перевод?

Как читается по русски НЕ перевод!


They have

got big round

ears and a

black nose

They have

got sharp

claws for


They are cute, they are soft,

but they are wild and they

dont make good pets.


may think they are bears,

but they aren't Koalas are

Australia's most popular

marsupial mammals.

They have

got grey


They have

got short,

strong arms

and legs.

Pid you know

now that

They eat



koala means

'no water?

They never drink, but they

get all the liquid they need

from eucalyptus leaves?

They swim very well?

They sleep during the day?

They live

in trees.

Kisa9597 22 февр. 2024 г., 14:07:38 | 5 - 9 классы

Дополните предложения правильной формой глаголов?

Дополните предложения правильной формой глаголов.

Используйте Past Simple или Past Continuous.


run towards the train station when the train



Harry and Bob

break the windshield of the headmaster's car while they

play rugby in the garden.


drop my wallet on the floor while I was locking the door.


see a fox in the forest when I

wait for my friend.

Космос1523 29 февр. 2024 г., 23:21:33 | 5 - 9 классы

9 . Complete the text with the correct form of the word in brackets?

9 . Complete the text with the correct form of the word in brackets.

When¹ (Germany) doctor Ludwig Guttmann arrived at Stoke Mandeville hospital in 1944, he was very unpopular.

He was not surprised by the (rude) of the nurses because his country was at war with theirs.

His patients were all' (Britain) soldiers so (argue) were normal.

Dr Guttmann's job was to open a new section of the hospital for the 3 (treat) of these men, who all had back injuries.

When he arrived, the patients spent all day in bed.

They were suffering from depression and (homesick).

Dr Guttmann wanted to give them hope to live, so he took away their medicine and started to work on their (fit).

He gave them wheelchairs to move around and then he asked (permit) to borrow some sports equipment.

The patients played hockey and basketball together.

Then, Dr Guttmann made" (arrange) for the Stoke Mandeville Games.

The competition was held on the same day as the opening ceremony of the 1948 London Olympic Games.

Of all Dr Guttmann's 10 (achieve), this was probably the greatest, because the event later became the Paralympic Games we know today.


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