Nigel came round to see if i wanted to go to the pictures but i told him i couldn, because i was going to the doctors about the spot?

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Nigel came round to see if i wanted to go to the pictures but i told him i couldn, because i was going to the doctors about the spot.

He said he couldnt see a spot, but he was just being polite because the spot is massive today.

Dr. Taylor must be one of those overworked Gps you are always reading about.

He didnt examine the spot ; he just said i mustnt worry and was everything all right at home.

I told him about my bad home life and my poor diet, but he said i was well nourished.

So much for the National Health Service.

I will get a paper - round and go private.


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Бабочкаагента007 3 янв. 2022 г., 17:49:20

Найджел пришел посмотреть, хочу ли я пойти на фотографии, но я сказал ему, что могу, потому что я собирался к врачам о месте.

Он сказал, что не мог видеть место, но он был просто вежлив, потому что место массивное сегодня.

Доктор Тейлор должен быть одним из тех, заигрались GPS вы всегда читать о.

Он не исследовал место, он просто сказал, что я не должен беспокоиться и все было хорошо дома.

Я рассказал ему о моей плохой домашней жизни и моей плохой диете, но он сказал, что я хорошо питался.

Так много для национальной службы здравоохранения.

Я возьму бумагу и пойду наедине.

Droslide 30 янв. 2022 г., 06:32:44 | 10 - 11 классы

1)Choose the right variant : The hotel owner informed us that he … the police already?

1)Choose the right variant : The hotel owner informed us that he … the police already.

A. is calling


Are calling


Had called





2)Complete the sentence : I wonder where … .

A. was he going to fly.

B. to fly he was going to.

C. he was going to fly to.

D. to was he going to fly.

E. was going he to fly.

3)Choose the right variant : The secretary asked, “Will you go through the mail tomorrow, Mr.


a. The secretary asked will you go through the mail Mr.


B. The secretary asked if Mr.

White would go through the mail the next day.

C. The secretary asked if he will go through the mail the next day.

D. The secretary asked if he went through the mail the next day.

E. The secretary asked if Mr.

White had gone through the mail the next day.

4)Choose the right variant : I knew that my friend … to a holiday - home soon.

A. would go


Will go


Is going


Has gone


Had gone

5)Find the right transformation of the sentence : "Don't eat too much ice - cream", said Nick's mother to him :


Nick's mother told him do not eat too much ice - cream.

B. Nick's mother told him no eat too much ice - cream.

C. Nick's mother told him not eat too much ice - cream.

D. Nick's mother told him to eat too much ice - cream.

E. Nick's mother told him not to eat too much ice - cream.

Damasko 2 янв. 2022 г., 13:41:56 | 5 - 9 классы

Johnny was three when he ran away from home for the first time?

Johnny was three when he ran away from home for the first time.

Somebody left the garden gate open.

Johnny wandered out, crossed some fields, and two hours later , arrived in the next village .

He was just able to give his name and address.

Продолжите !

Johnny was able to run away from home for the first time at the age of three because.

4УВАК228 26 февр. 2022 г., 21:02:21 | 5 - 9 классы

At the end of the summer Hobbit Bill stopped his work on the farm to call his friends round to celebrate the Last Hot Day?

At the end of the summer Hobbit Bill stopped his work on the farm to call his friends round to celebrate the Last Hot Day.

Usually his friends came to Bill’s place in the country to fly kites, swim, play football and tennis, and even play hide - and - seek.

But this year was special.

Master Goodman had come back to the country.

Gnomes Mosly and Bosly arrived first.

“Always be healthy!

” they said.

And they presented a big apple cake to Hobbit Bill.

A group of elfs arrived then.

Their names were Pammy, Patty and Philly.

“We wish you a happy Last Hot Day!

” they said.

And they sang their favourite “Garden Game” song.

They brought Hobbit Bill a new football.

“What a nice ball!

Thank you, my dear friends.

” Hobbit Bill was very happy.

All of his friends drank tea and ate the big apple cake.

Suddenly the door opened and Master Goodman came in.

All of the friends were very glad to see him.

He gave Hobbit Bill a magic screen.

He said, “You can tell us stories about your holidays.

And then we can see them on this Magic Screen ” Mosly and Bosly told stories about the sea.

All of the guests watched the blue sea and dolphins in the sea on the Magic Screen.

The sea was blue and wide.

It was sunny and hot.

Mosly and Bosly swam and played a lot.

The sun was bright and high in the sky.

It was great!

Then Pammy and Patty told a very interesting story about their summer holidays.

In June they went to London to visit their grandpa.

London is a very big city.

There were a lot of people, cars and tall houses.

One day they couldn’t find their way home.

They were very much afraid.

But a strong and brave policeman saved them.

All of the guests watched their story closely on the Magic Screen.

It was so interesting!

Then it was Philly’s turn.

Philly visited Africa in July.

He was in a Safari Park and saw a lot of different animals there : camels, monkeys, elephants, tigers, giraffes and snakes.

All of the guests saw the largest Safari Park on the Magic Screen.

It was amazing!

Finally it was Hobbit Bill’s turn to tell his story.

Unlike his friends, he was in the country in June, July and August.

He was just living on his farm.

In the morning he fed his chickens and ducks, his dog Jack and his frog Harry.

There were green fields and a long river next to his farm.

There was a green garden with apple trees behind his house.

He rode his horse through the fields.

He saw a lot of cows and sheep there.

He talked and talked about his farm while all of his guests looked at him and listened.

But suddenly they noticed that the Magic Screen wasn’t working.

But why?

What was wrong?

They were confused.

Master Goodman smiled.

“Look around, everyone.

We are here.

We are on Bill’s farm.

We can fly kites, swim, play football and tennis, and even play hide - and - seek.

Today is the Last Hot Day.

We will celebrate this Day!

We don’t need the Magic Screen!


Dnepro2010 5 февр. 2022 г., 10:08:54 | 5 - 9 классы




In the garden, in a small Scottish town, there lived two flowers, Rose and Blue - belle.

Rose was very beautiful but silly and _____ (boast / boastful).

She talked about how bad it was that the other flowers were not as ______ (lucky / unlucky) as she was!

Blue - belle was pretty too but she was clever, friendly and _____ (polite / impolite).

In the morning Blue - belle said hello to all the birds around her and they liked her.

This hurt Rose very much.

She showed her ____ (like / dislike) by singing out loud, chasing away Blue - belle"s friends.

One day it was cold and _____ (wind / windy).

Rose wanted to sing but could not do it.

She was _____ (happy / unhappy).

She felt sad and ____(helpful / helppless).

Liana06iskandar 1 мар. 2022 г., 12:05:00 | 1 - 4 классы

Переведите на русский The class went to the library, but I wanted to find out about Mr Roberts?

Переведите на русский The class went to the library, but I wanted to find out about Mr Roberts.

I always want to find out aboyt things.

That's why I like science.

So I walked back to the science room.

Miss Kay, the head, was there with another teacher, Mrs Price.

I hid outside the door and listened.

This is very bad, said Miss Kay.

You know thst all the exam papers came from London this week .

Yes, said Mrs Price.

And said Miss Kay no one sees then before the exam.

Mrs Price said yes again.

CO6AKA228 27 мар. 2022 г., 20:37:58 | 5 - 9 классы

Срочно нужен перевод теста - "Lautisse Paints Again" H?

Срочно нужен перевод теста - "Lautisse Paints Again" H.

A. Smith

Everybody knows by this time that we met Lautisse on board a ship, but few people know that in the beginning, Betsy and I had no idea who he was.

At first he introduced himself as Monsieur Roland, but as we talked he asked me a lot of questions about myself and my business and finally he asked me if I could keep a secret and said : "I am Lautisse.


I had no idea who he was.

I told Betsy and af ter lunch we went up and talked to the ship's librarian, asked him a few questions.

And then we found out that my new friend was probably the world's best living painter.

The librarian found a book with his biography and a photograph.

Though the photograph was bad, we decided that our new acquaintance was Lautisse all right.

The book said that he suddenly stopped painting at 53 and lived in a villa in Rivera.

He hadn't painted anything in a dozen years and was heard to say he would never touch the brush again.

Well, we got to be real friends and Betsy invited him to come up to our place for a weekend.

Lautisse arrived on the noon train Saturday, and I met him at the station.

We had promised him that wewouldn't have any people and that we wouldn't try to talk to him about art.

It wasn't very difficult since we were not very keen on art.

I was up at seven - thirty the next morning and I remembered that I had a job to do.

Our vegetable garden had a fence around it which needed a coat of paint.

I took out a bucket half full of white paint and a brush and an old kitchen chair.

I was sitting on the chair thinking, when I heard footsteps and there stood Lautisse.

I said that I was getting ready to paint the garden fence but now that he was up, I would stop it.

He protested, then took the brush from my hand and said, "First, I'll show you!

" At that moment Betsy cried from the kitchen door that breakfast was ready.

"No, no, " he said.

"No breakfast, – I will paint the fence.

" I argued with him but he wouldn't even look up from his work.

Betsy laughed and assured me that he was having a good time.

He spent three hours at it and fin -

back to town on the 9.

10 that evening and at the station he shook my hand and said that he hadn't enjoyed himself so much in years.

We didn't hear anything from him for about 10 days but the newspapers learnt about the visit and came to our place.

I was out but Betsy told the reporters everything and about the fence too.

The next day the papers had quite a story and the headlines said : LAUTISSE PAINTS AGAIN.

On the same day three men came to my place from different art galleries and offered 4.

000 dollars for the fence.

I refused.

The next day I was of f ered 25.

000 and then 50.

000. On the fourth day a sculptor named Gerston came to my place.

He was a friend of Lautisse.

He advised me to allow the Palmer Museum in New York to exhibit it for a few weeks.

He said that the gallery people were interested in the fence because Lautisse had never before used a bit of white paint.

I agreed.

So the f ence was put in the Palmer Museum.

I went down myself to have a look at it.

Hundreds of people came to see the fence, and I couldn't help laughing when I saw my fence because it had a fence around it.

A week later Gerston telephoned me and asked to come to him.

He had something important to tell me.

It turned out that Lautisse visited the exhibition and signed all the thirty sections of my fence.

"Now, " said Gerston, "you have really got something to sell.

" And indeed with Gerston's help, 29 of the 30 sections were sold within a month's time and the price was 10.

000 each section.

I didn't want to sell the 30th section and it's hanging now in our living - room.

Dorofeeva88 27 апр. 2022 г., 03:39:25 | 5 - 9 классы




Once upon a time there wasa poor miller.

He lived in a small house, together with his three sons.

The miller worked at the mill, and his sons helped him.

The miller had no horse.

He used his donkey to bring wheat from the fields.

The years went by.

The miller grew old and died.

His sons decided to divide their father's things among themselves.

That was easy : he had almost nothing to leave to his sons.

Only his mill, his donkey and his cat.

"I'm going to take the mill, " said the miller's oldest son.

"I'm going to take the donkey, " said the second.

"And what about me?

" asked the youngest son.


You can take the cat, " laughed his brothers.

The young fellow was very much upset.

He went out of the house and sat down on the bench.

"Oh, well, " he said in a sad voice.

"My brothers have the mill and the donkey.

They can put them together and make enough money to live an honest life.

But what can I do?

I can eat the cat, and I can make a hat out of his fur.

But then I have nothing.

I can die of hunger.


The Cat was sitting on the bench too.

He was trying not to listen to his master.

But of course he heard all his words.

And he didn't like them at all.

He put on a serious face and said :

"Don't look so sad, Master.

I'm not a bad thing.

And I am more useful to you alive than dead.

I can prove that.


"How so?

" asked the Cat's master.

"All you have to do is to give me a bag, and get a pair of boots.

Such as gentlemen wear in the woods.

I'm going to show you thatyou're lucky to have me.


"It's unusual that a cat can speak at all, " the miller's son said to himself.

But then he started thinking.

"This cat's very good at catching rats and mice.

He played so many cunning tricks on them.

He never came home without a rat or a mouse.

He could hide in the wheat, or pretend to be dead.

Perhaps, he can help meafter all.


Артем228654 26 янв. 2022 г., 01:19:03 | 5 - 9 классы



10 предложений


At that moment a Fox came up to the clearing.

The Nome and Kiki did not see the Fox, because it was behind them.

But the Fox was really the Wizard of Oz.

He looked at the two Li - Mon - Eags and thought : "There are two of them now.

And a short time ago there was only one Li - Mon - Eag.

The Goose changed into the beast!

I understand it all now.

It is all clear now.

At last I can tell who changed our forms.

The Goose and his comrade—the wicked magician.

These two beasts are our enemies.

I must watch them all the time and see what they will do next.


The Wizard - Fox came up to Kiki Aru and the Nome.

There was a big tree near them with a big hole in it.

"I shall hide in the hole and see what those beasts will do next, " thought the Wizard.

He jumped into the hole and watched the two Li - Mon - Eags.

And he heard their talk.

"Well, " said the Nome to Kiki, "this is my plan.

Look at the trees in the forest.

They are full of monkeys.

We shall change fifty little monkeys into fifty soldiers.

The Oz people don't know how to fight.

They will be frightened and the soldiers will conquer them in a day or two.


Kiki thought for some time and then said : "I like your plan.


"Can you change those fifty little monkeys all at once?

"2asked the Nome.

"No, I can't, " answered Kiki.

"I must change them one at a time.

3Stay here, and I shall go and change the first monkey.


"But where are you going?

" asked the Nome.

"You know very well that I can't say the magic word when you are near.

I shall go where you cannot hear me, " answered Kiki.

The Nome was very angry when he heard that.

But he said : "All right!


Kiki got up and went to a tree which stood near them.

It was just the tree in which the Wizard - Fox was.

Kiki Aru ran up to the tree and tried to look into the hole.

It was very dark in the hole.

So Kiki did not see the Fox.

Kiki said : "I want that monkey in the big tree on the left to become a soldier with a big sword : Pyrzqxgl.

" Then he ran back to the Nome.

"I am so glad I know the magic word now, " thought the Wizard.

"I can change the forms of people and animals now.

But first I must remember the word.


In a moment a soldier with a big sword stood on the clearing.

"Good, " cried the Nome.

"Change the other monkeys, quick!


So Kiki ran back to the tree with the hole in it and said his magic word again.

He ran to the tree and back six times.

Soon six big soldiers with swords stood in the forest.

When Kiki ran back to the Nome for the sixth time the Wizard - Fox put his head out of the hole.

He thought : "I have heard the magic word six times.

Now I shall try and say it.


And he said aloud : "This animal Li - Mon - Eag must become a small nut : Pyrzqxgl.


At once Kiki changed into a small nut.

The Wizard cried out with joy and jumped out of the hole.

"Now I shall change the other one into a big nut, " he thought.

At that moment the Nome rose from the ground and looked around.

He saw the Fox, but he did not see Kiki.

"Where is Kiki, why did he not come back?

" he thought.

He was frightened.

"This Li - Mon - Eag must become a big nut : Pyzrqxgl!

" cried the Wizard - Fox.

But, as you see, the order of the letters in the word was wrong.

He did not say the magic word in the right way.

4So the Nome's form did not change.

The Nome understood at once that it was the magic word.

He ran to the Fox and said : "You must become a goose : Pyrqzxgl.


But the Nome said the word in the wrong way5too— that's why the Wizard - Fox's form did not change.

He ran away from the angry Nome and hid behind a big tree.

The Nome King repeated the magic word many times but every time he said it in the wrong way.

The Fox behind the tree repeated the word many times too, and suddenly he said it in the right way.

And the Nome at once became a big nut.

The Wizard - Fox said : "I want my real form again.

I want to become a man : Pyrzqxgl.


At once he became the Wizard of Oz again.

He picked up the big nut and the small nut.

Then he put them into his pocket and ran back to the big clearing, to his friends, as quickly as he could.

Спасайте89 4 февр. 2022 г., 18:51:29 | 10 - 11 классы

Перевидите пжжжж1?

Перевидите пжжжж


The freshman was laughed at.

2. The headmistress was spoken to yesterday.

3. The babies were looked after with great care.

4. That old house was not lived in.

5. Jim was sent for and told to prepare a report on that subject.

6. Our friend was thought about all the time.

7. He will be operated on in a week.

8. The pupil's parents were sent for.

9. The newspaper was looked for everywhere.

10. The bed was not slept in.

11. The telegram was asked for.

12. The lecturer was listened to with great attention.

13. The weather is often talked about.

Fdasfasf 29 апр. 2022 г., 16:20:20 | 5 - 9 классы

Прочтите текст?

Прочтите текст.

The Smuggler and the Customs Officer.

The customs officer had seen the same man coming into the country every day for the past month.

He knew that this man must be smuggling something into the country, but he didn’t know what it was.

The man was always very polite.

He always took off his hat and said “Good afternoon”, to the customs officer.

The customs officer always asked him to open his bag, but the customs officer couldn’t find out what the man was smuggling into the country.

He couldn’t find any whisky or perfume or cigarettes or anything.

When the customs officer had looked through the man’s bag and couldn’t find anything, the man always took off his hat and said, “Thank you.


” He was very polite, but the customs officer was sure the man was a smuggler.

After a month the customs officer was so unhappy that he left his job.

The next day he watched the smuggler come up to the new customs officer.

“Good afternoon!

” said the smuggler and took off his hat politely.

“Good afternoon!

” said the new customs officer.

“Would you open your bag, please.

” So the man opened his bag again, but the new customs officer couldn’t find anything either.

“Thank you.


” said the man and took off his hat politely.

Outside customs the old customs officer, who had left his job, stopped him and said, “I’m not a customs officer anymore.

I left my job.

Would you please tell me what you’re smuggling?

I know you’re smuggling something.

” The old customs officer was almost crazy because he didn’t know what it was.

“It’s true”, said the man.

“I am smuggling something.

I’m smuggling hats”, and he took off his hat politely and said, “Goodbye!

”. Ответьте на вопросы по тексту, выбирая правильный вариант.

1. How often had the man been smuggling through customs?

A) he had been smuggling for six weeks.

B) he had been smuggling for a day.

C) he had been smuggling for a year.

D) he had been smuggling for a month


How often did the man come into the country?

A) he came in every year.

B) he came in every day.

C) he came in every week.

D) he came in every month.

3. What kind of luggage did the man have?

A) he had a briefcase.

B) he had a suitcase.

C) he had a package.

D) he had a travelling bag.

4. How do you know that the man was polite?

A) he always spoke to the customs officer.

B) he always opened his luggage when the customs officer asked.

C) he always gave the customs officer cigarettes.

D) he always took off his hat and said, “Good afternoon”.

5. Why did the customs officer leave his job?

A) he left because he wasn’t polite.

B) he left because he was unhappy.

C) he left because he wanted to be a smuggler.

D) he left because he was too old.

6. What did the new customs officer find?

A) he found a lot of cigarettes.

B) he didn’t look in the luggage.

C) he found a lot of whisky.

D) he didn’t find anything.

7. What was the man really smuggling?

A) he was smuggling perfume.

B) he was smuggling whisky.

C) he was smuggling hats.

D) he was smuggling cigarettes.

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