9. The Mock Turtle Alice looked around and saw a big smile in the air?

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9. The Mock Turtle Alice looked around and saw a big smile in the air.

'“Hello, Cheshire Cat, " she said, and the whole cat appeared on the garden wall.

"How are you?

" asked the cat.

"Are you enjoying yourself?

” "It’s not a very good game, " said Alice.

“Everyone is fighting.

" Alice looked around and saw the Queen behind her.

"What is this?

” asked the Queen.

"It’s the Cheshire Cat.

" said Alice.

“I don’t want it here!

” shouted the Queen.

"It’s the Duchess’s cat.

Ask her to take it away, " said Alice.

One of the soldiers went to get the Duchess, but the cat started to disappear again.

When the Duchess arrived, it was gone.

"I'm so happy to see you again!

" said the Duchess.

She took Alice’s arm and they walked around the garden.

The Duchess was very ugly, and she held * Alice very tight.

Alice was glad when the Queen called her.

"You must meet the Mock Turtle!

” shouted the Queen.

They walked to another part of the garden, where a Gryphon was asleep in the sun.

"Get up, you lazy thing!

” shouted the Queen.

"Take Alice to see the Mock Turtle!

” The Queen went back to the croquet game and the Gryphon sat up slowly.

"Come on, " it said to Alice.

They walked for a few minutes, and then Alice saw the Mock Turtle.

He was on a rock and he looked very unhappy.

"Why is he so sad?

” asked Alice.

"Oh, he’s not sad, ” said the Gryphon.

"He just thinks he’s sad.

” They looked at the Mock Turtle.

He looked back at them with tears in his eyes.

"This is Alice, ” said the Gryphon.

"She wants to hear your story.

” They sat down next to the Mock Turtle and waited for him to speak.

“Once, " said the Mock Turtle at last, with a deep sigh.

"I went to a school under the sea.

Our teacher was an old Turtle.

We called him Tortoise.

” “Why did you call him Tortoise?

" asked Alice.

"Because he fought * us!

” said the Mock Turtle.

"What a silly question!

We had lessons every day, and we played games, too .

" The Mock Turtle talked and talked.

Alice didn’t understand much of his story, but she listened politely.

Then the Mock Turtle started to sing a song.

Alice and the Gryphon danced.

Suddenly, they heard a shout from far away.

“The trial is starting!

" "Come on!

” said the Gryphon.

He took Alice’s hand and they ran.

“What trial is it?

" asked Alice.

But the Gryphon didn’t answer.

They ran faster and faster, and Alice could still hear the Mock Turtle's song behind them.

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Kamila2005 30 мар. 2018 г., 07:34:00

Черепаха Квази.

Алиса оглянулась и увидела улыбку в воздухе.

- Привет, Чеширский кот, - сказала она, и весь кот появился на стене сада.

"Как поживаете?

" - спросил кот.

"Тебе это нравится?

”"Это не очень хорошая игра, - сказала Алиса.

"Все сражаются.

"Алиса оглянулась и увидела Королеву позади себя.

"Что это такое?

” спросила Королева.

"Это Чеширский Кот.

- сказала Алиса.

"Я не хочу, чтобы это было здесь!

" - закричала Королева.

"Это кот герцогини.

Попросите ее забрать его", - сказала Алиса.

Один из солдат отправился за герцогиней, но кот снова начал исчезать.

Когда Герцогиня приехала, его уже не было.

"Я так рада снова тебя видеть!

- сказала герцогиня.

Она взяла Алису за руку, и они обошли сад.

Герцогиня была очень уродливой, и она держала Алису очень крепко.

Алиса была рада, когда Королева позвала ее.

"Вы должны встретиться с черепахой!

" - закричала Королева.

Они шли к другой части сада, где Грифон спал на солнце.

"Вставай, ленивая тварь!

" - закричала Королева.

"Возьми Алис посмотреть на черепаху Квази!

”Королева вернулась к игре в крокет, и Грифон медленно сел.

- Ну же, - сказала он Алисе.

Они шли несколько минут, а потом Алиса увидела черепаху.

Она была на камне и выглядела очень несчастной.

"Почему она такая грустная?

” спросила Алиса.

- О, она не грустит, - сказал Грифон.

"Она просто думает, что ей грустно.

”Они посмотрели на черепаху.

Она смотрела на них со слезами на глазах.

- Это Алиса, - сказал Грифон.

"Она хочет услышать твою историю.

”Они сели рядом с черепахой и ждали, пока черепаха заговорит.

- Однажды, - сказала, наконец, Черепаха Квази с глубоким вздохом, "Я ходила в школу под водой.

Наш учитель был старой черепахой.

Мы называли его черепахой.

”"Почему вы назвали его черепахой?

"спросила Алиса.

"Потому что он сражался с нами!

” сказала черепаха.

"Какой глупый вопрос!

У нас были уроки каждый день, и мы так же играли в игры .

"Черепаха говорила и говорила.

Алиса не очень понимала её историю, но вежливо слушала.

Потом черепаха начала петь песню.

Алиса и Грифон танцевали.

Внезапно они услышали крик издалека.

“Суд начинается!


” сказал Грифон.

Он взял Алису за руку и они побежали.

"Что это за суд?

"спросила Алиса.

Но Грифон не ответил.

Они бежали все быстрее и быстрее, и Алиса все еще могла услышать песню черепахи - Квази позади них.

NikolaKola 2 сент. 2018 г., 21:56:50 | 5 - 9 классы

Даю 100 баллов?

Даю 100 баллов!

You are going to read the story "The Game of Croquet".

Eight sentences have been removed from the story.

Choose from the sentences A — I the one which fits each gap 1 —8.

There is one extra sentence which you do not need to use.

Вы прочитаете рассказ "Игра в крокет".

Восемь предложений убраны из рассказа.

Выберите из пред¬ложений А — I то предложение, которое подходит каждому пропуску 1 — 8.

Есть одно лишнее предложе¬ние, которое вам не надо использовать.

Занесите от¬веты в таблицу.

A. Three playing cards were painting some roses.

B. "It's the Cheshire cat, " she said.

C. It was a very strange croquet ground.

D. Alice was afraid.

E. A very fat Queen of Hearts arrived.

F. All the soldiers were playing cards.

G. It looked like a cat's head.

H. "In March, " the Hatter answered.

I. The Hatter arrived with a cup of tea.

The Game of Croquet There were a lot of animals and people in the castle garden.

And a lot of soldiers.

(1) _____ They were all very busy preparing for the game.

(2) _____ "What are you doing?

" asked Alice.

"The Queen told us to plant red roses, " said one of the playing cards.

"But one is white, so we are painting it red.

" "The Queen, the Queen!

" shouted a playing card.

(3) _____ "Who are these people?

" the Queen asked Alice.

"I have no idea, " answered Alice.

"Off with her head!

" shouted the Queen.

"Don't be silly, " said Alice.

"Can you play croquet?

" the Queen asked Alice.

"Yes, of course, " she said.

(4) _____ The balls were hedgehogs, the mallets were flamingoes and the Queen's soldiers were the arches!

Everybody played at the same time.

The Queen shouted "Off with his head!

" all the time.

It was chaotic!

Alice saw a mouth, then a nose, then whiskers.

(5) _____ "Who are you talking to?

" asked the King.

"A friend of mine, " said Alice.

"I don't like him, " said the King.

"Off with his head!

" "How can you take his head off when he hasn't got a body?

" laughed Alice.

"Where are my tarts?

" said the Queen.

"The Knave ate them, " said the White rabbit.

"The Hatter saw him.

" "Bring the Hatter!

" ordered the King.

(6) _____ "Excuse me, I was having my tea, " said the Hatter.

"When did you start tea?

" asked the King.

(7) _____ "Off with his head!

" said the Queen.


" shouted Alice.

"You are only playing cards, you can't.

" "Off with her head!

" shouted the Queen.

The playing card soldiers walked towards Alice.

She started to run.

Everybody was saying, "OFF WITH HER HEAD, OFF WITH HER HEAD!

" (8) _____ "No, no!

" she shouted.

"Wake up, Alice, " said her sister.

"It's time to go home.

" 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8.

Gerewere 25 мая 2018 г., 03:05:28 | 5 - 9 классы

Помогите пожалуйсто Work in pairs?

Помогите пожалуйсто Work in pairs.

Complete the questions with the words.

Then ask your classmate to answer them.

Use : What where why 1 .

Did alice decide to go to the park that day?

2. were the children doing in the park?

3. did alice decide to sit down?

4. did she find a nice bench?

5. was there between alice and the old man?

6. was alice surpriset?

7. did she find in her bag when she came home?

Вот текст One Sunday morning it was fine and warm so Alice decided to spend the day outdoors.

She went out of the houses, bought a paket of crisps, turned to the right, psseed a newly painted houses and went into the park.

Alice walked slowly and looked at the playing children and their smiling mothers, at the flying kites and the colourful balls.

The chatting teenagers were very noisy.

And Alice turned to the left.

There was nothing there but singing birds and running squirrels in the trees.

Soon she was tired and decided to sit on a bench and read her book in peace.

She found a bench under a big green tree.

An old man was sitting there.

He was reading a newspaper.

Alice sat dowb on the chosen dench, took out her book and began to read.

There was a packet of crisps on the bench between her and the old man.

Alice tooc some of theb from the opened packet and the old man took some too.

Alice was surprised.

She looked at the strange man but he was calm.

Alice didn't say anything and started reading again.

Every time Alice took some crisps from the packet, the old man took some crisps too.

Soon there were only a few crisps leftvin the packet.

The girl looked at the strange old man.

Ne took the last two uneaten crisps and gave one to Alice.

The girl was surprised.

She put the unfinished book into ger bag and left as fast as possible.

She came home and took the book out of her bag.

And suddenly she saw her unopened packet of crisps in the bag.

Поможите даю 50 баллов.

XyPMa22 17 сент. 2018 г., 06:37:23 | 1 - 4 классы

One hare met at the river turtle and said, - Let us flee to race ?

One hare met at the river turtle and said, - Let us flee to race !

Assign the award to the winner - the most mature fruit basket .

We put the basket on the far hill.

Who will come running the first one and eat the fruit .

Turtle thought and agreed.

They filled the basket fruit, put it on top of a hill , and themselves returned to the river.

- Run!

- Said the hare , and roared with laughter.

He knew that running a lot faster than a tortoise.

And the turtle knew that she did not keep up with the hare .

But she hurried as I could to the far hill.

A rabbit was rolling with laughter in the grass and could not catch my breath .

Finally, when the hare came to, he saw that the turtle is already climbing up the far hill.

Raced after her with all haste .

Yes, but too late.

When the hare reached the top of the hill , the turtle is juicy fruit is eaten .

Why did it happen ?

Turtle went to the goal without stopping.

A rabbit lying in the grass and bragging .

But the braggart and quick feet are not in store как читается на русском языке.

Аленахвощевская11111 3 авг. 2018 г., 01:49:45 | 5 - 9 классы

Alice looked around and saw a Cheshire cat in a tree, with a big smile on her face?

Alice looked around and saw a Cheshire cat in a tree, with a big smile on her face.

“Sorry, ” she said, “can you tell me which way to go?

” “Where do you want to get?

- said the cat.

“I don't know, ' said Alice.

“Where am I going?

” “Hatter lives there, said the cat.

He pointed in one direction.

“And the March Hare lives there.

” He pointed to the other side.

“You can visit any of them.

They're both crazy.

” “I don't want to visit mad people, said Alice.

“Well, I'm sorry, 'said the cat, ' but we're all mad here!

I'm angry.

You are mad.


” The cat slowly disappeared, starting from the tail, while Alice could only see his smile.

“I'm going to visit the March Hare said to Alice, and she walked through the woods until she came to the house of the March hare.

When she saw the house, Alice knew * she was in the right place.

There was fur on the roof, and the chimneys looked like long ears.

There was a long table under a tree in March hare in the garden.

The Hatter and the March Hare were on the table.

There was a Dormouse between them.

He was fast asleep.

Alice sat in one of the armchairs.


Said the March Hare.

"There is lemonade!

” Alice looked down at the table.

There was no lemonade.

There was only tea.

“I don't see any lemonade, ' she said.


Гений64 23 янв. 2018 г., 16:17:00 | 1 - 4 классы

2. The Tiny Door Alice looked around again and saw a glass table with a tiny gold key on it?

2. The Tiny Door Alice looked around again and saw a glass table with a tiny gold key on it.

The key was too small for any of the doors.

Then Alice noticed a tiny door behind a curtain.

She tried the key in the lock and the door opened.

Outside the door was a beautiful garden.

Alice wanted to go outside, but she was too big to go through the little door.

She closed the little door and went back to the table.

Now there was a bottle on it.

A label on the bottle said “DRINK ME!

” Alice looked carefully at the bottle, then she tried the drink.

It was delicious!

It tasted like all her favourite foods at the same time, so she drank * it all.

"I feel very strange, " said Alice.

She looked up and saw that the table was high above her.

“I’m small!

" she said.

“Now I can go into the garden!

” But the key to the little door was on the table.

Alice could * see it, but she couldn't reach it.

“Oh no!

” said Alice.

Just then, she saw a little glass box on the floor.

Inside, there was a tiny cake with the words "EAT ME!

" on it.

Alice ate * the cake.

"Oh! " she said.

"Now I’m growing!

” Alice grew * until her head hit * the ceiling.

She took the gold key and opened the tiny door.

But now, of course, she was too tall to go through the door.

She sat on the floor and cried * .

Koluan030478 24 февр. 2018 г., 16:53:21 | 1 - 4 классы

7. The Mad Tea Party Alice looked around and saw the Cheshire Cat in a tree, with a big smile on its face?

7. The Mad Tea Party Alice looked around and saw the Cheshire Cat in a tree, with a big smile on its face.

“Excuse me, ” she said, “can you tell me which way to go?

" “Where do you want to get to?

" asked the cat.

“I don't know, ” said Alice.

“Where can I go?

” “A Hatter lives over there, ” said the cat.

He pointed one way.

“And a March Hare lives over there.

" He pointed the other way.

“You can visit either of them.

They’re both mad.

" “I don’t want to visit mad people, " said Alice.

“Well, I’m sorry, ” said the cat, "but we’re all mad here!

I’m mad.

You’re mad.


" The cat slowly disappeared, starting with its tail, until Alice could only see its smile.

“I’m going to visit the March Hare, ” Alice said, and she walked through the wood until she came to the March Hare’s house.

When she saw the house, Alice knew * she was in the right place.

There was fur on the roof, and the chimneys looked like long ears.

There was a long table under a tree in the March Hare's garden.

The Hatter and the March Hare were at the table.

There was a Dormouse between them.

It was fast asleep.

Alice sat in one of the chairs.


" said the March Hare.

“Have some lemonade!

” Alice looked at the table.

There wasn’t any lemonade.

There was only tea.

“I can’t see any lemonade, " she said.

“There isn’t any, ” said the March Hare.

"Then it was rude to offer it to me, " said Alice.

"It was rude to sit down at my table, ” said the March Hare.

“I didn't invite you.

” “There are plenty of chairs.

" said Alice.

Nobody spoke * for a few minutes.

Then the Hatter asked, "What day of the month is it?

” “It's the fourth, ” said Alice.

The Hatter looked at his watch.

“Two days wrong, " he said to the March Hare.

“I told you not to put butter in the watch.

” “It was very good butter, " said the March Hare.

Alice looked at the watch.

“How funny!

” she said.

“It tells the day of the month, but it doesn't tell the time.

” "Of course not!

” said the Hatter.

“Does your watch tell you what year it is?

" “No, ” said Alice, "because the year stays the same for a long time.

” “Exactly!

” said the Hatter.

“Now, I want a clean cup!

Let’s all move round the table!

” They all moved to the next seat.

Now Alice had a dirty cup in front of her.

"I don’t think she said.

"Then don’t talk!

" said the Hatter.

Alice was so angry that she walked away from the table.

“What a stupid tea party!

" she said.

Ruzikkizurruzik 1 мар. 2018 г., 12:51:34 | 1 - 4 классы

5. Alice Grows Again Suddenly, Alice heard footsteps?

5. Alice Grows Again Suddenly, Alice heard footsteps.

She looked up and saw the rabbit again.

He was very worried.

"Oh dear!

Where are they?

” he said.

“The Duchess is going to be very angry!

Where did I drop them?

” “He’s looking for his fan and gloves, ” thought Alice.

She looked for them, too, but they were back in the room with the glass table, and she didn’t know where that was any more.

Just then, the rabbit saw Alice.

"Mary Ann!

” he shouted.

“Why are you here?

Go home right now and find me a pair of gloves and a fan!

” "He thinks I’m his maid!

” thought Alice, but she was too scared to say anything.

She ran away and soon saw a little house, with the name “W.

RABBIT” on the door.

She went inside and ran upstairs.

In the tiny bedroom, she saw a table with a fan and some white gloves on it.

There was also a little bottle.

Alice picked it up.

“I'm tired of being so small, ” she thought.

“I wonder what this dnnk does.

” Alice drank the drink.

“Oh! I’m growing again!

” said Alice, as her head hit the ceiling.

But this time, she grew even bigger.

She sat on the floor, with one arm out of the window and one foot up the chimney.

She was very unhappy.

"How can I get out of here now?

” she thought.

Just then, Alice heard the rabbit.

"Mary Ann!

" he shouted.

“Where are my gloves and fan?

" The rabbit ran up the stairs and tried to open the bedroom door.


” said the rabbit.

"There’s something inside.

Never mind.

I can go through the window.

" The rabbit ran outside again and looked up at the bedroom window.



" he shouted.

“What is that in the bedroom window?

” “It’s an arm, sir!

” said another voice.

“Well, take it out of my window!

” shouted the rabbit.

Pat the guinea pig tried to get through the window, but Alice moved her arm and he fell down again.

Then Bill the lizard tried to get down the chimney, but Alice moved her leg and he flew out again.

Next, Pat and Bill threw - stones at Alice through the window.

When the stones landed on the floor, they changed into little cakes.

Alice ate one of the cakes, and started to get smaller.


” she said.

“I’m just the right size!

” She put some cakes in her pocket and went downstairs.

She ran out of the house, across the garden and into a wood.

Шарлотта343 11 апр. 2018 г., 16:04:20 | 1 - 4 классы

10. The Trial The Gryphon took Alice to a large courtroom?

10. The Trial The Gryphon took Alice to a large courtroom.

The King and Queen were there, with a crowd of people around them.

The White Rabbit was next to the King.

He had a trumpet in one hand, and some paper in the other.

There was a table in the middle of the courtroom, with a large plate of tarts on it.

"They look delicious, " thought Alice.

The King was the judge, and the jury were animals and birds.

Alice saw Bill and Pat, the Mouse, the Duck and the Dodo in the jury box.

Suddenly the White Rabbit shouted, "Silence in court!

” He blew * on his trumpet and read * from his paper.

"The Queen of Hearts, she made some tarts, All on a summer day.

The Knave of Hearts, he stole’ the tarts, And took them faraway!

" Then he shouted, "I call the first witness!

” The first witness was the Hatter.

He had a cup in one hand and a piece of bread and butter in the other.

“I'm sorry, ” he said, “but I'm still having my tea.

” “Still?

” asked the King.

“When did you start?

” “On the fourteenth of March, ” said the Hatter.

“Cut off his head!

” shouted the Queen.

“Can I finish my tea first?

” asked the Mad Hatter.

“Oh, just go away, ” said the King.

"Call the next witness!

” Just then, Alice looked down.

“Oh no!

" she said.

“I’m growing again!

” Alice wanted to leave the courtroom, but she couldn’t move.

“The next witness is.


" shouted the White Rabbit.

Alice stood up.

“Now, " said the King, “what do you know about these tarts?

" "Nothing!

” said Alice.

“There is a rule, ” said the King.

“All people more than a mile high must leave the courtroom.

’’ “I’m not a mile high!

” said Alice.

“Yes, you are, ' said the King.

“Nearly two miles, ” said the Queen.

“Well, I don’t want to go, ” said Alice.

“Cut off her head!

" shouted the Queen.

“I don’t care!

” said Alice.

“You’re just a pack of cards!

" The whole pack of cards flew up into the air and flew at Alice’s face.

She gave a little scream and tried to push them away.

Suddenly she was by the river, next to her sister.

There were dead leaves on her face.

"Oh, are you awake now, Alice?

" asked her sister.

"What a long sleep!

” "Oh!

” said Alice.

“I had such a strange dream!

" She told her sister about all the funny things she saw and all the unusual people she met * in her dream.

"That WAS a strange and wonderful dream!

” said her sister.

“But now it's time for tea .


Karen28022009 6 сент. 2018 г., 19:37:00 | 1 - 4 классы

6. The Duchess and the Pig She walked through the wood and soon she came to another little house?

6. The Duchess and the Pig She walked through the wood and soon she came to another little house.

“I wonder who lives here, ” Alice thought.

Someone in a sort of uniform ran out of the wood and knocked at the door.

He looked like a fish and had a big letter in his hand.

A frog man opened the door.

He had another sort of uniform.

The fish - man gave * the frog - man the huge letter.

"This is for the Duchess, ” he said.

“It's an invitation from the Queen to play croquet.

” Then the fish - man walked away, and the frog - man sat on the front steps.

Alice went up to the door and knocked.

"Why are you knocking?

” asked the frog - man.

“I can't let you in, because I’m outside.

Anyway, no - one can hear you knocking.

" He was right.

There was a terrible noise coming from inside the house.

Alice heard screams, sneezes, and loud crashes.

"Well, how can I get in?

" asked Alice.

“Why don’t you open the door?

” asked the frog - man.

Alice opened the door and went into the house.

She was in a large kitchen.

In the middle of the kitchen was the Duchess, with a noisy baby.

There was a cook near the fire with a huge pot of soup.

The air was full of pepper.

Alice sneezed.

There was a large cat near the fire.

It smiled at Alice.

"Why is your cat smiling?

” Alice asked the Duchess.

The Duchess sneezed.

"It’s a Cheshire Cat, ” she said.

Then she shouted "Pig!

” "Excuse me?

” said Alice.

“I'm talking to the baby, ” said the Duchess.

“Well, that’s not a nice thing to say!

” said Alice.

"Mind your own business!

" shouted the Duchess.


Cut off her head!

” Alice was scared, but the cook didn’t listen to the Duchess.


Take the baby!

" said the Duchess, and she gave the baby to Alice.

“I must get ready for croquet with the Queen!

" The Duchess went to get ready for croquet, and Alice took the baby outside.

"That’s not a good place for a baby to live, " she said.

She looked at the baby.

It looked like a little pig.

It made a noise like a pig, too.

"You ARE a pig!

” said Alice to the baby.

She put it on the ground and it walked away into the wood.

"Where am I now?

” thought Alice.

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Переведите пожалуйста, заранее спасибо 3?

Переведите пожалуйста, заранее спасибо 3.

The Pool of Tears.

Alice cried and cried, and her tears made a deep pool around her.

After a few minutes, she heard footsteps, and saw the white rabbit.

He had a fan and a pair of white gloves.

He looked worried, and he did not see Alice.

"Oh, the Duchess is going to be angry!

I'm so late!

" said the rabbit.

"Excuse me —” said Alice.

The rabbit turned round and saw Alice.

He screamed, dropped the fan and the gloves, and ran away.

Alice picked up the fan and the gloves, and said, "Oh dear!

Everything is so strange today!

" Suddenly, she saw that she was quite small again.

“The fan is making me small!

” she said and dropped it on the floor.

"Now I can go through the door!

” She ran to the door, but it was shut, and the key was on the table again.

Alice tried to climb up the table, but she fell and landed in a pool of water.

“What's this?

” said Alice.

“Am I in the sea?

" But it wasn’t the sea.

“It’s the tears I cried when I was big!

" said Alice.

“Oh. why did I cry so much?

" Just then, Alice saw that she was not alone in the pool.

There was a mouse, a duck, a dodo, a young eagle, and many other strange creatures.

Alice and the animals started to swim, and they soon got * to the shore of the pool of tears.

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