The work______yet?

Английский язык | 5 - 9 классы

The work______yet.



A. wasn't finished


Didn't finish


Hasn't finished


Hasn't been finished.

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Oksankafil 13 июн. 2021 г., 04:06:21

The work______yet.

D. hasn't been finished.

6543a 21 янв. 2021 г., 07:19:33 | 5 - 9 классы

Choose the correct expressions : Tornadoes can ?

Choose the correct expressions : Tornadoes can .

A) throw cars b.

Do a lot of damages c.

Form only from March to August d.

Destroy houses A) A.

B B) C.

D C) A.

C. D D) A.

B. D.

Mustafinaregina 7 янв. 2021 г., 20:16:46 | 10 - 11 классы

…… of the harvest have already been gathered?

…… of the harvest have already been gathered.

A. Two third b.

Two threes c.

Two thirds d.

Two three.

Aruzhantur 11 янв. 2021 г., 00:31:43 | 5 - 9 классы

Fill in the gap : my classmate has just read an article, ______ a) hasnt he?

Fill in the gap : my classmate has just read an article, ______ a) hasnt he?

B) doesnt he?

C) arent he?

D) do he?

Азизайка1 13 янв. 2021 г., 16:54:26 | 5 - 9 классы

HEEEEELP / / / / / Choose the correct verb form in the sentences?

HEEEEELP / / / / / Choose the correct verb form in the sentences.

1. He looked around to see if he………….

. a) was watched ; b) was being watched ; c) is watched ; d) will be watched 2.

The party was all that…………….

. a) was expected ; b) have been expected ; c) had been expected ; d) will be expected 3.

If we need you, you…………….

For. a) are sent ; b)will be sent ; c) have been sent ; d) will have been sent 4.

I never…………… with such kindness.

A) am treated ; b) has been treated ; c) was treated ; d) have been treated 5.

The family…………… of for miles now.

Everybody knows the story.

A) is talked ; b) was talked ; c) is being talked ; d) has been talked 6.

We can’t use our summer cottage now.


Only by June.

A) will be finished ; b) is finished ; c) will have been finished ; d) has been finished.

Mikhats890 13 янв. 2021 г., 10:17:10 | 10 - 11 классы

. Complete the sentence with the correct variant?

. Complete the sentence with the correct variant.

1. If the concert _______ earlier, I would have taken the 9.

30 bus.

A) had finished b) finished c) finishes d) would finish 2.

If I were you, I ______ a new bicycle.

A) bought b) buy c) will buy d) would buy 3.

If I hadn’t got up earlier, I _______ my flight to London.

A) had missed b) miss c) would miss d) would have missed 4.

If you are a good girl, I _______ you to the zoo.

A) take b) will take c) would take d) would have taken 5.

I wish I _____ more money.

A) have b) had c) had had d) have had 6.

I ________ the work if you don’t help me.

A) will finish b) would finish c) won’t finish d) wouldn’t finish A) 1a, 2d, 3d, 4b, 5b, 6c Б) 1b, 2d, 3d, 4b, 5a, 6c В) 1a, 2d, 3d, 4c, 5d, 6a Г) 1a, 2c, 3c, 4c, 5c, 6d.

JuliаPolakowa 6 янв. 2021 г., 19:14:01 | 10 - 11 классы



Give answers to the following questions according to the model.

Model 1 : Have you ever been to Tashkent?

No, I've never (not) been there.

1. Has he ever told you the story of his life?

2. Have you ever translated anything from English into Russian?

3. Has it ever been so warm in April before?

4. Have you ever read anything by John Updike?

5. Have you ever been to the Far East?

6. Has he ever shown his picture to anybody?

7. Have they ever spoken to you about their plans for the future?

8. Have they ever studied this problem?

Model 2 : Have you finished the book yet?

No, I haven't finished it yet.

I am still reading it.

1. Have you translated the article yet?

2. Have they finished discussing the problem?

3. Have you decided who will make a report on the international situation?

4. Has she had her lunch yet?

5. Have they finished working at their course papers?

6. Has he woken up?

(to sleep).

7. Has she made breakfast?

Meldir 23 янв. 2021 г., 06:42:44 | 5 - 9 классы

Вопрос : The new school ?

Вопрос : The new school .

(build) yet.

Ответы :

a) haven't been built

b)hasn't built

c)haven't built

d)Hasn't been built

какой ответ вставляется вместо ?

Olg12345 18 февр. 2021 г., 17:56:11 | 5 - 9 классы

I can use the past simple to talk about finished actions in the past?

I can use the past simple to talk about finished actions in the past.

Lolipop04 30 янв. 2021 г., 07:03:58 | 1 - 4 классы

Became finished had was was born , ______lessons at home , ______ ill, _______ her education Got had made spent?

Became finished had was was born , ______lessons at home , ______ ill, _______ her education Got had made spent.

Школьница1430 2 мар. 2021 г., 04:33:39 | 10 - 11 классы

Выберите правильный вариант перевода подчеркнутой глагольной формы?

Выберите правильный вариант перевода подчеркнутой глагольной формы.

1. В настоящее время он проектирует гостиницу.

A) designs ; b) is designing ; c) designed ; d) design.

2. Я вожу эту машину уже несколько лет, с 1989 года.

A) am driving ; b) drive ; c) drove ; d) have been driving.

3. Джон никогда раньше не встречал этого человека.

A) was meeting ; b) has met ; c) meets ; d) meet.

4. Весь этот месяц я работаю сверхурочно.

A) work ; b) am working ; c) working ; d) worked.

5. Когда родители вернулись домой, дети смотрели телевизор.

A) watched ; b) were watching ; c) was watching ; d) have wat¬ched.

6. Бригада закончит работу к началу июня.

A) finishes ; b) is finishing ; c) shall finish ; d), will have finished.

7. Завтра с 9 до 11 мы будем заниматься английским языком.

A) shall study ; b) shall be studying ; c) are studying ; d) study.

8. Этим летом моя сестра поедет в Италию.

A) goes ; b) went ; c) will go ; d) shall go.

9. Он уже просмотрел утренние газеты к тому моменту, когда вошел инспектор.

A) looked through ; b) has looked through ; с) had looked through ; d) was looked through.

10. Завтра к 10 утра он приготовит нужные материалы.

A) will have prepared ; b) will prepare ; c) prepares ; d) will be preparing.

23061975 6 февр. 2021 г., 04:52:50 | 10 - 11 классы

A. Choose the correct item?

A. Choose the correct item.

1. John is a good boy.

He . ….

His room before he leaves for school.

A) is always tidying

B) always tidied

C) always tidies

D) had always tidied

2 We.

For Paris al 7 o'clock next Monday morning.

A) had left

B) have been leaving

C) have left

D) are leaving

3 You .

. things!

Can't you be more careful?

A) are always losing

B) had always lost

C) always lost

D) has always lost

4 These flowers………….

Nice What are they?

A) are smelling

B) have smelt

C) smelt

D) smell


Mr. Jones.

New York.

He'll be back on Friday

A) has been in

B) has gone to

C) has been to

D) has gone in


I . .


I went there on holiday last year.

A) have been to

B) have gone in

C) have gone to

D) have been in


She .

Hard all day so she was too tired To go to the party.

AJ is working

B) has worked

C) had been working

D) has been working8.

Daniel .

In Australia for ten years, then he moved to England.

A) lived

B) has lived

C) lives

D) has been living


Tom was painting The garage while I in the garden.

A) have been working

B) had worked

C) work

D) was working

10 While she.

Across the road she fell and twisted her ankle,

A) ran

B) was running

C) had run

D) has run


Susan works in a theatre She .

A lot of famous actors so far.

A) met

B) is meeting

C) has met

D) had met

12 We .

Our tickets weeks before we went on holiday

A) were booking

B) had been booking

C) have booked

D) had booked


It's a pleasure .

You after so many years.

A) meet

B1 to meet

C) met

D) to meeting

14 It was clever of him the crossword in five minutes.

A) do B) doing C) did D) to do


We. in a big house, but now we in a flat

A) used to live

B) have lived

C) would five

D) are used to living16 They arrested him without him why

A) tell

B) to tell

C) telling

D) to telling


I suppose Martha .

By The Time we get to her house

A) will wake up

B) will have woken up

C) wakes up

D) has been waking up

18 .

To the library?

I need some books returned.

A) Had you gone

B) Do you go

C) Will you be going

D) Have you gone


He can't leave the office until he…….

Writing that report.

A) finished

B) will finish

C) finishes

D) is going to finish


There are books all over Tom's desk.

He ………

A) has been studying

B) had studied

C) studied

D) had been studying.

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