Underline the correct form of the verb (Нужна правильная форма глаголов)One day Robert Burns (1) was walking / walked near the sea?

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Underline the correct form of the verb (Нужна правильная форма глаголов)

One day Robert Burns (1) was walking / walked near the sea.

Suddenly he (2) heard / had heard a cry for help.

He (3) was running / ran towards the water.

Just then a sailor (4) was jumping off / jumped off a boat, and (5) had begun / began to swim towards the man who (6) were calling / was calling for help and saved him.

The man who (7) saved / was saved was very rich.

He (8) thanked / was thanking the brave sailor and gave him a shilling.

By this time a lot of people (9) were standing / stood round them.

They called the sailor a hero but the rich man (10) gave / had given him only a shilling.

Burns (11) stopped / was stopped them and said, “Let him alone”.

The gentleman (12) knows / has known better how much his life costs.

The famous author of detective stories, Arthur Conan Doyle, once (13) comes / came to Paris.

He took a cab at the railway station to go to the hotel.

“What hotel would you like to go to, Mr Conan Doyle?

” asked the cabman.

The writer (14) is greatly surprised / was greatly surprised.

“How (15) do you know / has you known my name?

” he asked.

“Well, it is simple.

Yesterday I (16) read / had read in the newspaper that you would visit Paris.

Then I (17) noticed / was noticed that your suit (18) is made of / was made of English wool, ” the cabman said.


You (19) were / are a born detective!

” said Conan Doyle.

“Thank you, Sir, ” the cabman said.

“But another fact also (20) had helped / helped me” “What is it?

” asked the writer.

“You see, your name (21) is written / has been written on your luggage.


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Катя1934 4 мая 2022 г., 03:28:18

1 was walking

2 heard

3 ran

4 jumped

5 began

6 was calling

7 was saved

8 thanked

9 were standing

10 gave

11 stopped

12 knows

13 came

14 was surprised

15 do you know

16 read

17 noticed

18 was made

19 are

20 helped

21 is written.

Droslide 30 янв. 2022 г., 06:32:44 | 10 - 11 классы

1)Choose the right variant : The hotel owner informed us that he … the police already?

1)Choose the right variant : The hotel owner informed us that he … the police already.

A. is calling


Are calling


Had called





2)Complete the sentence : I wonder where … .

A. was he going to fly.

B. to fly he was going to.

C. he was going to fly to.

D. to was he going to fly.

E. was going he to fly.

3)Choose the right variant : The secretary asked, “Will you go through the mail tomorrow, Mr.


a. The secretary asked will you go through the mail Mr.


B. The secretary asked if Mr.

White would go through the mail the next day.

C. The secretary asked if he will go through the mail the next day.

D. The secretary asked if he went through the mail the next day.

E. The secretary asked if Mr.

White had gone through the mail the next day.

4)Choose the right variant : I knew that my friend … to a holiday - home soon.

A. would go


Will go


Is going


Has gone


Had gone

5)Find the right transformation of the sentence : "Don't eat too much ice - cream", said Nick's mother to him :


Nick's mother told him do not eat too much ice - cream.

B. Nick's mother told him no eat too much ice - cream.

C. Nick's mother told him not eat too much ice - cream.

D. Nick's mother told him to eat too much ice - cream.

E. Nick's mother told him not to eat too much ice - cream.

Anashkina891 21 мар. 2022 г., 01:49:07 | 10 - 11 классы

Помогиле, плиизПодчеркнуть правильный вариантI watched / was watching Rain Man DVD the other day when a part of the dialogue really caught / was catching my attention?

Помогиле, плииз

Подчеркнуть правильный вариант

I watched / was watching Rain Man DVD the other day when a part of the dialogue really caught / was catching my attention.

In fact l was / had been so surprised that I rewound the film to make sure I was hearing / had heard correctly.

In the film, the character Raymond Babbitt, who is autistic, claimed that Qantas was the only airline that never had / had never had a crash.

I went / had gone online to check out this fact.

Apparently it wasn't 100% true.

At the time of the making of the film, Qantas had had / was having eight crashes but they were all being / had al been propeller planes, not jets.

I also found / had found out that all airlines (except for Qantas, of course) took / were taking this line out of the film when they were showing / showed it on flights at the time.

Veinsanset 28 янв. 2022 г., 23:48:46 | 10 - 11 классы

C) It was the kind of accident for … nobody was really to blame?

C) It was the kind of accident for … nobody was really to blame.

D) … leaves last should turn off the lights.

E) Mary was late yesterday, … was unusual for her.

F) At 6.

00, … was an hour before the plane was due, thick fog descended.

G) I don't know … told you that, but they were wrong.

H) The first time I saw you was … you answered the door.

I) Mrs Brown was the first owner … dog won three prizes in the same show.

J) I've just spoken to Sally, … sends you her love.

Lora68 11 февр. 2022 г., 03:15:08 | 5 - 9 классы

Проверьте пожалуйста правильность предложений, заранее спасибо?

Проверьте пожалуйста правильность предложений, заранее спасибо.

Before the beginning of the lesson, I came to the classroom and put textbooks out of the bag.

After that she sat and prepared for the lesson, and talked with her friends.

After the second call teacher began a lesson.

At the lesson of the English language we translated the texts, and learned new words.

Then we had a lesson and we went to the Russian language where the dictation was written.

Then, according to the schedule, we had the algebra on which we solved examples and equations.

In each lesson I was distracted and I was wondering what the weather was like on the street.

Finally, the lessons were over.

And I had to go to practice.

Finally, the training ended and I went home with a smile.

CO6AKA228 27 мар. 2022 г., 20:37:58 | 5 - 9 классы

Срочно нужен перевод теста - "Lautisse Paints Again" H?

Срочно нужен перевод теста - "Lautisse Paints Again" H.

A. Smith

Everybody knows by this time that we met Lautisse on board a ship, but few people know that in the beginning, Betsy and I had no idea who he was.

At first he introduced himself as Monsieur Roland, but as we talked he asked me a lot of questions about myself and my business and finally he asked me if I could keep a secret and said : "I am Lautisse.


I had no idea who he was.

I told Betsy and af ter lunch we went up and talked to the ship's librarian, asked him a few questions.

And then we found out that my new friend was probably the world's best living painter.

The librarian found a book with his biography and a photograph.

Though the photograph was bad, we decided that our new acquaintance was Lautisse all right.

The book said that he suddenly stopped painting at 53 and lived in a villa in Rivera.

He hadn't painted anything in a dozen years and was heard to say he would never touch the brush again.

Well, we got to be real friends and Betsy invited him to come up to our place for a weekend.

Lautisse arrived on the noon train Saturday, and I met him at the station.

We had promised him that wewouldn't have any people and that we wouldn't try to talk to him about art.

It wasn't very difficult since we were not very keen on art.

I was up at seven - thirty the next morning and I remembered that I had a job to do.

Our vegetable garden had a fence around it which needed a coat of paint.

I took out a bucket half full of white paint and a brush and an old kitchen chair.

I was sitting on the chair thinking, when I heard footsteps and there stood Lautisse.

I said that I was getting ready to paint the garden fence but now that he was up, I would stop it.

He protested, then took the brush from my hand and said, "First, I'll show you!

" At that moment Betsy cried from the kitchen door that breakfast was ready.

"No, no, " he said.

"No breakfast, – I will paint the fence.

" I argued with him but he wouldn't even look up from his work.

Betsy laughed and assured me that he was having a good time.

He spent three hours at it and fin -

back to town on the 9.

10 that evening and at the station he shook my hand and said that he hadn't enjoyed himself so much in years.

We didn't hear anything from him for about 10 days but the newspapers learnt about the visit and came to our place.

I was out but Betsy told the reporters everything and about the fence too.

The next day the papers had quite a story and the headlines said : LAUTISSE PAINTS AGAIN.

On the same day three men came to my place from different art galleries and offered 4.

000 dollars for the fence.

I refused.

The next day I was of f ered 25.

000 and then 50.

000. On the fourth day a sculptor named Gerston came to my place.

He was a friend of Lautisse.

He advised me to allow the Palmer Museum in New York to exhibit it for a few weeks.

He said that the gallery people were interested in the fence because Lautisse had never before used a bit of white paint.

I agreed.

So the f ence was put in the Palmer Museum.

I went down myself to have a look at it.

Hundreds of people came to see the fence, and I couldn't help laughing when I saw my fence because it had a fence around it.

A week later Gerston telephoned me and asked to come to him.

He had something important to tell me.

It turned out that Lautisse visited the exhibition and signed all the thirty sections of my fence.

"Now, " said Gerston, "you have really got something to sell.

" And indeed with Gerston's help, 29 of the 30 sections were sold within a month's time and the price was 10.

000 each section.

I didn't want to sell the 30th section and it's hanging now in our living - room.

LosIk12312 30 янв. 2022 г., 07:08:26 | 10 - 11 классы

Срочно помогите с переводом,"Every worker must understand that theonlyway to a happy future is throughstruggleand the struggle isgrowingharder and harder?

Срочно помогите с переводом,

"Every worker must understand that theonlyway to a happy future is throughstruggleand the struggle isgrowingharder and harder.

On the one hand.


A knock at the door interrupted Bauman.

He stopped speaking and first looked at the people sitting round him, and then at the dentist, in whose waiting - room they were having their secret meeting.

"Are youexpectinganypatients?

" he asked.

Everybody understood what Bauman's question meant.

They didn't even speak toeach other, they didn't have to beremindedwhat to do.

One of themaccompaniedthe dentist into the surgery, while the others sat down on the chairs standing along the wall andpretendedto be patients waiting theirturn.

It didn't take them long.

When everything was ready, the dentist's maid went to answer the knock and soon came back with an unexpected visitor, whotriedto go straight into the surgery.

"I say, it isn't your turn, " a 'patient' sittingnext tothe door said to him.

"I can't wait.

I've got a terribletoothache, " the man answered, hurriedly examining everybody's face.

Bauman, who pretended that he was reading a news­paper, didn't even turn hisheadto look at the strange visitor.

He could, however, clearlysee the man's face, and recognized him at once.

He was a spy, the same man he had often seen before.

"Has he brought thepolicewith him?

". One thing was clear : it was necessary to keep the spy in the flat as long as possible, so that he would believe that they were real patients.

Bauman looked up at the newcomer, and for a moment itseemedto him that there was Joy in the man's eyes.

Then Bauman said aspolitelyas he could.

"We don't mind if the dentist sees him first, do we?

" and then, turning to the spy, "Since you have a bad toothache, you can go next.


The spy didn't know what to say.

At that moment the surgery door opened and the dentist asked the next pa­tient in.

Bauman, who went onwatchingthe spy, imme­diatelysaid, "Anyone with bad teeth should certainly have them out.


In a second the spy was sitting in the dentist's chair.

The dentist told him to open his mouth wide, examined his teeth with great care, and began working quickly.

A quarter of an hour later he showed the patient two large yellow teeth and said :

"Idid my best.

To tell you thetruthit was quitea serious operation.

You shouldtakebettercare ofyour teeth.

Ten roubles, please.


For a minute the spy stood there, not knowing what to do.

"Would you like me to do anything else for you?

" the dentist asked, smiling.

The spy answered nothing, paid the money, and hurried out into the waiting - room.

He expected to find no one there, but to his greatsurpriseeverybody was in his place.

The spy could do nothing but leave the dentist's flat.

When the spy had left, someone said, "It's a good thing he had bad teeth.


"But he didn't .

He just has two good teeth less now than he did when he came, " the dentistexplained, andadded, "and it didn't cost him much.

So he should begrateful.


Everybody laughed, and Bauman said, "That was a goodidea.

Didn't I say that they wouldbreaktheir teeth if they fought against us?

I wonder whether he will be able to go and report to the police after that.

I don't think they'll be able tomake outanything he says.

Well, I think we can go on with our meeting now.


Професор10 21 мар. 2022 г., 09:10:18 | 10 - 11 классы

1. Choose the right form?

1. Choose the right form.

1. Where have you been?

Have you played / Have you been playing / Did you play


2. He askes if I joined / shall join / would join them tomorrow at the picnic.

3. How many pages of that book have you read / have you been reading?

4. Father’s hands were dirty.

He had been repairing / have been repairing / repaired the car.

5. What happened / has happened / had been happening to you last night?

6. Somebody has broken / broke / has been breaking the window when I was out.

3. Choose the sentence (a or b) which means the same as the first


1. We had dinner when Father came.

A. Father arrived and then we had dinner.

B. We had dinner and then Father arrived.

2. I read the book after I had seen the fi lm.

A. I saw the fi lm and then I read the book.

B. I read the book and then I saw the fi lm.

3. By the time Ann came home, I had gone to bed.

A. I went to bed before Ann came home.

B. I went to bed after Ann came home.

4. The girls had tidied the fl at when the guests arrived.

A. The guests arrived and then the girls tidied the fl at.

B. The girls tidied the house and then the guests arrived.

5. They carried the luggage downstairs before the taxi came.

A. They carried the luggage downstairs and then the taxi came.

B. The taxi came and then they carried the luggage downstairs.

Stelni 1 мар. 2022 г., 01:46:51 | 5 - 9 классы

It was summer?

It was summer.

A Grasshopper lived in the green grass near a high hill.

He liked to sing and dance very much.

He often hopped and played in the grass in the daytime and when it was dark, he locked at the stars in the sky and at the yellow moon.

Sometimes he went to the mountains and walked in the woods.

He had a very good time he didn"t work, he didn"t think about food.

He had a lot to eat and his house was a beatiful place in the grass under a flower.

One day the grasshopper saw an ant.

The Ant looked tired.

He was hot.

He had a big sack on his back.

"Why are you working on such a lovely day?

"asked the Grasshopper.

"I am collecting food for winter, " answered the Ant.


Fdasfasf 29 апр. 2022 г., 16:20:20 | 5 - 9 классы

Прочтите текст?

Прочтите текст.

The Smuggler and the Customs Officer.

The customs officer had seen the same man coming into the country every day for the past month.

He knew that this man must be smuggling something into the country, but he didn’t know what it was.

The man was always very polite.

He always took off his hat and said “Good afternoon”, to the customs officer.

The customs officer always asked him to open his bag, but the customs officer couldn’t find out what the man was smuggling into the country.

He couldn’t find any whisky or perfume or cigarettes or anything.

When the customs officer had looked through the man’s bag and couldn’t find anything, the man always took off his hat and said, “Thank you.


” He was very polite, but the customs officer was sure the man was a smuggler.

After a month the customs officer was so unhappy that he left his job.

The next day he watched the smuggler come up to the new customs officer.

“Good afternoon!

” said the smuggler and took off his hat politely.

“Good afternoon!

” said the new customs officer.

“Would you open your bag, please.

” So the man opened his bag again, but the new customs officer couldn’t find anything either.

“Thank you.


” said the man and took off his hat politely.

Outside customs the old customs officer, who had left his job, stopped him and said, “I’m not a customs officer anymore.

I left my job.

Would you please tell me what you’re smuggling?

I know you’re smuggling something.

” The old customs officer was almost crazy because he didn’t know what it was.

“It’s true”, said the man.

“I am smuggling something.

I’m smuggling hats”, and he took off his hat politely and said, “Goodbye!

”. Ответьте на вопросы по тексту, выбирая правильный вариант.

1. How often had the man been smuggling through customs?

A) he had been smuggling for six weeks.

B) he had been smuggling for a day.

C) he had been smuggling for a year.

D) he had been smuggling for a month


How often did the man come into the country?

A) he came in every year.

B) he came in every day.

C) he came in every week.

D) he came in every month.

3. What kind of luggage did the man have?

A) he had a briefcase.

B) he had a suitcase.

C) he had a package.

D) he had a travelling bag.

4. How do you know that the man was polite?

A) he always spoke to the customs officer.

B) he always opened his luggage when the customs officer asked.

C) he always gave the customs officer cigarettes.

D) he always took off his hat and said, “Good afternoon”.

5. Why did the customs officer leave his job?

A) he left because he wasn’t polite.

B) he left because he was unhappy.

C) he left because he wanted to be a smuggler.

D) he left because he was too old.

6. What did the new customs officer find?

A) he found a lot of cigarettes.

B) he didn’t look in the luggage.

C) he found a lot of whisky.

D) he didn’t find anything.

7. What was the man really smuggling?

A) he was smuggling perfume.

B) he was smuggling whisky.

C) he was smuggling hats.

D) he was smuggling cigarettes.

Roshkasvetlana 29 янв. 2022 г., 23:56:52 | 5 - 9 классы

Помогите пожалуйста?

Помогите пожалуйста.

Надо поставить правильно эти слова ; guess easy address difficult kind of name noticed famous explaining modern На эту текст ; 221B Baker Street, London.

You have heard this .

Before, haven't you?

Yes, this is the place where the .

Detective Sherlock Holmes lived.

Do you remember what .

Man he was?

He was very clever, always .

Small details and then used them to .

What had hadhappened.

He smoked a pipe and played the violin in his free time.

He always said, '' Elementary, dear Watson'' when he was .

To his friend how .

It was to understand something.

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