The children have formed 3 groups to work in different places?

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The children have formed 3 groups to work in different places.

Which group would you like to join and why?

Group 1 wash off graffiti pick up litter Group 2 clean the gardens rake the leaves sweep the paths water the flowers Group 3 colleck books sew toys do tricks.

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67226722 29 дек. 2017 г., 15:27:51

Group 1 because i hate graffities, which are bad, but i'd like to save good ones.

And the litter problem is a big problem.

For example in Russia litter is almost everywhere, i'd like to make Earth more clean.

KcenKaz 30 дек. 2017 г., 12:02:42 | 10 - 11 классы

1 Change the verbs from Active to Passive?

1 Change the verbs from Active to Passive.

1 Lots of people read tabloid newspapers.

Tabloid newspapers .

Lots of people.

2 Sue Green reads the news on television.

The news on television .

By Sue Green.

3 The witness is helping the police.

The police .

By the witness.

4 The newspapers aren’t publishing the photographs.

The photographs .

By the newspapers.

5 The police have arrested the driver.

The driver .

By the police.

6 The thief had taken the painting before the guard woke up.

The painting .

Before the guard woke up.

7 The company will deliver the flowers the next day.

The flowers .

The next day.

8 The Government is going to give every school student a computer.

Every school student .

By the Government.

9 You can buy a magazine on the train.

Magazines .

On the train.

10 My sister borrowed the book.

The book .

By my sister.



Ngngnfnf 28 дек. 2017 г., 16:56:38 | 5 - 9 классы



Read the text and do the tasks below.

(15 points) A Trip by Plane An American farmer wanted to make an air trip.

There was an airport close to his farm.

So one morning he came there to ask if he could make an air trip.

"You see, " he said to one of the pilots, "I have never flown before, but I would like to.

" The pilot told him that the price of the trip was 10 dollars for a ten - minute trip.

"Oh, it's a dollar a minute, " the farmer said.

"Can't you reduce the price?

" The pilot thought for a minute and then said, "I won't take any money if you don't say a word during the whole trip.

" The farmer agreed.

"By the way, " said the pilot, "you may take your wife too.

" The farmer was happy.

The next day at three o'clock the farmer and his wife arrived at the airport.

Soon they were up in the air.

The plane flew at a high speed, it went up and down very quickly, but since the passengers didn't say a word.

"You are brave people, " said the pilot.

"I thought you would be afraid to fly.

" “Well, ” said the farmer, “I am glad, I will not have to pay for the trip, as I didn’t have to say a word, but I wanted to speak to you when my wife fell out of the plane” A Write down whether the following statements are true (T) or false (F).

6. The farmer didn't like the price of the trip.

7. It was a trip on the ship.

8. The farmer decided to take his wife because it could make the price of the trip less.

9. The price was 10 dollars for each minute.

10. The passengers kept silent when they were in the air.

11. The farmer's wife was quite well after the trip.

Djhctucdyubcdy643 27 дек. 2017 г., 22:31:09 | 10 - 11 классы

Напишите данное пожалуйста в отрицательной форме?

Напишите данное пожалуйста в отрицательной форме.

There are trees and flowers in the playground.

The boy is going down the slide.

The girl is swinging on a swing The dog is sitting on the see - saw.

Bublik341 28 дек. 2017 г., 6:02:06 | 5 - 9 классы

Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form of the present continuos or the present simple 1)I?

Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form of the present continuos or the present simple 1)I.

(be) on holiday here with my family and we3).

(have) a great time.

Right now, I 4).

(lie)on the beach.

My little brother 5).

(play) on the sand with his toys and my mother 6).

, , , (watch) him.

My dad .

(swim) in the sea.

Frolovaulua 31 дек. 2017 г., 15:30:36 | 1 - 4 классы

Перевидите пж я просто с английским плохо Dear Pen Friend, My name is Sveta?

Перевидите пж я просто с английским плохо Dear Pen Friend, My name is Sveta.

I am from Russia.

It is a large country.

There are many cities, towns and farms in Russia.

The capital of Russia is Moscow.

I live in Moscow.

It's a big city.

The streets are wide and long in Moscow.

It the streets you can see a lot of people, cars, big and tall houses.

Some people like to live in the country.

In the country you can see green fields and hills, long rivers and nice green gardens with apple trees.

There are a lot of cows, horses and sheep on the farms.

The houses in the country are nice and small.

Our country is beautiful!

Come and see us!

Best Wishes, Sveta Belova.

Мята21 30 дек. 2017 г., 11:31:20 | 1 - 4 классы



Без переводчика!

Переведите на русский язык.

The children are at the rest in the forest.

It is always very hot in summer in the village.

But forests are good places on hot sunny days.

There is a laks near my uncle's house.

There is a lake in the forest.

We often go to the forest for picnic with my uncle and cousins.

Now we are at the picnic.

We have a very good time in the forest.

We rat ham and cheese.

My cousins like tomato and potatoes.

I love green trees and colored flowers.

My cousins usually play different plays in the forest.

We love the forest and the river in our village.

Пожалуйста переведите, но только без переводчика!

Killnonse 29 дек. 2017 г., 1:39:38 | 5 - 9 классы

Как читается по русски : Is there anything new?

Как читается по русски : Is there anything new?

Oh, a lot of new things have happened.

How interesting!

What has happened?

First, we've gave a concert at the hospital for children.

That's great!

What did you show them?

Tricks, folk songs and other things.

We've brought them a lot of soft toys.

Besides what's the news?

I've written a new computer programme How long have you studied computers?

Have already been in the computer club for 2 years now That will be good news for our newspaper.

Волковадиана 30 дек. 2017 г., 14:40:04 | 5 - 9 классы

Read the text and complete the sentences below - перевод?

Read the text and complete the sentences below - перевод.

Albina1988 30 дек. 2017 г., 7:38:09 | 1 - 4 классы

Draw the weather you like and write?

Draw the weather you like and write.

ShamanKz 31 дек. 2017 г., 12:10:16 | 10 - 11 классы

The miller's son went to the best shoemaker in town?

The miller's son went to the best shoemaker in town.

The shoemaker made elegant shoes and boots for gentlemen.

"I want to order a fine pair of very small boots.

They are for my cat, " said the young man.

"OK, " said the shoemaker.

He was not surprised at all.

Or, perhaps, just a little.

"Do have any money?

" he asked.

"Here you are, " said the miller's son.

He took his last silver coin out of his pocket and gave it to the shoemaker.

Soon the boots were made.

The Cat pulled them on.

He looked very nice in his elegant boots.

"Don't worry about the money, Master.

I'm going to bring you luck, " said the Cat in Boots.

He put the bag around his neck.

Cats have no hands, so he held the strings in his forepaws.

Then he put some vegetables and a piece of bread into the bag.

The Cat went to the woods.

There were many rabbits there.

So he lay down, pretending to be dead.

The Cat didn't move at all.

His plan was to wait for some foolish rabbit to come and look into his bag.

The Cat didn't wait long.

Soon a foolish young rabbit put his head inside the bag.

The Cat closed the strings at once and caught him.

Then, very proud, he went with the bag to the palace and asked to speak with the King.

The King agreed to see the unusual visitor.

The Cat went upstairs to the King's room.

He came up to the King and made a low bow.

Then he said : "Sir, here is a nice rabbit from the lands which belong to my noble master, the Marquis of Carabas (he decided to give his young master this title).

He told me to offer it to Your Majesty.

" "Tell your master, " said the King, politely, "that I thank him for this nice present.

I'm very pleased with his attention.

" Another time the Cat went to a wheat field and hid among standing wheat.

He again held his bag open.

Soon two fat partridges ran into the bag.

The Cat drew the strings, and caught them both.

The Cat went to the King's palace again.

He gave the partridges to the King, with the same message from his master as before.

The King received the gift.

His majesty was very pleased.

He even ordered to take the Cat down into the kitchen and give him something to eat and drink.

The Cat enjoyed the meal very much.

He sat in the kitchen for a long time, talking about his rich master, the Marquis of Carabas.

Exercises 1.

Say who : 1) made the boots for the Cat.

2) put vegetables and a piece of bread into the bag.

3) caught the rabbit and partridges.

4) received the gifts with pleasure.

5) enjoyed the meal in the kitchen of the King's palace.

2. Put the sentences in the right order.

1) The Cat put the bag around his neck, holding the strings in his forepaws.

2) The miller's son ordered a fine pair of boots for the Cat.

3) The Cat took the partridges to the King's palace.

4) A foolish young rabbit put his head inside the bag.

5) The Cat came up to the King and made a low bow.

6) The Cat went to a wheat field and hid among standing wheat.

3. Complete the sentences.

1) The miller's son went to the best shoemaker in town because … 2) The Cat held the strings in his forepaws because … 3) The rabbit was not afraid to look into the bag because … 4) The King ordered to give the Cat something to eat and drink because … 4.

Fill in the nouns from the text.

1) The miller's son gave his last silver___ to the shoemaker.

2) The King agreed to see the unusual___.

3) The Cat hid among the standing ___ and caught two fat partridges.

4) The Cat gave the King another ___ from his master.

5. Say how the Cat caught the rabbit and the partridges.

He used the same trick.

What do you think about it?

6. Imagine that you're the King.

1) Describe your first meeting with the Cat.

Say what you thought about him, his master and the gifts.

2) Talk about the Cat's second present.

Which of the gifts did you like best?

Why? Say how you thanked the Cat.

7. Answer the questions and speak about yourself.

1) What presents did you get for your last birthday?

2) What kind of presents do you give others?

Do you prefer to give funny or useful presents?

Is it easy to find a good present?

Why? .

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