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1. (B, C) Put "can", "may", "must", "should", "ought to", "have to") "be to", "be able to for the negative forms) and "needn't" in the spaces.

10. The sit there in your wet matter be discussed in tomorrow's debate.

11. You clothes : you will catch cold if you do, 12.

They sufficient if they do four of them.

13. You.


15. I do all the exercises : it will be do whatever you like.

14. Sooner or later read to the end of the story, because I want to see who sintg quite report at once.

17. Shel tomorrow, so station.

You one gets the treasure.

16. Go right in.

You​ report at once 17.


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Nfyirf 22 июн. 2024 г., 08:26:31

Ответ :


The matter can be discussed in tomorrow's debate.

11. You shouldn't sit there in your wet clothes : you will catch cold if you do.

12. They must be able to do four of them.

13. You may choose.

14. Sooner or later you must read to the end of the story, because I want to see who sings quite well.

15. I have to do all the exercises : it will be whatever you like.

16. Go right in.

You needn't report at once.

17. She ought to be at the station.

Объяснение :

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Лерони1953 28 февр. 2024 г., 07:19:16 | 10 - 11 классы

Where do you hear these things?

Where do you hear these things?

Write the school subjects.

1 Have you got your computers?

2 Kick the ball to me.

3 "How do we make the present simple?

4 "Can you draw a cat?


Nyaro200 10 янв. 2024 г., 17:18:50 | студенческий

Complete the note with the correct form of have to, don't have to or mustn't?

Complete the note with the correct form of have to, don't have to or mustn't.


I'm out until 7.

30, remember?

Your dinner's in the fridge ; you It have to

heat for five minutes.

Jim phoned - you

miss football practice tonight.

It's important!


take the dog for a walk because Sue took him this afternoon, but you


It's a mess!

Oh yes, and you the dog at 6.

30. finish your History project.

It's nearly Friday!

And you

See you later!

Mum x

do much - just put it in the microwave.

Tidy your

forget to feed

Срочно дуже 30 хв залишилось.

Nastya834 13 янв. 2024 г., 20:26:57 | 10 - 11 классы

Task IV?

Task IV.

These are sentences commonly used in a restaurant when ordering a meal.

Put the words in the correct order.

(Right answer - 0, 5)


Get your / can / order / I?

2. course / the grilled salmon / for / Td / main / like / my


Have you / juice / do / fruil / fresh?

4. coffee / like / some / you / would?

5. I / see / can / please / the / list / wine?

6. to drink / what / like / you / would?

Duvanskaya2003 14 янв. 2024 г., 10:18:01 | 5 - 9 классы

СРОЧНО ПОМОГИТЕ перевестиnumber two exercise for dialog a Huayrathat's John speaking and calling fromNew York hi John did he say New Yorkwhat are doing theremy family is in America now my father isher?


number two exercise for dialog a Huayra

that's John speaking and calling from

New York hi John did he say New York

what are doing there

my family is in America now my father is

here on business but we're having a real

holiday we came to New York yesterday

and stayed at a big hotel we began doing

the city in the morning

that's great what is New York like

people call it the Big Apple and it is

really big

the streets are long and straight the

houses are so tall I'd like to see New

York's world famous skyscraper someday

how long are you going to stay there I'm

afraid only for a few days we're going

to Washington DC at the end of the week

I'll ring you up on Friday do and will

you send me a postcard from New York I

will bye bye thank you for the call I

hope to hear from you on Friday dialogue

be yura is that you John is calling

again yes John how are you there in

America I'm fine enjoying the city

having a lot of fun so you like New York

don't you I think I do

and I like New Yorkers too they're

rather friendly what's the weather like

there it's not very pleasant at Moscow

now it's raining you know oh it's very

hot here now

they say summers are really hot here

what do do in the evenings different

things yesterday we went to a Broadway

show it was rather good and very happy

for you

are you going to Washington tomorrow

tomorrow afternoon I'll call you from

Washington thank you bye John bye bye

dialog see hello hello it's John here

may I speak to you in a please I'm

speaking John I can hear you very well

I'm calling from New York no I'm in

Washington DC

and calling from the Potomac Hotel are

you that's wonderful and how do you like

Washington I don't know we came here

yesterday night I hope to see the city

this morning are you going to see the

White House and the Capitol we are

father says he'll take us to the city

center in the afternoon when he comes

back from work are you going to take

pictures I am I'll send you the best

ones when they are ready thank you.

Танька31 2 апр. 2024 г., 23:57:14 | студенческий

Помогите пожалуйста с английскимOrder the words to make the questionsshe / to collect / stickersthey / to clay / a gamedid / the eat / sleep / whereAnna / the window / openshe / home / walk / go by bu?

Помогите пожалуйста с английским

Order the words to make the questions

she / to collect / stickers

they / to clay / a game

did / the eat / sleep / where

Anna / the window / open

she / home / walk / go by bu

who / in the garden / work

you / a song / sing

the catfest / will / mice

angry / why / be / the teacher / will

mother / buy / will / shoes / boots.

Чашечкакофе 28 янв. 2024 г., 12:21:22 | 1 - 4 классы

Blush grin shake your head scream whisper cry nod your head shrug your shoulders wave yawn a) When you feel embarrassed you might b) When you feel tired or bored you might c) When you want to talk wit?

Blush grin shake your head scream whisper cry nod your head shrug your shoulders wave yawn a) When you feel embarrassed you might b) When you feel tired or bored you might c) When you want to talk without being heard you might d) When you want to show agreement you might e) When you want to show great amusement you might f) When you want to show that you don't know or care you might g) When you feel upset you might.

H) When you want to show disagreement you might When you are scared or in pain you might When you want to attract someone's attention you might ori) j) * * * * * * * .

In to merupacion a) How do you feel about folk music.

B) Do you think I should order the tickets in advance?

* * * c) Do you have any comment on the Prime Minister's decision?

Od) I feel really miserable today.

E) Is it all right if I invite some friends round?

. f) Shall I do the washing up?

* * * * * * * Jadr * * * * * * g) I like this vase.

Is it an antique?

Probnow h) Don't you think you should treat your mother better?

I) Is my homework all right?

. ( j) Did you enjoy the concert.

Obupre (inomage ( atsiled (a momsybul(A T * * * * * * * * * * * * * Wapologie ined Gesa​.

KReeD31098 20 февр. 2024 г., 05:47:28 | студенческий

Вставьте подходящие модальные глаголы : may, must, should, can, would?

Вставьте подходящие модальные глаголы : may, must, should, can, would.

1) Inflation … occur for many different reasons.

2) Liabilities are listed in order of now soon they … be repaid.

3) You … read The Balance Sheet very carefully to know everything about the financial performance.

4) … you help me?

I can’t find the Balance Sheet.

5) I … meet your demand and I will show you all our statements.

VikaIV04 15 мар. 2024 г., 14:11:56 | 10 - 11 классы



Reading Прочитай отрывки текста, каждому отрывку дай название, они написаны под цифрами от 1 до 8


2 Read the text and match the headings with the paragraphs

Read the text and match the headings with the paragraphs.

We are all thinking about our holidays this time of the year, so to help you prepare, here is the list of top things you must not leave without.

1 documents 5 guidebook

2 swimwear 6 money

3 medication 7 good book

4 sun lotion 8 clothes


An all important requirement that you must not forget, especially if it's prescribed as it might not be easy to get hold of abroad.

The last thing you want is to feel ill or worried on your holiday.

B . This will save you a lot of time because you won't be deciding what you want to do for half the da ' before eventually agreeing on something.

It's a great way to find out about the culture and traditions of the area that you are going to be staying in.

C. Please don't forget these, especially if your tickets and your passports are kept together with them!

D . Remember not to pack too much!

It's a good idea to lay everything out on your bed that you want to pack and then be really ruthless and only take what you really need!

E. Applicable to so many holidays as the weather does get hot sometimes and your skin can burn.

Even if you're going on a ski holiday, you still need to bring it as the rays of the sun reflect off the snow making it even more dangerous.

F . Where would we be without at least some cash?

Of course, you can take your credit card with you, but it is essential to carry a small amount of cash.

Telephone calls, bottles of water, sweets, etc are all small purchases that are better paid with cash.

G . OK, so you will be on holiday, but that doesn't mean you have every moment planned.

You may want to relax before going to bed.

You can also read on the beach, or while travelling.

H. Nearly always essential even if you're not going to the beach, as some hotels in the cities might have swimming pools.

You'll only envy the other people enjoying the water if you don't bring yours along.

Племянница 20 мар. 2024 г., 08:04:02 | 5 - 9 классы

Даю 20б?

Даю 20б.

Осталось меньше часа.

Помогите пожалуйста ответить на вопросы.

Answer the questions.

•What is your school?

• What can you say about the school equipment?

• What about discipline in your school?

• Do you like all the teachers in your school?

• Do you think that teachers should be strict?

• What do you do if the lesson is boring?

• Are you allowed to do everything you wish at the lessons?

• Do you keep the school rules?

• Have you got many lessons every day?

• Are there any labs and workshops in the school?

• Where does usually PE lesson take place?

• Is there a football team in school?

• Are the teachers strict?

•Do you like to go to school?

Why? Why not?

Viktoriamingaje 27 мар. 2024 г., 11:14:45 | 5 - 9 классы

Составьте краткий пересказ?

Составьте краткий пересказ.

Помогите пожалуйста!


Moscow Zoo


Tigers, monkeys, snakes and fish in the centre of the Russian capital!

These animals all live in the Moscow Zoo, one of the largest in the world.

It is the home for over 7000 different kinds of animals.

The zoo also has got many exotic animals and birds.

Get a map to make sure you see everything.

2. First, visit the Animal Island.

There you can see the Amur Tigers, the white snow leopard, the Himalaya bears, the Asian lions and even an Australian emu.

There you can also see colourful fish in large aquariums.

Don’t miss the Night World exhibition too.

This is a great chance for you to see the night animals.

3. All the young visitors must see the Children’s Zoo.

Children can see the heroes of fairy - tales : the three piglets, the wolf and seven young goats and many other animals.

There are also cafés and picnic areas.

Kids can visit playgrounds.

You will not forget the day in the Moscow Zoo!

MOJH 27 февр. 2024 г., 15:36:01 | студенческий

Task 1?

Task 1.

Put many, much, a lot of I have got ______ friends.

I see ___ cars in the street.

Have you got _____ books?

We don’t have __ books at home.

In the park you can see _____ trees.

We don’t have _____ apple trees in the garden.

Do not drink _____ coffee in the evening.

There is __ snow in winter in Russia.

We don’t get __ snow in winter.

Children must drink __ milk.

Task 2.

Put many, much, a lot of Have you got __ sweets in the pocket?

You must drink __ juice.

We must not eat __ sweets.

There is __ bread on the plate.

I don’t have __ water in the glass.

You can see __ sheep in the field.

Do you read ___ books?

In my room I have not __ pictures.

In my classroom we have ___ pictures.

There isn’t _____sugar in the tea.


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