Сделайте плиз биографию Майли Сайрус на английском языке?

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Сделайте плиз биографию Майли Сайрус на английском языке.

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NatashaBazhukova 10 дек. 2021 г., 17:55:05

Miley Cyrus was born in Nashville, Tennessee, in the family of Billy Ray and Tish (Leticia) Cyrus.

Parents gave the girl the name Destiny Hope (English Destiny - fate, Hope - hope), foreboding that she will achieve a lot in life [6].

As a child, she received the nickname Miley (Miley, derived from Smiley - smiling), because she was a cheerful smiling child [6].

Miley has a half - brother and sister, Trace and Brandy (by mother), a half - brother Christopher Cody (by father), younger brother Brayson, and younger sister Noah.

Brother Miley, Trace, is part of the popular Metro Station group.

Despite the fact that her father's record company was against, Miley's parents were married one year after the birth of the child - December 28, 1993.

At this point, her mother Tish already had two children - Trace and Brandy.

Billy Ray adopted them when they were small.

Miley also has a half brother Christopher Cody, who is the son of Billy Ray.

He lives with his mother in South Carolina.

Tish and Billy Ray, in addition to Miley, also have son Brayson and daughter Noah.

Godfather Cyrus is singer Dolly Parton, and grandfather was politician Ronald Ray Cyrus, who died in 2006.

Miley grew up on a farm in Franklin, Tennessee and went to one of the local schools (Heritage Elementary School).

As a child, she regularly visited the church and at one time wore a "purity ring".

In 2008, Destiny Hope Cyrus officially changed her name to Miley Ray.

Yflz2306 10 дек. 2021 г., 17:55:09

Miley Ray Cyrus (born Destiny Hope Cyrus November 23, 1992) is an American singer, songwriter, and actress.

After playing minor roles in the television series Doc and the film Big Fish in her childhood, she became a teen idol starring as the character Miley Stewart in the Disney Channel television series Hannah Montana in 2006.

Her father Billy Ray Cyrus also starred in the show.

She subsequently signed a recording contract with Hollywood Records, and her debut studio album Meet Miley Cyrus (2007) was certified triple - platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) having shipped over three million units.

She released her second album Breakout and launched her film career as a voice actress in the animated film Bolt in 2008.

Cyrus starred in the feature film Hannah Montana : The Movie, and began cultivating a more mature image with her EP The Time of Our Lives in 2009.

In 2010, she released her third album Can't Be Tamed, which stands as the lowest - selling record of her career, and starred in the coming - of - age film The Last Song.

Cyrus focused on her acting career with several television and film appearances in 2011 and 2012.

Her sexually explicit behavior generated widespread controversy while promoting her fourth album Bangerz (2013), her first under her recording contract with RCA Records.

Cyrus' independently - released fifth studio album Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz (2015) deviated from her traditional pop style for more psychedelic experimentation.

In 2016, she was a coach for the eleventh season of the singing competition series The Voice.

With Bangerz, Cyrus achieved her third number - one album on the U.

S. Billboard 200, and fifth overall including Hannah Montana soundtrack albums.

She has logged seven top 10 entries on the U.

S. Billboard Hot 100 with : "See You Again", "7 Things", "The Climb", "Party in the U.

S. A.

", "Can't Be Tamed", "We Can't Stop" and the chart - topping "Wrecking Ball".

Cyrus has earned numerous awards and nominations, as Billboard ranked her as the fourth best - selling female artist of 2009.

She was ranked number thirteen on Forbes' Celebrity 100 in 2010, and in 2013 was declared "Artist of the Year" by MTV.

She has been included on the Time 100 list of most influential people in 2008 and 2014.

Life and career

1992–2003 : Childhood and career beginnings

Destiny Hope Cyrus was born November 23, 1992, in Franklin, Tennessee, [1] to Leticia Jean "Tish" Cyrus (née Finley) and singer Billy Ray Cyrus.

[1] Cyrus was born with supraventricular tachycardia, a condition which causes an abnormal resting heart rate.

[2] Her birth name, Destiny Hope, reflects her parents' belief that she would accomplish great things, and she was given the nickname "Smiley", later shortened to "Miley", because she often smiled as an infant.

[3] She changed her name to Miley Ray Cyrus ; her middle name honors her grandfather, Democratic politician Ronald Ray Cyrus.


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