Hi I am Michal Greem?

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Hi I am Michal Greem.

I am from Great Britain Iive in Manchester.

I am eleven and I go to school.

I Iove my parents.

They always help me with my school lessohs.

My father is 38.

His name is Richard.

My mother is 36.

Her name is Sally.

My father ahd I Iike fishing and watching football ahd tennis on TV.

In summer we usually go to the river ahd swim.

I Iike swimmihg very much.

We sometimes skate in winter.

Помогите пожалуйста перевести текст!

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Hidanx5 29 дек. 2017 г., 02:34:43


Я Майкл Грин.

Я из Великобритании, живу в Манчестере.

Мне 11 лет, и я учусь в школе.

Я люблю своих родителей.

Они всегда помогают мне с уроками.

Моему папе 38 лет.

Его зовут Ричард.

Моей маме 36 лет.

Её зовут Салли.

Мы с отцом любим рыбачить и смотреть футбол и теннис по телевизору.

Летом мы обычно ходим купаться на речку.

Я очень люблю купаться.

Зимой мы иногда катаемся на коньках.

Dobryhrada 28 дек. 2017 г., 01:34:33 | 1 - 4 классы

Do you play spors?

Do you play spors?

Yes, l do.

Where do you play spors?

At school.

After school l play games What games do you play?

Computer games ahd football напишите пожалуйста русскими буквами, как читается текст.

Andreii123 31 дек. 2017 г., 00:10:25 | 10 - 11 классы

Задайте разделительные вопросы к следующим предложениям и запишите их : 1?

Задайте разделительные вопросы к следующим предложениям и запишите их : 1.

My Father likes fishing most of all.

2. We must do more exercises to know grammar well.

3. It takes me half an hour to get to the Institute.

4. He was taken to hospital by an ambulance.

5. The teacher was pleased with our work.

6. America was discovered by Columbus.

7. We eat soup with a spoon.

8. One wheel of my car must be changed.

9. I sent a letter to my friend.

10. He bought a book of English poems and gave it to his sister.

11. I will go to the cinema on Sunday.

12. I have seen this film this week.

13. The building of the house will begin early in April.

14. I have not seen my cousin since last February.

15. I discussed this question with my parents yesterday.

Bublik341 28 дек. 2017 г., 06:02:06 | 5 - 9 классы

Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form of the present continuos or the present simple 1)I?

Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form of the present continuos or the present simple 1)I.

(be) on holiday here with my family and we3).

(have) a great time.

Right now, I 4).

(lie)on the beach.

My little brother 5).

(play) on the sand with his toys and my mother 6).

, , , (watch) him.

My dad .

(swim) in the sea.

Juliana13 29 дек. 2017 г., 01:02:10 | 5 - 9 классы

. Меня зовут Лиза ?

. Меня зовут Лиза .

Мне одиннадцать лет.

Я живу в Перми.

У меня большая семья и я очень её люблю.

Я школьница и учусь в пятом классе.

Мой любимый школьный предмет английский.

У меня очень много друзей.

В свободное время я читаю книги , гуляю и помогаю маме на кухне.

У меня есть мой любимый кот по кличке Сёма.

Я обожаю своих друзей и родных My name is Lisa .

I'm eleven years old.

I live in Perm.

I have a big family and I love her very much.

I'm a schoolgirl and study in fifth grade.

My favorite subject in school is English.

I have a lot of friends.

In my spare time I read books , walk and help mom in the kitchen.

I have my favorite cat named Sam.

I love my friends and family.

Проверьте , плииииизззззз , очень надо!

Kazgul0808 29 дек. 2017 г., 22:13:43 | 10 - 11 классы

Перевести слова : usually often always never rarely sometimes?

Перевести слова : usually often always never rarely sometimes.

LinaShkolovaya2014 31 дек. 2017 г., 22:45:21 | 5 - 9 классы

Помогите пожалуйста?

Помогите пожалуйста!

Задание 1.

Write questions for these answers with How long and the present perfect They've been in class for 15 minutes He's known John since he was at primary school Mary has worked in Miami since 2007 Pat and Ray have been married for one year My mother has had a motorbike since last year They've studied Chinese for two years.

Мята21 30 дек. 2017 г., 11:31:20 | 1 - 4 классы



Без переводчика!

Переведите на русский язык.

The children are at the rest in the forest.

It is always very hot in summer in the village.

But forests are good places on hot sunny days.

There is a laks near my uncle's house.

There is a lake in the forest.

We often go to the forest for picnic with my uncle and cousins.

Now we are at the picnic.

We have a very good time in the forest.

We rat ham and cheese.

My cousins like tomato and potatoes.

I love green trees and colored flowers.

My cousins usually play different plays in the forest.

We love the forest and the river in our village.

Пожалуйста переведите, но только без переводчика!

Элла111111 30 дек. 2017 г., 12:45:51 | 5 - 9 классы

Задайте общие вопросы к предложениям ?

Задайте общие вопросы к предложениям .

1. satarday is a perfect day for me.

2. it start at 9 oclock with a big breakfast.

3. then i put on my special uniform and i set off with my best friend, Christina, for the Scout Club!

4. there we meet up with the Scout leader and the rest of the team and we go camping.

5. later we arrive at the forest and put our tents.

6. after that the leader teaches us new things, like how to tie knots and build fires.

7. in the afternoon we play football or go climbing.

8. at 6.

00 oclock we cook dinner on the campfire .

9. when we finish dinner, we go to our tents.

10. we tell stories before we go to sleep!

АлинаСахапова 29 дек. 2017 г., 17:43:04 | 10 - 11 классы

Hi, Liz?

Hi, Liz.

My name is Romy.

I * m from the Red Planet.

I * m seven.

I like my toys.

I * ve got a nice doll.

It is small.

I * ve got a big black - and - white ball.

I like your planet too.

Have you got many toys?

Помогите перевести, учила немецкий, смысл поняла, но надо перевод ребенку в школу).

Лааоеруеоеро 30 дек. 2017 г., 18:42:56 | 1 - 4 классы

Вставтьте правильную форму глагола to be(am?

Вставтьте правильную форму глагола to be(am.

Is. are) + - ?

I. fine.

You .

From England.

He . strong.

My friends .


She .


They .


My mother .


This cat .

Fat. There .

A bed near the window.

Her brothers .


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