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Прочитайте текст и ответьте на вопросы.

A driver who was going in his car at a great speed through the country road saw a man crossing the road and a dog following him.

As the car drew near them the dog suddenly stopped, was hit by the car and killed.

The driver stopped his car and came up to the man.

"I am very sorry for what has happened, " he said.

"Will 50 dollars be enough for the killed dog?

" — "Oh, yes, " said the man, "50 dollars will be quite enough.

" The man put the money in his pocket and when the driver disappeared in the distance, looked at the dog and thought, "I wonder whose dog it was.

" Вопросы : 1.

Did the man feel very unhappy that the dog had been killed?

2. Why was he happy to get 50 dollars?

II. Поставьте вопрос к подчеркнутому члену предложения.

A driver was going in his car at a great speed through the country road.

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Maksandreev20 6 мая 2018 г., 17:04:19

1. No, he didn't seem to be unhappy nor upset.

2. The man was happy to get 50 dollars because the driver gave him this money as a compensation for killing, what he thought was the man's dog, but the dog wasn't his.

II. What was a driver going through in his car at a great speed?

Diana2888 9 дек. 2018 г., 06:50:35 | 1 - 4 классы

Как перевести : The Hungry Little DogThe Hungry Little Dog People thought the dog was mad, but he was not mad, he was just a very special?

Как перевести : The Hungry Little DogThe Hungry Little Dog People thought the dog was mad, but he was not mad, he was just a very special.

Last Updated On : Saturday, April 7, 2007 There was, once upon a time, a little hungry dog.

He had no home, no name, and very often no food.

He would hunt around dustbins, and eat the most surprising things - like plum stones and paper bags, but he never had a pain .

. . for really he was a very special dog.

When people were having meals, he walked around the houses with a hungry look, and the kind people nearly always gave him something to eat.

Sometimes the little dog felt very excited, and for no reason at all he would rush over the fences and knock over everything that came in his way.

People thought the dog was mad, but he was not mad, he was just a very special sort of dog.

One day a gentleman watched these strange goings on with surprise.

Then he, too, jumped in the air and danced for joy - for he had an idea.

"This dog would be just right for the films, " he said.

"He is JUST what I have been looking for.

" As the dog looked hungry, the film director took him to the butchers.

So the little hungry dog was hungry no more.

He had plenty of food, a good home, and his master was the kindest man any dog could have.

The little dog was a born actor and his antics on the screen made everyone clap their hands and laugh until their sides ached.

Of course, he made a lot of money for his master, and more did he have to search in dustbins for his food.

He could choose just what he fancied for dinner, go out when he liked, and stay in bed late in the mornings.

The little black dog was very pleased with himself.



I am not a hungry little dog now - I AM A FILM STAR!


Abdula555 14 мая 2018 г., 06:37:50 | 10 - 11 классы

One day John Smith and his wife Mary found a dog?

One day John Smith and his wife Mary found a dog.

He was a very wild and strange dog.

The dog was weak and hungry, but he did not let them touch him and ate the food they gave him when they went away.

When the dog was strong again, he disappeared.

A few months later, when Smith was in a train, he saw his dog.

The dog was running along the road.

Smith got off the train at the next station, bought a piece of meat, caught the dog, and brought him home again.

There he was tied up for a week.

At the end of the week Smith tied a metal plate to the dog with the words "Please, return to Smith, Ellen, California", and set the dog free.

He disappeared again.

This time he was sent back by the train, was tied up for three days, was set free on the fourth day and disappeared again.

As soon as he received his freedom, he always ran north.

The dog always came back hungry and weak and always ran away trcsh and strong.

At last the dog decided to stay with the Smiths, but a long time passed before they could touch him.

They called the dog 'Wolf'.

One summer day a stranger came to the place where Smith and his wife lived.

As soon as the dog saw him, he ran to the stranger and licked his hands with his tongue.

Then the stranger said :

"His name isn't Wolf.

It's Brown.

He was my dog.


"Oh, " cried Mary, "you are not going to take him away with you?

Leave him here, he is happy.


The stranger then said, "His mother died and I brought him up on condensed milk.

He never knew any mother but me.

Do you think he wants to stay with you?


"I am sure of it.


"Well, " said the stranger.

"He must decide it himself.

I'll say goodbye and go away, if he wants to stay - let him stay.

If he wants to come with me, let him come.

I will not call him to come.


For some time Wolf watched the man.

He waited for him to return.

Then he ran after the man, caught his hand between his teeth and tried to stop him.

The man did not stop.

Then the dog ran back to where Smith and his wife sat.

He tried to drag Smith after the stranger.

The dog wanted to be at the same time with the old master and the new one.

The stranger disappeared.

The dog lay down at the feet, of Smith.

Mary was happy.

A few minutes later the dog got up and ran after the old master.

He never turned his head.

Faster and faster the dog ran along the road and in a few minutes he was gone.

Лиза1301 9 авг. 2018 г., 04:47:51 | 5 - 9 классы

Нужна помощь?

Нужна помощь!

Прочтите текст и вставьте недостающие слова.

An old lady went out shopping last Tuesday.

She came to a bank and saw a car near the door.

A man got out of it and went into the bank.

She looked into the car.

The keys were in the lock.

The old lady took the keys and followed the man into the bank.

The man took a gun out of his pocket and said to the clerk, “Give me all the money!

”But the old lady did not see this.

She went to the man, put the keys in his hand and said, “Young man, you're stupid!

Never leave your keys in your car : someone's going to steal it!

”The man looked at the old woman for a few seconds.

Then he looked at the clerk – and then he took his keys, ran out of the bank, got into his car and drove away quickly, without any money.

[B]C) Opposites .

Put one word in each empty place.

[ / B]


The lady was not .

. . : she was old.

2. The man did not.

. . his keys out of the lock : he left them in it.

3. The man was not.

. . : he was young.

4. He did not want .

. . of the money : he wanted all of it.

5. He was not .

. . : he was stupid.

6. He did not .

. . out of the bank : he ran out of it.

7. He did not drive away .

. . : he drove away quickly.

8. He did not drive away .

. . the money : he drove away without it.

Zhumakhanova95 8 авг. 2018 г., 01:59:48 | 10 - 11 классы

Every day in one of the streets of Vienna you could see a blind man playing the violin?

Every day in one of the streets of Vienna you could see a blind man playing the violin.

His dog sat near him with a cap in his mouth.

People, who were passing them, dropped coins into the cap.

One day, when the weather was very cold, the man was playing for a long time, but nobody wanted to give him anything.

The poor man thought that he would have to go to bed without supper.

He was so tired and so weak that he stopped playing.

At that moment a young man came uр to him and asked him why he stopped playing.

The blind man said he had played for two hours but nobodyr had given him anything.

"Give me your violin.

I shall help you", said the man.

And with these words he began to play.

He played so well that people began to gather and soon there was a big crowd.

Everybody was eager to listen to the fine music and to thank the young man for the pleasure.

Soon the cap was full of money.

"I don't know how to thank you", said the blind man.

"Who are you?

" "I am Paganini", was the answer.

Помогите с переводом.

Leonov73 6 дек. 2018 г., 04:09:38 | 1 - 4 классы

Правильно поставить предложения 1?

Правильно поставить предложения 1.

Many years ago / live / the women / the man / did / where / and / ?

2. did / go / when / the man / hunting / ?

3. why / the wild dog / run / did / the cave / to / ?

Pumasvet 7 мая 2018 г., 02:10:28 | 5 - 9 классы

Составте вопросы по тексту A boy took his dog to the Him of "Alice in Wonderland"?

Составте вопросы по тексту A boy took his dog to the Him of "Alice in Wonderland".

The dog sal in the seal beside the boy.

The usherette1 came past.

She noticed the dog, and started to ask the boy to take the dog out.

Bui then she saw that the animal was very interested in the film.

So she allowed2 the dog to stay.

After the film the usherette spoke to the boy.

441 was very surprised to see that your dog was enjoying the film, " she said.

"So was I, " said the boy.

"He didn't enjoy the book at all.


Annhelp 21 мар. 2018 г., 23:10:11 | 1 - 4 классы

Ответить на вопросы 1?

Ответить на вопросы 1.

Where did the man live.

2. Who had bad manners?

3. What did the man say when he climbed down from the tree?

4. Why did the Rhinoceros take off his skin 5.

How did the man punish the Rhinoceros 6.

Why are there great folds in the Rhinoceros skin now Сам текст Once upon a time on an island in the Red Sea there lived a man.

One day he took flour and water, and carrots, and plums, and sugar and made himself a very big brown cake.

But just as he was going to eat it there came down to the beach Rhinoceros with two piggy eyes and bad manners.

He said, “How!

” and the man left the cake and climbed to the top of a tree.

The Rhinoceros ate the cake and went away.

The man came down from the tree and said, Them that takes cakes Which the man bakes Makes dreadful mistakes.

Five weeks later the weather was very hot and all the animals took off their skins.

The Rhinoceros left his skin on the beach and went into the water.

At that moment the man put cake - crumbs inside the skin and climbed on the top of the tree.

The Rhinoceros came out of the water and put his skin on, and it tickled like cake - crumbs in bed.

He ran to the tree and rubbed, and rubbed himself against it.

And he rubbed his skin into great folds on his neck and over his legs.

And from that day a rhinoceros has great folds in his skin.

Masha9748 28 февр. 2018 г., 00:18:37 | 5 - 9 классы

Допишите вопррсы?

Допишите вопррсы.

. the car red?

. the dogs at home?

. the dog at home?

. the dog swim?

Яяяя111 8 дек. 2018 г., 13:23:15 | 5 - 9 классы

Suddenly a young man came in?

Suddenly a young man came in.

Rosie looked at him and couldn't believe her eyes.

He was the very young man from the mirror.

As their eyes met Rosie understood that she loved the man and her heart was his.

Looking at the man the Queen asked, "You are not a magician, are you?

" перевести быстрее пожалуйста.

Evgeniyakamene 3 мая 2018 г., 05:19:27 | 5 - 9 классы

One day Toad bought a little red and yellow caravan to travel around the word ?

One day Toad bought a little red and yellow caravan to travel around the word .

There was a kitchen, little beds , books games and food in it.

Toad was in love with the caravan .

He took his friend and started in the afternoon.

The weather was fine – warm sun, but not too hot.

Mole was in front with the horse , which pulled the caravan, and the others walked behind the caravan.

Suddenly the saw a car in front of them.

The car went very quickly .

The horse was afraid of the car and and pulled the caravan off the road.

The caravan fell over and was broken .

But Toad wasn’t angry.

He sat on the road and looked happy.

I don’t want to see this caravan again , said Toad .

Caravans are not interesting .

Cars are the most beautiful things in the world.

The friends came home late in the evening and were very tired.

The next day, Toad caught an early train to London.

There he bought a big and very beautiful car !

Toad was a risky driver and he broke a lot of cars .

His friends were angry with him and asked him not to drive cars again .

One day Toad had lunch in a small cafe and saw a black car near the cafe.

Lt was a beautiful new car .

Toad walked around it for a long time.

Then he opened the door and got into the car… Как это перевести на русский.

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