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For a moment after Mr.

And Mrs.

Darling left the house the night - lights by the beds of the three children continued to burn clearly.

They were awfully nice little night - lights, and one cannot help wishing that they could have kept awake to see Peter ; but Wendy's light blinked and gave such a yawn that the other two yawned also, and before they could close their mouths all the three went out.

There was another light in the room now, a thousand times brighter than the night - lights, and in the time we have taken to say this, it had been in all the drawers in the nursery, looking for Peter's shadow, rummaged the wardrobe and turned every pocket inside out.

It was not really a light ; it made this light by flashing about so quickly, but when it came to rest for a second you saw it was a fairy, no longer than your hand, but still growing.

It was a girl called Tinker Bell exquisitely gowned in a skeleton leaf, cut low and square, through which her figure could be seen to the best advantage.

She was slightly inclined to EMBONPOINT.

[plump hourglass figure]

A moment after the fairy's entrance the window was blown open by the breathing of the little stars, and Peter dropped in.

He had carried Tinker Bell part of the way, and his hand was still messy with the fairy dust.

"Tinker Bell, " he called softly, after making sure that the children were asleep, "Tink, where are you?

" She was in a jug for the moment, and liking it extremely ; she had never been in a jug before.

"Oh, do come out of that jug, and tell me, do you know where they put my shadow?


The loveliest tinkle as of golden bells answered him.

It is the fairy language.

You ordinary children can never hear it, but if you were to hear it you would know that you had heard it once before.

Tink said that the shadow was in the big box.

She meant the chest of drawers, and Peter jumped at the drawers, scattering their contents to the floor with both hands, as kings toss ha'pence to the crowd.

In a moment he had recovered his shadow, and in his delight he forgot that he had shut Tinker Bell up in the drawer.

If he thought at all, but I don't believe he ever thought, it was that he and his shadow, when brought near each other, would join like drops of water, and when they did not he was appalled.

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Donater1 3 янв. 2022 г., 04:56:24


На мгновение после того, как мистер и миссис Дарлинг покинули дом, ночные огни у кроватей трех детей продолжали гореть.

Они были ужасно милые маленькие ночные огни, и нельзя не желать, чтобы они не спали видеть Петра ; Но свет Венди моргнул и дал зелень, что другие двое тоже зевнули, и, прежде чем они смогли закрыть рот, все трое вышли.

В комнате теперь был еще один свет, в тысячу раз ярче, чем ночные огни, и в то время, когда мы это взяли, это было во всех ящиках в детской, глядя на тень Петра, рылся в шкафу и Повернул каждый карман наизнанку.

Это был не свет ; Он сделал этот свет, вспыхнув так быстро, но когда он пришел на покой на секунду, вы видели, что это была фея, не больше, чем ваша рука, но все еще растет.

Это была девушка по имени Тинкер Белл, изящно изображенная на скелетном листе, вырезанная низко и квадратно, благодаря чему ее фигуру можно было увидеть наилучшим образом.

Она была слегка склонна к EMBONPOINT.

[Пухлый песочные часы фигурка]

Через мгновение после входа феи окно было раздуто от дыхания маленьких звезд, и Питер вскочил.

Он провел с Тинкер Белл, и его рука все еще была грязной с феей.

«Тинкер Белл, - тихо позвал он, убедившись, что дети спали, - Тинк, где ты?

На данный момент она была в кувшине и очень нравилась ему ; Раньше она никогда не была в кувшине.

«О, выйди из этого кувшина и скажи мне, ты знаешь, где они положили мою тень?


На него отвечал самый красивый звон золотых колоколов.

Это сказочный язык.

Вы, обычные дети, никогда не слышите этого, но если бы вы услышали это, вы бы знали, что слышали это раньше.

Тинк сказал, что тень находится в большой коробке.

Она имела в виду комоды, и Питер вскочил на ящики, размахивая их содержимым на пол обеими руками, когда короли бросали толпу в толпу.

Через мгновение он восстановил свою тень, и в его восторге забыл, что он закрыл Тинкер Белл в ящике.

Если он вообще думал, но я не думаю, что он когда - либо думал, что он и его тень, когда приближаются друг к другу, присоединятся, как капли воды, и когда они этого не сделали, он был потрясен.

Ivankutergin 8 февр. 2022 г., 14:58:36 | 10 - 11 классы

ПомогитеComplete the sentences?


Complete the sentences.

Use the passive (present, past, future) of these verbs.

Retell the text.

Cinderella did all the work in the house.

She had no time left for parties and fun.

But one day an invitation to the king's ball came from the palace.

And every young girl in the kingdom (to invite) ____________________.

''How nice!

'' thought Cinderella.

''I (to invite) _____________________ too.

'' But Cinderella's mean stepsisters kept her busy all day long.

She had not one minute to think of herself.

In the evening the coach was ready at the door.

The stepsisters (to powder, to press, to curl) ___________________________.

But there stood Cinderella in her rags.

''You (not to dress) _____________________ for the ball!

'' ''No, '' said Cinderella, ''and I cannot go.

'' The poor girl sat in the garden weeping when her fairy godmother appeared.

''You are going to the ball!

'' she said.

A pumpkin (to turn) ________________________ then into a beautiful coach, Cinderella's pet mice (to turn) ____________________ into horses and her dog (to turn) _____________________ into a coachman.

And the girl (to dress) _______________________ into the loveliest dress!

''Have a wonderful time at the ball, my dear, '' said the fairy, ''but remember that at midnight the spell (to break) _____________________.

And everything will be as it was before.

'' Cinderella came to the king's palace.

It was a grand ball!

And every lady in the land (to dress) ______________________ in her beautiful best.

But Cinderella was the loveliest of them all!

Anashkina891 21 мар. 2022 г., 01:49:07 | 10 - 11 классы

Помогиле, плиизПодчеркнуть правильный вариантI watched / was watching Rain Man DVD the other day when a part of the dialogue really caught / was catching my attention?

Помогиле, плииз

Подчеркнуть правильный вариант

I watched / was watching Rain Man DVD the other day when a part of the dialogue really caught / was catching my attention.

In fact l was / had been so surprised that I rewound the film to make sure I was hearing / had heard correctly.

In the film, the character Raymond Babbitt, who is autistic, claimed that Qantas was the only airline that never had / had never had a crash.

I went / had gone online to check out this fact.

Apparently it wasn't 100% true.

At the time of the making of the film, Qantas had had / was having eight crashes but they were all being / had al been propeller planes, not jets.

I also found / had found out that all airlines (except for Qantas, of course) took / were taking this line out of the film when they were showing / showed it on flights at the time.

Vorobyscheknn 13 февр. 2022 г., 07:26:11 | 5 - 9 классы

Complete the text with the items that fit in best?

Complete the text with the items that fit in best.

It was 7 o'clock in the morning.

Ellis was in her (1) .

It was time to (2) .

She jumped out of bed and (3) the window.

The san (4) brightly in the blue sky.

In two minutes she was ready.

Then she ran to the kitchen.

Her mother was there.

She (6) breakfast.

Lora68 11 февр. 2022 г., 03:15:08 | 5 - 9 классы

Проверьте пожалуйста правильность предложений, заранее спасибо?

Проверьте пожалуйста правильность предложений, заранее спасибо.

Before the beginning of the lesson, I came to the classroom and put textbooks out of the bag.

After that she sat and prepared for the lesson, and talked with her friends.

After the second call teacher began a lesson.

At the lesson of the English language we translated the texts, and learned new words.

Then we had a lesson and we went to the Russian language where the dictation was written.

Then, according to the schedule, we had the algebra on which we solved examples and equations.

In each lesson I was distracted and I was wondering what the weather was like on the street.

Finally, the lessons were over.

And I had to go to practice.

Finally, the training ended and I went home with a smile.

Професор10 21 мар. 2022 г., 09:10:18 | 10 - 11 классы

1. Choose the right form?

1. Choose the right form.

1. Where have you been?

Have you played / Have you been playing / Did you play


2. He askes if I joined / shall join / would join them tomorrow at the picnic.

3. How many pages of that book have you read / have you been reading?

4. Father’s hands were dirty.

He had been repairing / have been repairing / repaired the car.

5. What happened / has happened / had been happening to you last night?

6. Somebody has broken / broke / has been breaking the window when I was out.

3. Choose the sentence (a or b) which means the same as the first


1. We had dinner when Father came.

A. Father arrived and then we had dinner.

B. We had dinner and then Father arrived.

2. I read the book after I had seen the fi lm.

A. I saw the fi lm and then I read the book.

B. I read the book and then I saw the fi lm.

3. By the time Ann came home, I had gone to bed.

A. I went to bed before Ann came home.

B. I went to bed after Ann came home.

4. The girls had tidied the fl at when the guests arrived.

A. The guests arrived and then the girls tidied the fl at.

B. The girls tidied the house and then the guests arrived.

5. They carried the luggage downstairs before the taxi came.

A. They carried the luggage downstairs and then the taxi came.

B. The taxi came and then they carried the luggage downstairs.

Кам2412 18 мар. 2022 г., 00:43:41 | 10 - 11 классы

Переведите пожалуйста?

Переведите пожалуйста!

The story of the famous and talented Brontё family is strange and unusual.

The Brontё children — five girls and a boy — lived with their father and aunt in Yorkshire.

All the children were in poor health.

Two of the girls died while they were still at school.

Bramwell, the boy, was good at writing poetry.

But he died at the age of 31.

Anne, who wrote poetry and two novels, died at 29.

Emily, who became world famous as the author of "Wuthering Heights", died a year after the book was published in 1847.

Charlotte, the author of the wonderful novel “Jane Eyre", was the only one strong enough to go out into the world and live her own life for a while.

But even she died at the early age of 39.

It was nearly impossible to believe that these wonder ful books were written by young women who had not seen anything of the world except the life of their own family.

Nobody knew that the Brontё children had learned to write stories while they were playing.

They didn’t like to play noisy games.

The game they liked best of all was writing little stories of their own.

All this was only found out in 1930 by an American university librarian who studied some of the toys and hand - written little books found in the house where the Brontё family had lived.

Артем228654 26 янв. 2022 г., 01:19:03 | 5 - 9 классы



10 предложений


At that moment a Fox came up to the clearing.

The Nome and Kiki did not see the Fox, because it was behind them.

But the Fox was really the Wizard of Oz.

He looked at the two Li - Mon - Eags and thought : "There are two of them now.

And a short time ago there was only one Li - Mon - Eag.

The Goose changed into the beast!

I understand it all now.

It is all clear now.

At last I can tell who changed our forms.

The Goose and his comrade—the wicked magician.

These two beasts are our enemies.

I must watch them all the time and see what they will do next.


The Wizard - Fox came up to Kiki Aru and the Nome.

There was a big tree near them with a big hole in it.

"I shall hide in the hole and see what those beasts will do next, " thought the Wizard.

He jumped into the hole and watched the two Li - Mon - Eags.

And he heard their talk.

"Well, " said the Nome to Kiki, "this is my plan.

Look at the trees in the forest.

They are full of monkeys.

We shall change fifty little monkeys into fifty soldiers.

The Oz people don't know how to fight.

They will be frightened and the soldiers will conquer them in a day or two.


Kiki thought for some time and then said : "I like your plan.


"Can you change those fifty little monkeys all at once?

"2asked the Nome.

"No, I can't, " answered Kiki.

"I must change them one at a time.

3Stay here, and I shall go and change the first monkey.


"But where are you going?

" asked the Nome.

"You know very well that I can't say the magic word when you are near.

I shall go where you cannot hear me, " answered Kiki.

The Nome was very angry when he heard that.

But he said : "All right!


Kiki got up and went to a tree which stood near them.

It was just the tree in which the Wizard - Fox was.

Kiki Aru ran up to the tree and tried to look into the hole.

It was very dark in the hole.

So Kiki did not see the Fox.

Kiki said : "I want that monkey in the big tree on the left to become a soldier with a big sword : Pyrzqxgl.

" Then he ran back to the Nome.

"I am so glad I know the magic word now, " thought the Wizard.

"I can change the forms of people and animals now.

But first I must remember the word.


In a moment a soldier with a big sword stood on the clearing.

"Good, " cried the Nome.

"Change the other monkeys, quick!


So Kiki ran back to the tree with the hole in it and said his magic word again.

He ran to the tree and back six times.

Soon six big soldiers with swords stood in the forest.

When Kiki ran back to the Nome for the sixth time the Wizard - Fox put his head out of the hole.

He thought : "I have heard the magic word six times.

Now I shall try and say it.


And he said aloud : "This animal Li - Mon - Eag must become a small nut : Pyrzqxgl.


At once Kiki changed into a small nut.

The Wizard cried out with joy and jumped out of the hole.

"Now I shall change the other one into a big nut, " he thought.

At that moment the Nome rose from the ground and looked around.

He saw the Fox, but he did not see Kiki.

"Where is Kiki, why did he not come back?

" he thought.

He was frightened.

"This Li - Mon - Eag must become a big nut : Pyzrqxgl!

" cried the Wizard - Fox.

But, as you see, the order of the letters in the word was wrong.

He did not say the magic word in the right way.

4So the Nome's form did not change.

The Nome understood at once that it was the magic word.

He ran to the Fox and said : "You must become a goose : Pyrqzxgl.


But the Nome said the word in the wrong way5too— that's why the Wizard - Fox's form did not change.

He ran away from the angry Nome and hid behind a big tree.

The Nome King repeated the magic word many times but every time he said it in the wrong way.

The Fox behind the tree repeated the word many times too, and suddenly he said it in the right way.

And the Nome at once became a big nut.

The Wizard - Fox said : "I want my real form again.

I want to become a man : Pyrzqxgl.


At once he became the Wizard of Oz again.

He picked up the big nut and the small nut.

Then he put them into his pocket and ran back to the big clearing, to his friends, as quickly as he could.

Velek2004 29 мая 2022 г., 13:56:08 | 5 - 9 классы

Переведите пожалуйстаа)♥The Darlings?

Переведите пожалуйстаа)♥

The Darlings.

The Darling family lived in London.

Mr Darling was a strict and serious man, but he loved his children very much.

His wife was loving and sweet.

There were three Darling children.

Wendy was the oldest, then there was John, and last of all, there was Michael.

The Darlings were not rich, but they wanted a nanny for their children.

Luckily, they found Nana.

Nana was perfect in every way.

She loved the children and looked after them carefully.

However, people stopped to stare when they saw the three children with their nanny.

You see, Nana was a large yellow dog that the Darlings met in the park.

Mr Darling worried that his neighbours might think she was strange, but Nana was the best nanny in London.

She kept the children safe and she made them very happy.

In fact, the Darling family was the happiest family in London until Peter Pan came.

The Darling children often dreamed of the magical land called the Neverland.

They saw the strange land with its lagoons, caves and forests.

The Neverland was different for each of the children.

John lived in a boat turned upside down on the sand.

Michael lived in a wigwam, while Wendy lived in a house made of leaves sewn together.

They all dreamed of Peter, however, especially Wendy.

She knew that Peter often came to the children's room at night while they were asleep.

When she told her mother about this, Mrs Darling did not believe her.

Ypoarotst2017 20 мая 2022 г., 13:33:49 | 5 - 9 классы

Переведите, пожалуйста, этот текст?

Переведите, пожалуйста, этот текст.

Без переводчика, самим.

That night was Nana's night off and she went out.

So, Mrs Darlind bather the children and put them to bed instead.

She sang to then until they fell asleep.

She kissed them all and sat by the fire to sew a shirt for Michael.

The room was very warm and soon Mrs Darling fell asleep in her chair.

She dreamed that a strange boy flew out of the Neverland.

Then, she saw Wendy, Michael and John.

They were in that magical place, the Neverland.

As she slept, the window blew open and a boy flew thought it.

There was a small light with him and it flew quickly about the room.

The light woke Mrs Darling up and when she saw him, she screamed .

Just then, Nana ran into the room.

She was back her night off and she heard Mrs Darling cry out .

Nana ran towards Peter and he jumped up to fly out of the window.

As he tried to escape, she snapped at him and she pulled off his shadow.

Peter flew off into the night sky, but his shadow was in Nana's mouth.

It looked like a piece of black cloth.

Carefully, Mrs Darling took the shadow from Nana's mouth.

She did not know what to do with it.

She did not want ti show it to Mr Darling.

He might be angry with Nana.

She thought about hanging it out of the window for Peter .

Yt might come to get it later.

But Mrs Darling did not do that, because it looked like a dirty rag, and she was worried what the neighbours might think .

She hid the shadow in a drawer in the bedroom so it would be safe.

Хайповый228 5 июн. 2022 г., 07:26:04 | студенческий

Помогите, 5 задание с домиком, вот текст THE PICTURE (after The Broken Bridge' by Ph?

Помогите, 5 задание с домиком, вот текст THE PICTURE (after The Broken Bridge' by Ph.


Ginny, the main character of the story, is 16.

She's turning out to be a brilliant artist like her mother, who died when she was a baby.

In the extract you're going to read

Ginny sees her mother's picture in the art gallery.

When Ginny was first becoming interested in art and the history of painting, Dad had given her a big book with hundreds of reproductions in it.

She'd pored over it with more than delight — with a kind of greed, in fact.

She absorbed everything the book told her about the Renaissance, and the Impressionists, and the Cubists, about Boticelli and Monet and Picasso, and she breathed it all in like oxygen she hadn't known she was missing.

And among the pictures in the book, there were two that made her gasp.

One was Whistler's Arrangement in Grey and Black, the portrait of his mother sitting on an upright chair, and the other was El Greco's View of Toledo.

She remembered her reaction quite clearly : a sudden intake of breath, caused by sheer surprise at the arrangement of shapes and colours.

It was a physical shock.

And when she looked at the big painting that dominated the end wall, the same thing happened.

It would have affected her the same way whoever had painted it, because it was a masterpiece.

What it showed was a middle - aged black man, in a uniform with epaulettes and medals, in the act of falling on to the red - carpeted floor of a well furnished room.

He'd been eating a meal, and on the table beside him there was a plate of yellow soup.

Beyond him, through the open door and at the open window, stood a crowd of people, watching : white people and black, old and young, richly dressed and poverty - stricken.

Some of them carried objects that helped you understand who they were : a wad of dollar bills for a banker, a clutch of guns2 for an arms dealer, a chicken for a peasant ; and the expressions on their faces told Ginny that they'd all in some ways been victims or accomplices3 of the man who was dying.

And all that was important, but just as important was the strange discord of the particular red of the carpet and the particular yellow ofthe soup, so that you knew it was something significant, and you guessed the soup had been poisoned.

And the way the dying man was isolated by the acid red from every other shape in the picture, so that it looked as if he were sinking out of sight in a pool of blood.

And mainly what was important was the thing that was impossible to put into words : the arrangements of the shapes on the canvas.

These same elements put together differently would have been an interesting picture, but put together like this, they made Ginny catch her breath.

She began thinking of what her mother had wanted to say by the picture.

Tell the story of the corrupt1 officer?

Yes. But not mainly.

What she had probably wanted to do was just to see what happened when she put that red and that yellow together.

That was what could start it.

Some little technical thing like that.

And the shape of the man as he falls.

Because there's no shadow, you can't see easily where he is in relation to the floor.

He seems to be floating in space, almost.

But at the same time no one could say that the picture wasn't technically correct.

It was amazing, brilliant!

Ginny felt a lump in her throat.

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