C) It was the kind of accident for … nobody was really to blame?

Английский язык | 10 - 11 классы

C) It was the kind of accident for … nobody was really to blame.

D) … leaves last should turn off the lights.

E) Mary was late yesterday, … was unusual for her.

F) At 6.

00, … was an hour before the plane was due, thick fog descended.

G) I don't know … told you that, but they were wrong.

H) The first time I saw you was … you answered the door.

I) Mrs Brown was the first owner … dog won three prizes in the same show.

J) I've just spoken to Sally, … sends you her love.

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Creyzyboy2345 28 янв. 2022 г., 23:48:51

С) which

D) who

E) that

F) when

G) who

H) when

I) whose

J) who.

Damasko 2 янв. 2022 г., 13:41:56 | 5 - 9 классы

Johnny was three when he ran away from home for the first time?

Johnny was three when he ran away from home for the first time.

Somebody left the garden gate open.

Johnny wandered out, crossed some fields, and two hours later , arrived in the next village .

He was just able to give his name and address.

Продолжите !

Johnny was able to run away from home for the first time at the age of three because.

Vorobyscheknn 13 февр. 2022 г., 07:26:11 | 5 - 9 классы

Complete the text with the items that fit in best?

Complete the text with the items that fit in best.

It was 7 o'clock in the morning.

Ellis was in her (1) .

It was time to (2) .

She jumped out of bed and (3) the window.

The san (4) brightly in the blue sky.

In two minutes she was ready.

Then she ran to the kitchen.

Her mother was there.

She (6) breakfast.

Алина11657 4 апр. 2022 г., 11:40:17 | 10 - 11 классы

Whom is the article written by?

Whom is the article written by?

Her dress was washed and ironed.

I was not invited to the party.

The work wasn't finished in time.

This house was built last year.

The letter has just been sent off.

This article will be translated.

Vladislava200r 29 мар. 2022 г., 06:39:26 | 1 - 4 классы

1. Carlo was at the video shop?

1. Carlo was at the video shop.

2. Steven was at home.

3. Simon was at the office.

4. Jane was at the newsagent's.

5. Sarah was at the station.

6. Alison was at the pizza parlour.

Привести общий вопрос.

Английский язык 4 класс.

Velek2004 29 мая 2022 г., 13:56:08 | 5 - 9 классы

Переведите пожалуйстаа)♥The Darlings?

Переведите пожалуйстаа)♥

The Darlings.

The Darling family lived in London.

Mr Darling was a strict and serious man, but he loved his children very much.

His wife was loving and sweet.

There were three Darling children.

Wendy was the oldest, then there was John, and last of all, there was Michael.

The Darlings were not rich, but they wanted a nanny for their children.

Luckily, they found Nana.

Nana was perfect in every way.

She loved the children and looked after them carefully.

However, people stopped to stare when they saw the three children with their nanny.

You see, Nana was a large yellow dog that the Darlings met in the park.

Mr Darling worried that his neighbours might think she was strange, but Nana was the best nanny in London.

She kept the children safe and she made them very happy.

In fact, the Darling family was the happiest family in London until Peter Pan came.

The Darling children often dreamed of the magical land called the Neverland.

They saw the strange land with its lagoons, caves and forests.

The Neverland was different for each of the children.

John lived in a boat turned upside down on the sand.

Michael lived in a wigwam, while Wendy lived in a house made of leaves sewn together.

They all dreamed of Peter, however, especially Wendy.

She knew that Peter often came to the children's room at night while they were asleep.

When she told her mother about this, Mrs Darling did not believe her.

Спасайте89 4 февр. 2022 г., 18:51:29 | 10 - 11 классы

Перевидите пжжжж1?

Перевидите пжжжж


The freshman was laughed at.

2. The headmistress was spoken to yesterday.

3. The babies were looked after with great care.

4. That old house was not lived in.

5. Jim was sent for and told to prepare a report on that subject.

6. Our friend was thought about all the time.

7. He will be operated on in a week.

8. The pupil's parents were sent for.

9. The newspaper was looked for everywhere.

10. The bed was not slept in.

11. The telegram was asked for.

12. The lecturer was listened to with great attention.

13. The weather is often talked about.

Alish262001 23 янв. 2022 г., 02:51:10 | 10 - 11 классы

Скажите где есть ошибка и исправьте еёWhere's the nearest shop who sells bread?

Скажите где есть ошибка и исправьте её

Where's the nearest shop who sells bread?

The driver which caused the accident was fined £500

Do you know the person that took these pictures?

We live in a world what is changing all the time

Dan said some things about me that were not true

What was the name of the horse it won the race.

Maticin1979 27 мар. 2022 г., 06:45:11 | 1 - 4 классы

Carlo was at the video shop?

Carlo was at the video shop.

Steven was at home.

Simon was at the office.

Jane was at the newsagent's.

Sarah was at the station.

Alison was at the pizza parlour.

Переведите предложения во множественное число.

Пж по быстрее дам много.

И буду очень благодарна.

Manax82 16 апр. 2022 г., 18:35:43 | 1 - 4 классы



Lily went to Spain last autumn with her family.

They stayed in the new hotel.

The hotel was very big.

It had seven floors.

Their room was on the seventh floor.

There was a garage under the hotel.

There was a was hot.

The restaurant was on the first floor.

There was a very nice garden, so they could have breakfast outside if they wantedю

1 Lily was on holiday with her friends.

2Lily spent a lot of time with her grandmother.

3 Their hotel was big and new.

4There were seven rooms in their hotel.

5There was a swimming pool under the hotel.

6They liked to swim in hot weather.

7The restaurant was very nice.

8There was a garden round the hotel.

9They sometimes had meals in the garden.

Напишите где T где F а где NS плз!

Doge1 5 июн. 2022 г., 07:29:42 | 5 - 9 классы

Insert SAY / SAID or TELL / TOLD30 баллов1?

Insert SAY / SAID or TELL / TOLD

30 баллов


She ___ that she was tired.

2. He ___ me that he was tired.

3. I ___ her that is was important.

4. Jack ___ me you were ill.

5. She ___ she didn't like Peter.

6. Did Lucy ___ that she would be late?

7. I didn't ___ the police anything.

8. The man ___ us he was a reporter.

9. He ___ he was a reporter.

10. Did they ___ you their names?

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