People in Great Britain like animals?

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People in Great Britain like animals.

There are even special hospitals, which help wild animals.

There are a lot of television films about wildlife.

They are very popular with children and grown ups.

A lot of British families have ‘bird tables’ in their gardens.

Birds can eat from them during the winter months.

The ‘bird table’ should be high because cats can eat birds.

The British often think their animals are like people.

For example in Britain animals can have jobs like people.

British Rail has cats and pays them for their work.

Their job is to catch mice.

There is usually one cat per station.

They get food and free medical help.

The cats don’t catch a lot of mice but they are very popular with the British Rail staff and travellers.

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Мяу0701 18 янв. 2022 г., 11:21:47

Люди в Великобритании любят животных.

Тут даже есть специальные госпитали, которые помогают диким животным.

Здесь много телевизионных программ про дикую природу.

Они популярные среди детей и взрослых.

Много семей Великобритании имеют скворечники в своих дворах(садах).

Птицы могут питаться в них в течении зимних месяцев.

Скворечник должен быть высоко, потому что кошки могут съесть птиц.

Британцы часто думают что их животные как люди.

У британских железных дорог есть кошки и они платят им за их работу.

Их работа - ловить мышей.

Обычно тут по одной кошке на каждую станцию.

Они получают еду и бесплатное медицинское обслуживание.

Кошки ловят не много мышей, но они популярны среди сотрудников и посетителей железных путей.

Rbhbkxbr 18 янв. 2022 г., 11:21:50

Жители Великобритании очень любят животных.

Там даже есть специальные больницы, в которых помогают диким животным.

Существует множество телевизионных фильмов о дикой природе.

Они очень популярны среди детей и взрослых.

В садах у многих Британских семей есть кормушки для птиц.

Птицы могут там питаться в зимние месяцы.

Кормушки должны быть расположены высоко, потому что кошки могут съесть птиц.

Британцы часто думают о том, что животные как люди.

К примеру, в Британии у животных, как и у людей может быть работа.

Британская железная дорога имеет кошек и платит им за их работу.

Их работа заключается в ловле мышей.

Обычно одна кошка на станцию.

Они получают еду и бесплатную медицинскую помощь.

Кошки не ловят много мышей, но они очень популярны среди сотрудников Британских железных дорог и путешественников.

Margarshap 15 янв. 2022 г., 23:35:39 | 1 - 4 классы

Describe the picture?

Describe the picture.

What are the people and the animals doing?

Iviaxmm554 27 янв. 2022 г., 11:33:06 | 1 - 4 классы

My favorite animal is a monkey?

My favorite animal is a monkey.

Monkeys have five fingers and five toes, just like people.

They have long arms and a long tail.

The monkey lives in the trees in the rainforest.

It is very hot in the rainforest.

They have great fun swinging from the branches.

They like to munch on fruit and leaves.

Bananas are their favorite food.

A group of monkeys is called a troop.

Monkeys are very clever animals.

Напишите текст читать по русски как?

Перевод есть.

M89127778572 18 февр. 2022 г., 10:56:12 | 5 - 9 классы

Вставить пропущенные словаany hopeno moneya lot of helpno worksome moneyno homesome problemsany peopleno peopleA lot of people in the world are very poor and some have ?

Вставить пропущенные слова

any hope

no money

a lot of help

no work

some money

no home

some problems

any people

no people

A lot of people in the world are very poor and some have .

At all.

Sometimes these people had good jobs and then perhaps their business had .

And suddenly they had .

And .

Sometimes they don't have .

For the future, either.

Are there .

Like that in your town?

In some countries these people get .

, there is .

From the government every year to help them.

But in other countries there are .

To help them.

WolfFeed 22 апр. 2022 г., 01:24:27 | 5 - 9 классы



Moscow Zoo is one of the largest and oldest zoos in Russia.

It appeared in Moscow in 1864 and had 286 animals then.

There are more than 6, 000 different animals in its rich collection now : elephants and giraffes, polar bears and brown bears l, squirrels and foxes, deer and wolves, lions and tigers.

At first the zoo's buildings were wooden.

Now animals live in stone buildings when it is cold outdoors.

Moscow Zoo is situated in the centre of the city.

When you get there, you are in the animal world.

There are two large territories in the zoo with a high bridge between them.

In the zoo ponds you can see beautiful water birds.

The zoo keepers, workers who look after the animals, feed them, keep them healthy, clean their cages.

They know a lot about birds and animals and often answer the visitors' questions.

Moscow Zoo is open in all seasons.

Children and their parents enjoy going there.

Now there are plans to move Moscow Zoo to a new larger territory.

Darth123vader 16 мая 2022 г., 23:15:54 | 10 - 11 классы

Ex. 4 Fill in the gaps with the words in the box нужно вставить по смыслуGreenpeace, oxygen, jungle rain forests, ecology, breathing, nature, wildlife, flora and faunaWHO CAN SAVE OUR PLANETPeople dep?

Ex. 4 Fill in the gaps with the words in the box нужно вставить по смыслу

Greenpeace, oxygen, jungle rain forests, ecology, breathing, nature, wildlife, flora and fauna


People depend on the planet, on the Sun, on animals and plants around them.

People must take care of the Earth.

Our …… becomes worse and worse with every new day.

People destroy ….

And cut down trees to make furniture.

They forget that they can’t live without trees and plants, because they fill the air with…… .

Oxygen is necessary for our ….

. We can’t stay indifferent to these problems.

There are a lot of special organizations which are trying to save our nature.

One of them is …….

. Their aim is to help …… to survive, to rescue animals, to save ……, which are in danger of destruction.

We must find the right way to save our land, people and animals.

We must take care of …… because we are a part of it.

Azamat2324 2 мая 2022 г., 10:17:25 | 5 - 9 классы

Сократите текст без потери смысла Many Russian people have a plot of land out in the country called a “dacha”?

Сократите текст без потери смысла Many Russian people have a plot of land out in the country called a “dacha”.

They often have a small house there where they can relax or grow fruit and vegetables in the garden.

Dachas are usually a few kilometers outside the city.

So Friday evening and Saturday morning thousands of cars, buses and local trains carry millions of people to their dachas outside the city.

People carry bags, backpacks and small carts with what they need for a relaxing weekend at the dacha.

You can often see cats and dogs in the cars as people usually take their pets with them.

Zahar3004 22 апр. 2022 г., 10:36:20 | 1 - 4 классы

Bananas 0)are a kind of fruit?

Bananas 0)are a kind of fruit.

A lot of people in the world eat bananas.

We can buy bananas in shops.

They are from bananas trees1).

Hot countries.

These 2).

Very big leaves.

Then they 3).

Them and put them on planes.

People often eat yellow bananas and 4).

People eat green bananas 5).

They cook like fries.

Diana13092009 2 мая 2022 г., 17:09:44 | 5 - 9 классы

Сделайте пожалуйста перевод?

Сделайте пожалуйста перевод!

In Kazakhstan people eat a lot of meat.

Their traditional food is the Kazakh meat.

Kazakh people are very hospitable.

When they invite guests they also cook pilaf , kuyrdak.

They have some traditional milk products.

They are Kurt, irimshik .

Their traditional drinks are kymyz, shubat.

These drinks are very useful for our health.

Tishinasa 26 февр. 2022 г., 07:11:47 | 10 - 11 классы

The animals have done their homework ?

The animals have done their homework .

Look at the picture and write what they have done.

Lavar 14 июн. 2022 г., 23:02:12 | 10 - 11 классы

Ответить на вопросы по тексту, пожалуйста?

Ответить на вопросы по тексту, пожалуйста.

Read my lips!

Forget about fortune tellers and horoscopes.

The shape of a person’s lips can say a lot about them.

The 5.

000 - year - old art of face reading is gaining popularity.

So, take a look at the shape of someone’s lips to find out about their personality….

People with full lips are usually responsible.

You can always trust them to do what you ask them to do.

They are also decisive ; they make decisions quickly.

On the other hand, they tend to be rather bossy.

They like telling other people what to do!

People who have thin upper lip and full lower lip are energetic.

They work very hard and like participating in a lot of activities.

They are ambitious as well ; they want to be successful in life.

However, these people tend to be self - centered.

They seem to only care about themselves and they sometimes forget about other people’s feelings.

People with thin lips are determined ; they know what they want and they do all they can to get it.

They are careful people who do their work with a lot of attention and thought.

However, they tend to be reserved ; they don’t like showing their feelings or expressing their opinions.

They can also be mean ; they don’t like sharing things or spending money.

People who have lips with down - turning corners are very generous.

They love giving things to other people and helping them.

They are also intelligent and understand difficult subjects quickly and easily.

On the other hand, they can be sensitive at times ; they get upset easily, so be careful of what you say to them.

1. What is face reading?

2. Could you describe the character of people with full lips?

3. Could you describe the character of people with thin lips?

4. Could you describe the character of people with thin upper lip and full lower lip?

5. Could you describe the character of people with down - turning corners of lips?

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