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4 Look at Ken's notes.

Write a blog post about his favourite day.

Name : Ken favourite day : Friday get up : 7.

00 meet friends : 7.

30 walk to school, always talk about TV morning : Computer Studies afternoon : P.

E. (favourite subject dinnertime : fish and chips (love!

) evening : play basketball 8 p.

M. My

name is Ken and my favourite day is ​.

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Raul64 24 июн. 2024 г., 19:36:40

Ответ :

My name is Ken, and my favorite day of the week is Friday.

I love Fridays because I get to spend time with my friends, do my favorite activities, and relax.

I wake up at 7 : 00 AM on Fridays and get ready for school.

I meet my friends at 7 : 30 AM and we walk to school together.

We always talk about TV shows and movies on our way to school.

In the morning, I have Computer Studies class.

I love this class because I get to learn about computers and technology.

In the afternoon, I have P.

E. , which is my favorite subject.

I love playing sports and being active.

For dinner, I usually have fish and chips.

It's my favorite food!

In the evening, I play basketball with my friends.

We always have a lot of fun.

I love Fridays because I get to do all the things I love.

I get to spend time with my friends, learn new things, be active, and have fun.

Fridays are the best!

JaymeeG 16 мар. 2024 г., 05:04:32 | 1 - 4 классы

Ребят, помогите пожалуйста?

Ребят, помогите пожалуйста.

Предложение :

My favourite place is my school.

Нужно поставить в отрицательную краткую форму.

Пример :

Было : is надо сделать : isn't.

Mahsatovanadiy1 17 янв. 2024 г., 07:11:57 | 1 - 4 классы

Listen and complete?

Listen and complete.


- - Tom doesn't like going on holidays to the His favourite place for a holidays is the There's a You can and They walk in the Last year, Tom and his family were in a There wasn't a in the water.

And they also have but there was a​.

Juliababushkina 1 февр. 2024 г., 01:59:34 | студенческий

1. Раскройте скобки, употребив глаголы в Present, Past или Future Simple?

1. Раскройте скобки, употребив глаголы в Present, Past или Future Simple.

1. I (to study) at school every day.

2. He (to help) his sister yesterday.

3. I (to play) basketball tomorrow.

4. She (not go) to the cinema every day.

5. I (not dance) with my classmate yesterday.

6. We (not see) our teacher tomorrow.

КаринаЦой 3 февр. 2024 г., 02:30:09 | 5 - 9 классы

C. Steve is a hockey player?

C. Steve is a hockey player.

Below is a table about what Steve used to do and didn't use to do bef Write sentences about Steve using the correct form of used to.


eat junk food

go to gym

play computer games every day

train every day

hang out with friends a lot

travel a lot


He used to eat junk food before he became a hockey player.


2. 3.

4. 5.

6. Даю 100б.

Ученик188 16 февр. 2024 г., 22:20:31 | 5 - 9 классы

4. Make sentences negative : 1?

4. Make sentences negative : 1.

John Swimming 2.

Sam 3.

We 4.

Kate 5.

Liz 6.

The boys 7.

Jim 8.

Nick 9.

They 10.

I 11.

Tim (swim) very often.

(watch) TV now.

(know) this rule at all.

(jog) at present.

(watch) TV every day.

3 + often (ride) their bikes.

(play) his computer now.

(draw) his favourite dog now (choose) a present right now.

(swim) every day (send) an e - mail now.

Помогите пжжж​.

Kelderova 10 февр. 2024 г., 13:06:40 | 5 - 9 классы

Помогите пожалуйста перевести текст?

Помогите пожалуйста перевести текст.

Write true sentences about your family.

Use and, or, but.

I My mum My dad My sister My brother My granny My grandad My pet.

Vladok37 27 мар. 2024 г., 19:56:21 | 1 - 4 классы

1 Tristan Deever is a teacher?

1 Tristan Deever is a teacher.

2 The kitchen is his favourite room.

3 His music posters are on the table.

4 He's got six guitars.

5 The fish's name is Frank.

6 Tristan Deever is a sad person.

Будьласка допоможіть​.

Ladykasner 18 мар. 2024 г., 23:29:18 | 5 - 9 классы



Her name is Stella.

I want to tell you about her school and afterschool activities, about her hobby and dreams.

She goes to the 7th form.

Her favourite subjects are English and Maths, because she likes these teachers.

She dreams to be an actress.

Also Stella is good at IT.

Every week she goes to the library and improves her skills.

She has some problem, her computer is broken and she does at the library all her homeworks.

There are 12 computers and a big collection of books about gadgets.

All pupils come to the library because of the Internet.

Also they like to do sports, take part in different competitions.

But they hate their green uniform.

Stella attends to the Film club and is a beauty bloger.

Her dream is playing the guitar and she studies along on YouTube, because there isn’t any Music club nearby.

One interesting story happened with Stella.

She makes some video about householding chores .

She gave some advices about tiding up the room and cooking, ironing and do the washing up.

After all she had some questions from readers.

One reader asked her about householding duties and girl answered that she works a lot.

She cooks the supper every evening, go to the shopping, serves the table and washes up the dishes.

It wasn’t truth.

And reader that answered her was her mum.

Daughter was so confused.

Next day Stella prepared mum's favourite food : pizza and an apple cake.

She always makes her bed, cleans the house and often cooks after this story.

Key : F, F, T, F, T, T a, c, b, b, b, b

Choose if it is true or false.

1. Stella's favourite subject is IT.

2. She has some problem in reading.

3. Stella hates her uniform.

4. Stella's dream is playing the piano.

5. Stella told some wrong for readers.

6. Daughter can cook a pizza and an apple cake.

Choose the correct answer.

1. Stella goes to the library….

A) every week b) every day c) every Wednesday


There are ….

Computers at the library.

A) 20 b) 22 c) 12


She has some problem, because ……

a) her computer is old.

Мзия0220 11 янв. 2024 г., 23:04:46 | 5 - 9 классы

Write about your favourite month / holiday Три предложения пожалуйста помогите срочно ​?

Write about your favourite month / holiday Три предложения пожалуйста помогите срочно ​.

Март9 14 февр. 2024 г., 04:43:48 | студенческий

Sally likes doing sums?

Sally likes doing sums.

Whats her favourite subject.

Mnnatsakanyan1g 3 апр. 2024 г., 13:11:30 | 5 - 9 классы

5. The author’s favourite art is music and literature (True / False)6?

5. The author’s favourite art is music and literature (True / False)


The author wants to become a professional artist and study in the University of Arts (True / False)

Помогите дам 100 балов.

Перед вами страница с вопросом ПОМОГИТЕ ПОЖАЛУЙСТА ОЧЕНЬ ПРОШУ4 Look at Ken's notes?, который относится к категории Английский язык. Уровень сложности соответствует учебной программе для учащихся 10 - 11 классов. Здесь вы найдете не только правильный ответ, но и сможете ознакомиться с вариантами пользователей, а также обсудить тему и выбрать подходящую версию. Если среди найденных ответов не окажется варианта, полностью раскрывающего тему, воспользуйтесь «умным поиском», который откроет все похожие ответы, или создайте собственный вопрос, нажав кнопку в верхней части страницы.