Объясните цитату : "Good friends are like stars?

Английский язык | 5 - 9 классы

Объясните цитату : "Good friends are like stars.

You don't always see them but know they are always there".

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Marinastrgeeva 6 мар. 2021 г., 19:08:17

Хорошие друзья как звезды.

Ты сейчас не сними, но они всегда с тобой.

ParadisialGirl 6 мар. 2021 г., 19:08:23

То есть ты можешь со многими общаться, веселиться, не замечая истинного друга, а когда наступают плохие времена (появляются проблемы или ты с кем - то ругаешься), лучший друг остается с тобой, несмотря на все трудности.

Он становится заметен, как звезда в темноте, только под темнотой понимается тяжелое для тебя время.

Vadim20055 6 янв. 2021 г., 07:34:05 | 5 - 9 классы

There earrings / good quality gold / are excellent value(plus)?

There earrings / good quality gold / are excellent value(plus).

Зубрилы 6 янв. 2021 г., 01:31:44 | 1 - 4 классы

Как ответить на вопрос what sports doyou do?

Как ответить на вопрос what sports doyou do?

What sports are you good at?

What winter sports do you like?

Liveuka 19 янв. 2021 г., 22:10:19 | 5 - 9 классы

Переведите пожалуйста на русский?

Переведите пожалуйста на русский!

Let's speak about people and their relationships.

In our everyday life we meet a great number of people.

Some of them we see very often, we are in contact with them.

Do you know what does it mean "to be in contact"?

It means to work with them, to talk to them, to have a rest together and so on.

All people want to have friends, to be on friendly terms with people.

But sometimes people betray us and we understand that we were mistaken when we considered such people to be our friends.

Real friends are always ready to help each other.

A real friend makes your life happier and more interesting.

He must be warmhearted, faithful, but not envious or smoothtongued.

A good friend never boasts or betrays.

I have many friends.

Some of them are clever, full of humour ; others have many hobbies.

They like reading, painting, music, photography, collecting stamps, coins and computer games.

In short, they have different interests and that's why I respect them.

My best friend is.

She is pretty, frank and kind (He is handsome).

She is neither dull nor lazy, she is inventive but at the same time she is modest.

It's a pity, she is not a brilliant pupil, but she always tries her best to get good knowledge.

She is not a chatter - box or a lazy - bone.

And what I like most of all is that she is always full of interesting ideas and believes in good future.

Нектарий 22 янв. 2021 г., 09:55:13 | 5 - 9 классы

Переведите текст плиз fast Food Restaurants are popular all over the world?

Переведите текст плиз fast Food Restaurants are popular all over the world.

In Britain also there are Fast Food Restaurants.

The food we eat there are - hamburgers and cheeseburhers, a pie and a miikshake or juice.

These restaurants are not ordinary ones.

There aren't any waiters.

You order your food at the counter and pay for it at the same time.

You get your food in a bag or a box.

There are no plates, knives, forks or spoons there.

You eat with your fingers.

Drinks are in a paper or a plastic cups.

You eat your meal.

Then you throw bags, boxes and cups away.

FFRs are very popular with young people.

They can eat very quickly there.

They can eat when they want : FFRs are open from 10 am to 12 pm.

FFRs are very cheap.

In such restaurants colours are bright and atmosphere is informal.

Some people criticize these restaurants.

They say the hamburgers are very big.

They say there aren't many tables, but a lot of people.

But isn't that because FFRs are popular!

Marinagol110211 21 февр. 2021 г., 23:47:17 | 10 - 11 классы

1. Do you get on well with your parents?

1. Do you get on well with your parents?

2. Do your parents trust you?

3. Do you sometimes talk back to them?

4. Are you often grounded?

5. What did you do the last time you were grounded?

6. Do you always obey your parents?

7. Do you think you are a good child to your parents?

8. Are your parents often nervous?

9. Do they keep their promises?

10. Are your parents violent?

11. Do your often slam the door and go to your room?

12. Can you rely on your parents?

13. Can they rely on you?

14. Are your parents understanding?

15. Do you parents always have time to listen to your problems ?

16. Do your parents know about all your problems?

17. What do you like about your parents?

What do you dislike?

18. What would you do if you were in your parents place?

19. Would you behave the same way or differently?

20. What are the possible conflicts between children and parents?

Виолетточказайка 14 февр. 2021 г., 11:22:33 | 5 - 9 классы

It’s not always easy being a (1?

It’s not always easy being a (1.


You spend half your time making (2.

Arrange) for your holiday and the other half worrying about sticking (3.


I think it’s relaxing sometimes to spend a holiday at home.

There are no (4.

Culture) problems, you don’t need to be the (5.

Photograph) and you know that the local (6.

Inhabit) are always friendly.

Нужно слова вставить.

Ильнур24 25 февр. 2021 г., 13:56:49 | 1 - 4 классы

Work in pairs?

Work in pairs.

Make up questions using the tags.

Example : my fiends are students arent they?

My friends arent students are they?

___ wont you / will you ___ doesnt she / does she ___ dont you / do you ___ couldnt i / could i ___didnt we / did we ___werent we / were we ___ wasnt he / was he.

Зэна1 31 янв. 2021 г., 21:23:28 | 5 - 9 классы

1. Can you tell me (what / that) we are doing here?

1. Can you tell me (what / that) we are doing here?

2. Im not surw (why / when) John is here.

3. Ask them (where / what) we are going.

4. I dont know (when / what) he will come.

5. —I dont know (whose / which) pets they are.

—I think they are Mary's.

6. The woman (who / whom) is stading under the tree is my aunt.

7. I dont understand (who / that) you are talking about.

8. George is the boy with (who / whom) I play football every week.

9. This is the farm (whose / which) name "Old Oaks".

10. This is my real (wish / witch) to you.

11. I am never afraid of (anybody / nobody).

Вероничкаяклубничка 15 февр. 2021 г., 03:09:58 | 1 - 4 классы

Circle the correct word for each question ?

Circle the correct word for each question .

Do / are you friendly ?

Usually do / are you a good listener ?

Often do / are you renememder you friends dirthdays ?

Sometimes do / are you on time ?

Never do / are you tell the truth ?

Always do / are you help your friends ?


НикитаUNIK 5 янв. 2021 г., 11:23:25 | 10 - 11 классы

How many seasons are there in a year?

How many seasons are there in a year?

What are they?

Aviragates1 9 янв. 2021 г., 01:47:05 | 5 - 9 классы

Как читать этот стих по русски?

Как читать этот стих по русски?

Как читается этот стих?

I am lucky to have a family They truly mean the world to me It doesnt matter what I do Their love for me is always true My family , my family, They are always there for me We all agree its good to be A happy family Look around and you will see Everyone needs family When you`re sad or feeling blue Your family is there for you.

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