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Ultraviolet light photochemistry domestic hydrogen bugs chemicals sewage germ - free bug - killing

Scientists have found new ways to shed light on the old problem of pollution - by using

1__ Ultraviolet___________ lamps to eradicate bacteria.

They have discovered that if sewage or other effluent is mixed with titanium dioxide, the basic ingredi¬ent of paint, and then exposed to ultra - violet 2 __ light, the result is annihilation of all 3 _______________.

This startlingly simple and cheap technique was revealed at last month's British Association for the Advancement of Science meeting in Swansea when researchers outlined their latest discoveries in the rapidly expanding field of 4 ______________, the study of compounds that react to light.

The ultraviolet project, a spin - off from research aimed at producing

5 _____________ fuel from sea water, has widespread applications.

For example, simple, yet highly effective devices for removing legionella bac¬teria from office air conditioning systems could be built this way, said Dr Andrew Mills of Swansea University.

In addition, pilot

6 _____________ plants that use ultraviolet light are already being tested in America and Britain.

There are two parts to the 7 ______________ system.

Firstly, titanium dioxide is mixed in water.

Then, when ultraviolet light is shone on the mixture, the titanium dioxide becomes energized and begins to oxidize chemicals it comes in contact with.

'Any bacteria that touch the granules are mineral¬ized, ' said Dr Mills, who presented the keynote Kelvin Lecture at the association meeting in Swansea.

'It is an extremely simple but powerful effect.


The action produced is similar to that of household bleach, which one day could be replaced by ultraviolet light, he added.

'One idea is to use ultraviolet light to make the 8 _____________ toilets of the future.

The toilet would be coated in titanium dioxide and then an ultra - violet light would shine when the seat is put down, just as a fridge light comes on when its door is opened.

Bacteria wouldn't have a chance.


This last idea may seem a trifle eccentric.

Nevertheless, several major companies, including Unilever, have recently begun research on ultraviolet - powered

9 ______________ appliances, though most of this effort has concentrated on developing washing machines.

Instead of using heat and detergents to break down and remove dirt on clothes, ultra - violet light would do the job.

Apart from saving on electricity, such devices would avoid the use of poisonous chemicals, like bleach, or detergents that have harmful environmental effects.

'That is the real motive of our research', added Dr Mills.

'Light - powered devices will free us from using damaging 10 _______________, and also from having to generate electricity to provide heat – and that will have a con¬siderable number of benefits, particularly for the environment.


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Vampirchik2003 13 июн. 2021 г., 03:38:17

1. Аманде 8 лет.

Она живет со своими родителями на осторове с несколькими фермами.

Там нету школ, ближайшая школа находить 50 миль от туда на другом острове.

Люди добираются туда на лодках.

Rusikru1 17 янв. 2021 г., 07:44:42 | 1 - 4 классы

Помогите перевести Food shopping is changing and so too is the way food is wrapped for sale?

Помогите перевести Food shopping is changing and so too is the way food is wrapped for sale.

Clear plastic wrapping allows the consumer to see the state of the food inside at the same time as preventing contamination from dust and bacteria.

But now supermarkets are looking at new types of packaging.

Some supermarkets have decided to wrap their fresh fruit and vegetables in biodegradable plastic packaging instead of conventional plastic.

Biodegradable plastics or bioplastics can be made from plant - based materials such as starch from corn, wheat, or potatoes.

In the environment, micro - organisms are able to break down these plastics easily and quickly to produce carbon dioxide and water.

Biodegradable plastics can also be made by some bacteria that are capable of producing granules of plastic (PHA / PHB) in their cells.

Biodegradable plastic packaging can be composted and allows customers to dispose of their own waste at home.

Active packaging is a new development that can interact with the product to improve it or provide the consumer with information about the freshness of the product.

An American company has developed a label that indicates the temperature a package has been stored at.

A chemical in the label polymerizes and becomes darker in colour if the temperature rises.

Another company has developed a membrane wrapper which changes its permeability to oxygen and carbon dioxide as the temperature changes so that the best O2 / CO2 balance can be achieved inside the packaging.

Gulizadisabled 9 янв. 2021 г., 20:39:05 | 5 - 9 классы

Fill in the gaps with the correct from of the verbs be and have?

Fill in the gaps with the correct from of the verbs be and have.

SandEnder 5 февр. 2021 г., 01:20:26 | 10 - 11 классы

Помогите перевести текст?

Помогите перевести текст!

Переводчик неправильно переводит!

The fauna of the British Isles is similar to that of Europe.

Some of the mammals such as the bear, the wolf, the wild boar and the reindeer have become extinct.

The Britain known to the Saxons, Vikings and Normans was very different from the one we know today.

Deer, wolves, bears and eagles were common.

The origins of some of the place tell us about this.

Derby means “many deer near one village”.

Everton comes from “eofor”, which means “wild boar that lived in forests”.

Nowadays, foxes, badgers and otters live on the British Isles.

On various parts of the coast there are seals.

Sea - gullsand other sea birds usually settle near the coast.

There are three species of snakes, of which only one is venomous.

Killbok 31 янв. 2021 г., 23:18:17 | 5 - 9 классы

If all the seas were one sea, What a great sea that would be?

If all the seas were one sea, What a great sea that would be!

If all the trees were one tree, What a great tree that would be!

And if all the axes were one axe, What a great axe that would be!

And if all the men were one man, What a great man that would be!

And if the great man took the great axe, And cut down the great tree, And let it fall into the great sea, What a splish - splash that would be!

Напишите произношение английских слов.

Sviridenko555 15 мар. 2021 г., 11:27:24 | 1 - 4 классы

Помогите пожалуйста)))))Complete the sentences about the weather on the Blue Planet?

Помогите пожалуйста)))))Complete the sentences about the weather on the Blue Planet.

Use the words from the box.

Snowy , rainy, weather, windy, cloudy, different, sunny The w_______ on the Blue Planet is d______ from the w______ in Russia.

The winters are warm and s________ and the summers are w______ and s_______.

Springs and autumns are c_____ and r______ like in Russia.

Нара26 22 мар. 2021 г., 06:59:08 | 5 - 9 классы

Пожалуйста правильный перевод ?

Пожалуйста правильный перевод !

Срочно !

50 баллов Mars is cold.

Venus is hot.

Earth is right.

What makes the temperatures on these planets so different?

Part of the answer is that planets close to the Sun are far away.

Another piece of the answer is the greenhouse effect.

To see this effect for yourself, try this experiment.

You will need a small thermometer, a glass big enough to keep the thermometer, a piece of the black paper, and a sunny day.

Put the paper on a table in the sun.

Turn the glass upside down, and place it on the paper with the thermometer inside the glass.

In a minute, the air inside the glass will begin to get warmer, and the thermometer will show the rising temperature.

The glass lets light in but doesn't let heat our.

Some gases, for example, carbon dioxide (CO2), work like the glass.

They warm up a planet by letting sunlight pass through and not letting the heat go out.

They are called greenhouse gases.

Our atmosphere keeps Earth warm.

You have probably heard that scientists have found that the Earth's temperature is slowly rising because of greenhouse gases.

No one knows how seriousthis problem may become.

To be safe, many people are working to reduce the greenhouse effect.

Each of us can help a little.

We can plant trees, which take carbon dioxide when they grow.

Also, we can find how to save energy, for example, we can turn off lights when we are not using them.

ProninaIrisha 19 февр. 2021 г., 09:09:57 | 5 - 9 классы

One in an unknown city was a very strange abandoned school?

One in an unknown city was a very strange abandoned school.

In this school, no one went.

Everything about her was silent and didn't want to remember.

If you remember the school, said she will dream of you every night, and who is this school not know it was forbidden to enter it.

Once in the school there was a young teacher.

She taught not the best way.

It would have long since expelled, but the principal and teachers were afraid of her, like fire.

If anyone dared to betray her, then that person was waiting for painful death.

Time one of the bravest students tried to yell at the teacher that didn't understand from her lips.

The teacher turned around and said to his disciples : "Look, this student is my first victim who dared to yell at me.

Today it is waiting for death!

" She looked into the eyes of the boy, and his eyes began to darken, and then he fell to the floor.

The children sat quietly.

If they gave a sound, they would have been convicted.

The next day came the father of this young man.

He did not look her in the eye, and only destroyed her.

The teacher died.

Since the school closed, saying that it is cursed.

But one day this city came a strange girl.

She worked as a Museum employee decided to know what is in this school.

She approached this building, but, unfortunately, the door wouldn't open.

She stood outside the school for long.

Suddenly, the door suddenly opened by itself with power, and from it wafted a light wind and with the wind phantom of the same teacher.

He ran to her and killed her.

Странный рассказ про школу мне поствили 5.

MrEnderGuy 26 мар. 2021 г., 21:28:30 | 10 - 11 классы

Перевод текста на русский?

Перевод текста на русский!

The architect usually begins to work when the site type and cost of a building have been determined.

Planning the environment.

The natural environment is at once a hindrance and a help, and the architect seeks both to invite its aid and to repel its attacks.

To make buildings habitable and comfortable, he must control the effects of heat, cold, light, air, moisture, and dryness and foresee destructive potentialities such as fire, earthquake, flood, and disease.

The placement and form of buildings in relation to their sites, the distribution of spaces within buildings, and other planning devices discussed below are fundamental elements in the aesthetics of architecture.


The arrangement of the axes of buildings and their parts is a device for controlling the effects of sun, wind, and rainfall.

Within buildings, the axis and placement of each space determine the amount of sun it receives.

Orientation may control air for circulation and reduce the disadvantages of wind, rain, and snow.

The characteristics of the immediate environment also influence orientation : trees, land formation, and other buildings create shade and reduce or intensify wind, while bodies of water produce moisture and reflect the sun.

Architectural forms.

Planning may control the environment by the design of architectural forms that may modify the effects of natural forces.


Colour has a practical planning function as well as an expressive quality because of the range of its reflection and its absorption of solar rays.

Since light colours reflect heat and dark colours absorb it, the choice of materials and pigments is an effective tool of environmental control.

Materials and techniques.

The choice of materials is conditioned by their own ability to withstand the environment as well as by properties that make them useful to human beings.

One of the architect's jobs is to find a successful solution to both conditions ; to balance the physical and economic advantages of wood against the possibility of fire, termites, , and mold, the weather resistance of glass and light metals against their high thermal conductivity, and many similar conflicts.

Interior control.

The control of the environment through the design of the plan and the outer shell of a building cannot be complete, since extremes of heat and cold, light, and sounds penetrate into the interior, where they can be further modified by the planning of spaces and by special conditioning devices.

Temperature, light and sound are all subject to control by the size and shape of interior spaces, the way in which the spaces are connected, and the materials employed for floors, walls, ceilings, and furnishings.

Today, heating, insulation, air conditioning, lighting, and acoustical methods have become basic parts of the architectural program.

Planning for use.

While environmental planning produces comfort for the senses (sight, feeling, hearing) and reflexes (respiration), planning for use or function is concerned with convenience of movement and rest.


The number of functions requiring distinct kinds of space within a building depends not only upon the type of building but also upon the requirements of the culture and the habits and activities of the individual patrons.

A primitive house has a single room with a hearth area, and a modern one has a separate areas for cooking, eating, sleeping, washing, storage, and recreation.

Tarasdzhura 9 мар. 2021 г., 04:15:53 | 5 - 9 классы

Write two sentences for each situation?

Write two sentences for each situation.

Use when and while.

1)We / ski in the alps / see / an avalanche

2)they / watch the news / the light / go out

3)People / Sleep / the wildfire / arrive

4)I / do this exercise / the class / finish.

Vladkruglov20vlad 27 мар. 2021 г., 21:56:48 | 5 - 9 классы

Complete the text with the words from the box and copy it down?

Complete the text with the words from the box and copy it down.

Petrkorotchenko 20 февр. 2021 г., 19:28:21 | 5 - 9 классы

Нужно перевести в косвенную речь?

Нужно перевести в косвенную речь!

“Don'cross the stree under the red light, ” said the man to Rick.

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