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One day Mr.

Earnshaw came back from a long journey.

He had travelled sixty miles to

Liverpool and back on business, and was very tired.

“Look what I have brought you!

” he said.


children, Catherine and Hindley, were expecting presents and they rushed eagerly to see what it


They were very disappointed to see only a dirty, black - haired gipsy child.

“I found him all

alone in the busy street of Liverpool”, Mr.

Earnshaw explained to them, “and I couldn’t leave him to


He can sleep in your room, children.

” But Catherine and Hindley were very angry because they

hadn` t received any presents, and refused to let the strange child share their room.



Earnshaw insisted and, and little by little the boy became accepted by the family.

He was called

Heathcliff, as a first and last name.

No one ever discovered who his parents were.

Catherine and he became great friends, but Hindley hated him, and was often cruel to him.

Old Mr.

Earnshaw was strangely fond of that gipsy child, and frequently punished his son for

behaving badly to Heathcliff.

Hindley began to be jealous to his father’s feelings for Heathcliff, and

saw them both as enemies.

This situation couldn’t last.

As Mr.

Earnshaw grew old and ill, Heathcliff became even more

his favourite, and Hindley often quarrelled with father.

When Hindley was sent away to study,

everybody hoped that they would have peace in the house.

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Nasta200412 17 янв. 2022 г., 01:41:08

One day Mr.

Earnshaw came back from a long journey with a dirty gipsy child.

He explained that he had found him all alone in Liverpool.

He wanted to accept the child and asked his own children to share their bedroom with that boy.

He called the boy Heathcliff.

The children didn't like the boy at first sight.

Time passed and little by little Catherine and Heathcliff became great friends but Hindley hated the boy because he became his father's favourite.

That's why he often quarreled with his old father.

Only when Hindley was sent away to study everybody hoped they would have peace in the house.

Salgynkut88 27 янв. 2022 г., 11:06:45 | 5 - 9 классы

Перевидите пожалуйста When people think now of the Victorian period, it is often seen as a time of strict moral standards when people were very serious and often pretended to have better moral princip?

Перевидите пожалуйста When people think now of the Victorian period, it is often seen as a time of strict moral standards when people were very serious and often pretended to have better moral principles than they actually had, marriages were always permanent and sex was never mentioned.

This way of life and many of the Victorian ideas may seem strange to us and often rather hard, but the Victorians were contented, and they were satisfied with few pleasures.

In a Victorian middle - class family farther, known as Papa, with his beard or side - whiskers, was the Head of the House and the breadwinner, and everyone, especially the children, treated him with the greatest respect.

His word was law for all household : his wife, children and servants.

He sat at the head of the table and carved the joint of meat at dinner.

The youngest members of the family were not supposed to talk unless spoken to by a grown - up.

Mama kept her large family in order, and used a cane, if necessary.

With eight, ten, twelve or more children, she was a very busy mother, for there were no vacuum cleaners, washing machines or electrical gadgets in the house.

Tinned goods and foods prepared in packets were unknown.

Clothes were mostly made at home or at a dressmaker’s in the town.

After she was thirty, Mama was considered quite middle - aged and often took to wearing a little lace cap in the house.

At the end of the day Papa took family prayers when everyone, including the servants, knelt down in the dining room or study.

He also led the family to church on Sunday.

Sunday was a very solemn day and as little work as possible was done.

No shops were open and there were certainly no amusements.

Everyone put on their best clothes, which were usually stiff and uncomfortable.

On Sunday afternoons the family often went for a walk, but no games were allowed.

Even picture books were forbidden on Sundays ; Sunday reading included Bible and certain books about the saints.

Although there were no radio sets, television, cinemas or motor cars, the Victorians didn’t find the life dull.

People worked longer hours, often twelve or fourteen hours a day.

Amusements were simple and the family often gathered round the piano to sing the latest popular songs, or entertained each other by reciting or playing the piano.

Public readings from Dickens and recitations were popular, and drew large audiences.

In London and the large towns the music halls were not considered quite respectable, but the theatre was sometimes visited.

Children very rarely went to any entertainment, except perhaps to the circus or to a pantomime.

They had their parties, with many of the games which are still played, like blind man’s buff.

Children had plenty of books.

Many of the best children’s stories were written in Victorian days : Alice in Wonderland, The Water Babies, Tom Brown’s Schooldays, Black Beauty, Little Women and Treasure Island.

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Помогите надо превести :Then the other children came and played in the garden?

Помогите надо превести :

Then the other children came and played in the garden.

They played hide - and - seek.

They sang songs and danced.

But my little sister did not want to play.

She did not want to dance and to sing.

And Tom did not want to play.

"I can show you the birthday cake, " he said.

So they went to the dining - room, and there on the table they saw a beautiful birthday cake with chocolate roses on it.

"Oh, I like chocolate roses very much, " said my naughty little sister.

"I can give you a little rose, " said Tom.

He gave my sister one rose, and she ate it up.

Then he took one rose and ate it up.

My sister ate three roses, and Tom ate three roses.

They took the roses with their hands, and there was chocolate on their hands and on their faces.

Then they went into the garden to play with the other children.

When Tom's mother saw them, she did not ask any questions.

She went to the dining - room and looked at the birthday cake.

She was very angry.

Tom's mother told Tom to go to bed, for he was a very naughty boy.

And she told my naughty little sister to go home.

Nancy was sick all night31.

My sister is not a little girl now, but she does not like chocolate roses even today.

Егор893 9 февр. 2022 г., 08:35:54 | 1 - 4 классы

Задать 5 вопросов к тексту?

Задать 5 вопросов к тексту.

On a farm

Bob is a little boy.

He is seven.

He lives in a town.

His uncle Mr.

Smith lives in the country.

He has got a big farm.

Mr. Smith invited Bob to spend his summer holidays with him on the farm.

For the first time in his life Bob saw so many domestic animals : horses, cows, sheep, pigs, ducks, hens, chickens and some others.

He wanted to see everything.

Bob's uncle had a lot of work to do on his farm.

He usually got up at five o'clock in the morning.

Bob wanted to help his uncle in his work.

One day Mr.

Smith asked Bob to take care of a little calf.

Bob was happy.

The calf was so nice, it was very little and funny.

It had long legs.

Its eyes were big and brown.

They were so beautiful!

Bob gave the calf some milk to drink and some bread and other things to eat.

He took him for a walk in the morning and in the afternoon.

Bob took good care of the calf and the calf grew very quickly.

Bob liked his calf very much and the calf liked him too.

He always went with Bob wherever Bob went.

Soon they became very good friends.

Bob learned to take care of the other animals on the farm too.

When it was time to go back to town, Bob was very sorry.

He went with his uncle to see all the animals and to say good - bye to them.

He was sure that the animals were sorry too and that they said good - bye to him in their animal language.

4УВАК228 26 февр. 2022 г., 21:02:21 | 5 - 9 классы

At the end of the summer Hobbit Bill stopped his work on the farm to call his friends round to celebrate the Last Hot Day?

At the end of the summer Hobbit Bill stopped his work on the farm to call his friends round to celebrate the Last Hot Day.

Usually his friends came to Bill’s place in the country to fly kites, swim, play football and tennis, and even play hide - and - seek.

But this year was special.

Master Goodman had come back to the country.

Gnomes Mosly and Bosly arrived first.

“Always be healthy!

” they said.

And they presented a big apple cake to Hobbit Bill.

A group of elfs arrived then.

Their names were Pammy, Patty and Philly.

“We wish you a happy Last Hot Day!

” they said.

And they sang their favourite “Garden Game” song.

They brought Hobbit Bill a new football.

“What a nice ball!

Thank you, my dear friends.

” Hobbit Bill was very happy.

All of his friends drank tea and ate the big apple cake.

Suddenly the door opened and Master Goodman came in.

All of the friends were very glad to see him.

He gave Hobbit Bill a magic screen.

He said, “You can tell us stories about your holidays.

And then we can see them on this Magic Screen ” Mosly and Bosly told stories about the sea.

All of the guests watched the blue sea and dolphins in the sea on the Magic Screen.

The sea was blue and wide.

It was sunny and hot.

Mosly and Bosly swam and played a lot.

The sun was bright and high in the sky.

It was great!

Then Pammy and Patty told a very interesting story about their summer holidays.

In June they went to London to visit their grandpa.

London is a very big city.

There were a lot of people, cars and tall houses.

One day they couldn’t find their way home.

They were very much afraid.

But a strong and brave policeman saved them.

All of the guests watched their story closely on the Magic Screen.

It was so interesting!

Then it was Philly’s turn.

Philly visited Africa in July.

He was in a Safari Park and saw a lot of different animals there : camels, monkeys, elephants, tigers, giraffes and snakes.

All of the guests saw the largest Safari Park on the Magic Screen.

It was amazing!

Finally it was Hobbit Bill’s turn to tell his story.

Unlike his friends, he was in the country in June, July and August.

He was just living on his farm.

In the morning he fed his chickens and ducks, his dog Jack and his frog Harry.

There were green fields and a long river next to his farm.

There was a green garden with apple trees behind his house.

He rode his horse through the fields.

He saw a lot of cows and sheep there.

He talked and talked about his farm while all of his guests looked at him and listened.

But suddenly they noticed that the Magic Screen wasn’t working.

But why?

What was wrong?

They were confused.

Master Goodman smiled.

“Look around, everyone.

We are here.

We are on Bill’s farm.

We can fly kites, swim, play football and tennis, and even play hide - and - seek.

Today is the Last Hot Day.

We will celebrate this Day!

We don’t need the Magic Screen!


CO6AKA228 27 мар. 2022 г., 20:37:58 | 5 - 9 классы

Срочно нужен перевод теста - "Lautisse Paints Again" H?

Срочно нужен перевод теста - "Lautisse Paints Again" H.

A. Smith

Everybody knows by this time that we met Lautisse on board a ship, but few people know that in the beginning, Betsy and I had no idea who he was.

At first he introduced himself as Monsieur Roland, but as we talked he asked me a lot of questions about myself and my business and finally he asked me if I could keep a secret and said : "I am Lautisse.


I had no idea who he was.

I told Betsy and af ter lunch we went up and talked to the ship's librarian, asked him a few questions.

And then we found out that my new friend was probably the world's best living painter.

The librarian found a book with his biography and a photograph.

Though the photograph was bad, we decided that our new acquaintance was Lautisse all right.

The book said that he suddenly stopped painting at 53 and lived in a villa in Rivera.

He hadn't painted anything in a dozen years and was heard to say he would never touch the brush again.

Well, we got to be real friends and Betsy invited him to come up to our place for a weekend.

Lautisse arrived on the noon train Saturday, and I met him at the station.

We had promised him that wewouldn't have any people and that we wouldn't try to talk to him about art.

It wasn't very difficult since we were not very keen on art.

I was up at seven - thirty the next morning and I remembered that I had a job to do.

Our vegetable garden had a fence around it which needed a coat of paint.

I took out a bucket half full of white paint and a brush and an old kitchen chair.

I was sitting on the chair thinking, when I heard footsteps and there stood Lautisse.

I said that I was getting ready to paint the garden fence but now that he was up, I would stop it.

He protested, then took the brush from my hand and said, "First, I'll show you!

" At that moment Betsy cried from the kitchen door that breakfast was ready.

"No, no, " he said.

"No breakfast, – I will paint the fence.

" I argued with him but he wouldn't even look up from his work.

Betsy laughed and assured me that he was having a good time.

He spent three hours at it and fin -

back to town on the 9.

10 that evening and at the station he shook my hand and said that he hadn't enjoyed himself so much in years.

We didn't hear anything from him for about 10 days but the newspapers learnt about the visit and came to our place.

I was out but Betsy told the reporters everything and about the fence too.

The next day the papers had quite a story and the headlines said : LAUTISSE PAINTS AGAIN.

On the same day three men came to my place from different art galleries and offered 4.

000 dollars for the fence.

I refused.

The next day I was of f ered 25.

000 and then 50.

000. On the fourth day a sculptor named Gerston came to my place.

He was a friend of Lautisse.

He advised me to allow the Palmer Museum in New York to exhibit it for a few weeks.

He said that the gallery people were interested in the fence because Lautisse had never before used a bit of white paint.

I agreed.

So the f ence was put in the Palmer Museum.

I went down myself to have a look at it.

Hundreds of people came to see the fence, and I couldn't help laughing when I saw my fence because it had a fence around it.

A week later Gerston telephoned me and asked to come to him.

He had something important to tell me.

It turned out that Lautisse visited the exhibition and signed all the thirty sections of my fence.

"Now, " said Gerston, "you have really got something to sell.

" And indeed with Gerston's help, 29 of the 30 sections were sold within a month's time and the price was 10.

000 each section.

I didn't want to sell the 30th section and it's hanging now in our living - room.

Iwanovpiotor 28 янв. 2022 г., 18:19:14 | 1 - 4 классы

Помогите ответить на вопросы1} What did always a man, who lived alone in the house, do?

Помогите ответить на вопросы

1} What did always a man, who lived alone in the house, do?

2)How did he feel himself and what did he do one day?

3)What were the next nights like?

4} Did he wash up the d1shes right away after his eating out of them?

5)What did he find out one night?

6)What was h1s house like soon?

7)What things couldn'the find?

How did he feel himself?

8)What idea came to his mind?

9)Why was he very tired?

10) What did he dec1de?

11)Why is he happy at the end of the story?

The rain had been falling ON EVERYTHING and soon the dishes were clean again.


Then the man carried everything back into the house again.

He put the dishes into the cupboard, the frying pan and the pots on the pot shelves, the ash trays on the tables, the flowerpots back where he found them, the vases where the vases go, the kettle on the gas cooker, and the soap dish in the bathroom.

He was so very t1red after he had been carrying everything back and putting it away that he decided : "I will better always wash my dishes just as soon as I have finished my dinner : The next night when he came home, he cooked his dinner, flmshed to eat it, then washed the dishes and put them right away.

He did this every night after that, too.


He can find his chairs, and he can find his clock, and he can find his BED.

It is easy for him to get into his house, too, because there are no more dishes piled on the floor or anywhere!

Dorofeeva88 27 апр. 2022 г., 03:39:25 | 5 - 9 классы




Once upon a time there wasa poor miller.

He lived in a small house, together with his three sons.

The miller worked at the mill, and his sons helped him.

The miller had no horse.

He used his donkey to bring wheat from the fields.

The years went by.

The miller grew old and died.

His sons decided to divide their father's things among themselves.

That was easy : he had almost nothing to leave to his sons.

Only his mill, his donkey and his cat.

"I'm going to take the mill, " said the miller's oldest son.

"I'm going to take the donkey, " said the second.

"And what about me?

" asked the youngest son.


You can take the cat, " laughed his brothers.

The young fellow was very much upset.

He went out of the house and sat down on the bench.

"Oh, well, " he said in a sad voice.

"My brothers have the mill and the donkey.

They can put them together and make enough money to live an honest life.

But what can I do?

I can eat the cat, and I can make a hat out of his fur.

But then I have nothing.

I can die of hunger.


The Cat was sitting on the bench too.

He was trying not to listen to his master.

But of course he heard all his words.

And he didn't like them at all.

He put on a serious face and said :

"Don't look so sad, Master.

I'm not a bad thing.

And I am more useful to you alive than dead.

I can prove that.


"How so?

" asked the Cat's master.

"All you have to do is to give me a bag, and get a pair of boots.

Such as gentlemen wear in the woods.

I'm going to show you thatyou're lucky to have me.


"It's unusual that a cat can speak at all, " the miller's son said to himself.

But then he started thinking.

"This cat's very good at catching rats and mice.

He played so many cunning tricks on them.

He never came home without a rat or a mouse.

He could hide in the wheat, or pretend to be dead.

Perhaps, he can help meafter all.


Velek2004 29 мая 2022 г., 13:56:08 | 5 - 9 классы

Переведите пожалуйстаа)♥The Darlings?

Переведите пожалуйстаа)♥

The Darlings.

The Darling family lived in London.

Mr Darling was a strict and serious man, but he loved his children very much.

His wife was loving and sweet.

There were three Darling children.

Wendy was the oldest, then there was John, and last of all, there was Michael.

The Darlings were not rich, but they wanted a nanny for their children.

Luckily, they found Nana.

Nana was perfect in every way.

She loved the children and looked after them carefully.

However, people stopped to stare when they saw the three children with their nanny.

You see, Nana was a large yellow dog that the Darlings met in the park.

Mr Darling worried that his neighbours might think she was strange, but Nana was the best nanny in London.

She kept the children safe and she made them very happy.

In fact, the Darling family was the happiest family in London until Peter Pan came.

The Darling children often dreamed of the magical land called the Neverland.

They saw the strange land with its lagoons, caves and forests.

The Neverland was different for each of the children.

John lived in a boat turned upside down on the sand.

Michael lived in a wigwam, while Wendy lived in a house made of leaves sewn together.

They all dreamed of Peter, however, especially Wendy.

She knew that Peter often came to the children's room at night while they were asleep.

When she told her mother about this, Mrs Darling did not believe her.

Майли5 5 апр. 2022 г., 00:58:23 | 5 - 9 классы

Помогите перевести текст ; In the 1400s traders from Europe trav­elled long distances to the east by land and by sea?

Помогите перевести текст ; In the 1400s traders from Europe trav­elled long distances to the east by land and by sea.

They exchanged, bought, and sold things to people in Asia.

The trade route back and forth to Asia by land was very long and difficult.

Ships had to travel all the way around Africa.

It was a long and dangerous trip.

An Italian sea captain and mapmaker named Christo­pher Columbus believed that there was an easier way to travel to Asia from Europe.

In the 1400s many people believed that the world was flat!

Columbus believed that he could travel west across the Atlantic Ocean and arrive in Asia.

He believed the world was round.

Many people laughed at Columbus, but the queen of Spain believed Columbus was correct.

She gave him money, ships, and men.

He went to look for a faster trade route to Asia.

In 1492, Columbus travelled across the Atlantic Ocean with three ships.

After about 30 days, he reached a land.

He thought he had arrived in India.

In fact, he had really found islands of North America.

He called the people on the island Indians.

Of course, they were not Indians.

They were Native Americans whose ancestors had mi­grated from Asia thousands of years ago.

They lived in many beautiful cities in over 2, 000 separate and ad­vanced societies.

Many of these societies were attacked and totally destroyed by the Spanish and Portuguese who came after Columbus in the 1500s.

These explorers came to find gold and other riches.

They came to take new land for their countries.

They killed the Natives, took their women, their gold, their land, and their possessions.

These explorers became rich and powerful.

Spain and Portugal controlled all of the peo­ple and land in what are now the southern and western parts of the United States and all of Mexico, Central America, and South America.

France and England also controlled land in North America.

Viktosik 23 мар. 2022 г., 04:02:57 | 5 - 9 классы










Williams had a good baby : .

. . never cried, and .

. . clothes were always clean.

Mrs. Briggs was very surprised and said, ‘When my daughter was small, I gave .

. . lots of food, but .

. . cried a lot, and .

. . clothes were always dirty.

Why is your baby so different?

How do you do .

. . ?

‘Well, ’ answered Mrs.

Williams, ‘my first child was a boy.

I always gave


. . a lot of food, .

. . got very fat, and .

. . stomach was always full.

He cried a lot and was dirty.

Now I give my new baby much less, and .

. . is happy and clean.


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