There has been a bomb explosion in the city centre?

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There has been a bomb explosion in the city centre.

The TV reporter is asking people about it.

What did the people see or hear?

Man : the bomb was exploding.

I heard it.

It was a shock.

He heard the bomb exploding.

Woman : A man was lying in the road.

I saw him.

He was just lying there.

She saw a man lying in the road.

• Woman : The building was shaking.

I felt it.

I couldn’t believe it.

• Man : People were shouting.

I heard them.

There was panic.

• Girl : An alarm was ringing.

I could hear it.

It went on and on.

• Boys : The police was arriving.

We saw them.

They were over there.

• Man : I saw a woman.

She was crying.

She was in a terrible state.

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NastiaKras 2 апр. 2018 г., 03:30:40

Там был взрыв бомбы в центре города.

Тележурналист спрашивает людей об этом.

Что люди видят или слышат?

Человек : бомба взрывается.

Я слышал он.

Это был шок.

Он услышал, как взорвалась бомба.

Женщина : мужчина лежал на дороге.

Я видел его.

Он просто лежал там.

Она увидела человека, лежащего на дороге.

• Женщина : здание трясло.

Я чувствовал это.

Я не мог в это поверить.

• Мужчина : люди кричали.

Я слышал их.

Там была паника.

• Девушка : будильник звонил.

Я мог слышать его.

Это продолжалось и продолжалось.

• Мальчики : полиция должна была приехать.

Мы увидели их.

Они были вон там.

• Мужчина : я увидел женщину.

Она плакала.

Она была в ужасном состоянии.

Vkkid12 22 авг. 2018 г., 14:50:04 | 10 - 11 классы

Помогите сделать вопросы к тексту ?

Помогите сделать вопросы к тексту !

Once there lived a man who was very fond of gold.

He used to say, "While I have my gold, I am the happiest man in the world.

" And so all his life he saved money.

One day he was travelling in the desert of North Africa.

He lost his way.

He had no food or water.

He was almost dying of hunger.

He was so weak that he could not walk, he could only crawl.

The heat was terrible.

There were only stones and sand around.

Just then he saw a bag lying on the sand.

He hoped that he would find food in it and water, too.

He crawled up to the bag and opened it.

He saw that the bag was full of gold.

What is the use of gold to a hungry man in a desert?

He left the bag on the hot sand, crying bitterly, "I am the most unhappy man in the world.


Asanbegimai 21 мая 2018 г., 21:40:52 | 1 - 4 классы







⇒Задайте 5 общих и 5 специальных вопросов, к ЛЮБЫМ предложениям из текста.

Mary and Three Bears.

Long ago there was a little girl.

Her name was Mary.

She lived near the forest.

Once she went to the forest to pick flowers.

In the forest she saw a pretty house.

She came in.

In the house there were three chairs and a table .

One chair was little.

Mary sat in the little chair, she liked it very much.

On the table there were three plates.

One plate was little.

She ate porrige from the little plate and drank somefresh milk.

The porrige was tasty.

Then she went to the bedroom.

There were three beds there.

One bed was litlle.

She sleptin the litlle bed.

It was nice.

Soon the bears came home.

They said, "Who ate our porrige and drank our milk?

" Mary woke up.

She saw the angrt bears and ran away.

Princess678 13 июн. 2018 г., 08:06:40 | 10 - 11 классы

Пере фразируйте следующие предложения, употребляя сложное дополнение с причастем?

Пере фразируйте следующие предложения, употребляя сложное дополнение с причастем.

E. g.

He was reading in the garden.

She saw him.

She saw him reading in the garden.

1. We noticed a man.

The man was cleaning his shoes.

2. He saw two girls.

They were dancing on the stage.

3. She watched the children.

They were running and playing in the garden.

4. I saw her.

She was arranging her hair.

5. We saw our neighbor.

He was listening to the latest news on the radio.

6. The cat was rubbing itself on my leg.

I felt it.

7. We noticed a group of people.

They were digging potatoes in the field.

8. Didn't you see her?

She was smiling at you.

9. The girl was singing.

I heard her.

10. They were talking about computers.

He heard them.

11. You were walking along the street yesterday.

I saw you.

Shohida85 3 авг. 2018 г., 17:50:25 | 1 - 4 классы

Tiny and his friends was или were in the mountains last winter Was или were you at home last night?

Tiny and his friends was или were in the mountains last winter Was или were you at home last night?

- Yes , I was или were The house was или were old but nice She was или were in the city There was или were some letters on the table.

Diank34 20 июл. 2018 г., 11:17:46 | 5 - 9 классы

Помогите дополнить словами ( red, dark, ghost?

Помогите дополнить словами ( red, dark, ghost.

Suddenly, mouth, man, reading, horrible, fangs, screamed, strange, wolf, sharp).

Текст : It was a ____ stormy night.

The lightening was so bright and the thunder was so loud that I could not sleep.

I was ______ when I heard a ____ noise.

I waited but nothing happened.

The thunder was shaking the house, when suddenly the window opened.

I saw a real ____ there.

It was ____!

It had the head of a _____ and the body of a ____.

Its _____ was ______ and its _____ were _____.

I ran into the living room and hid behind the sofa.

The creature came into the room and said in a creepy voice : " Lucy, you can run but you cant hide".

I______ and closed my eyes.

When I opened them, nobody was there.

What was it?

Vladislavanoshi 17 авг. 2018 г., 12:49:29 | 1 - 4 классы

Переведите are there any ghosts here ?

Переведите are there any ghosts here ?

Oh ! yes !

A couple of years ago l saw the ghost of Anne Boleyn .

Did you really ?

Tell us about it !

It was 6 o'clock and it was getting dark .

Suddenly , i saw a strange light .

There was a woman at the top of the steps .

It was probably a visitor .

No it wasn't a visitor .

She was wearig a long , grey dress and her face was very pale.

She was crying .

Where were you ?

I was standing at the bottom of the steps .

I was locking the door of the White Tower , but i dropped my keys !

Perhars you were dreaming .

No i was not dreaming .

It was real , , i am sure of thet '' but how can you be sure it was a ghost ?

Because she came down the steps and then she walked through the wall and disappeared !

Переведите пожалуйста срочно.

89634000338 16 июл. 2018 г., 10:47:32 | 1 - 4 классы

Помогите пожалуйста ?

Помогите пожалуйста .

Сделать предложения вопросительным.

Make up qustions.

A) His father was a fisherman.

B)He saw on old man lying on the side of the road.

C)The old man thanked the boy.

D)He was ashamed to admit his fathers profession.

E)The old man recovered from his illness.

F)He left all his money to mustafa.

Заранее спасибо).

Карина20062 18 нояб. 2018 г., 21:56:20 | 5 - 9 классы

В Write the questions for the answers?

В Write the questions for the answers.

1. . when she heard a strange noise?

2. . when she heard it again?

3. What?

4. . when she looked into the room?

5. . when Mrs Larkin saw him?

6. . .

When the robber ran out of the house?

A) Mrs Larkin was making tea.

B) Mrs Larkin was in the garden.

C) The name of her neighbours is the MacWizards.

D) She saw the robber, е) The robber was looking for something, f) She was standing next to The window.

Valera32m 3 окт. 2018 г., 23:32:05 | 10 - 11 классы

Выберите правильный?

Выберите правильный.

He (lay) ____ on the road when they found him.

Was laying lied lyed was lying.

Lera56oren 14 мая 2018 г., 14:18:59 | 1 - 4 классы

Как читается по англиский стих there was old man from peru who dreamt he was eating his shoe he awoke in the night in a terrible fright and found it was perfectly true?

Как читается по англиский стих there was old man from peru who dreamt he was eating his shoe he awoke in the night in a terrible fright and found it was perfectly true.

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