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Нужен хороший перевод!

THE TIME MACHINE Part I One evening a prominent scientist, the author calls him Time Traveller, showed his friends a small model of a machine which he called the Time Machine.

He said that he was going to send that model into the future.

Time Traveller said the big Time Machine was almost ready and that in a week's time he was going to travel into the future himself.

The next Thursday, which was the day when they usually gathered in the scientist's house, his friends came again, but they did not find the scientist at home.

There was a note asking them to start dinner without him.

In the middle of the dinner the door of the dining - room opened, and the Time Traveller came in.

He looked very tired.

He explained to his friends that he had just returned from the remote future and told them the following story.

The Time Machine was ready at ten o'clock this morning.

I sat down in the saddle.

I took the starting lever in one hand and the stopping lever in the other.

Then I pressed the starting lever.

I felt as if I were falling.

Almost immediately I pressed the stopping lever.

Looking round I saw the laboratory exactly as before.

Had anything happened?

Then I noticed the clock.

Before I started, it had shown ten o'clock.

Now it was nearly half past three.

Ответы на вопросы : 1.

What is the name of the scientist?

2. What did Time Traveller show to his friends?

3. What did he explain to his friends, when he came into the dining - room in the middle of the dinner?

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Рларсhudddy 7 янв. 2020 г., 4:42:36

МАШИНА ВРЕМЕНИ Часть IОднажды вечером выдающийся ученый (автор называет его Путешественником во времени) показал своим друзьям небольшую модель машины, которую он назвал машиной времени.

Он сказал, что собирается отправить эту модель в будущее.

Путешественник во времени сказал, что большая Машина времени была почти готова и что через неделю он сам отправится в будущее.

В следующий четверг, когда они обычно собирались в доме ученого, его друзья снова пришли, но не нашли ученого дома.

Там была записка с просьбой начать ужин без него.

В середине обеда дверь столовой открылась, и вошел Путешественник во времени.

Он выглядел очень уставшим.

Он объяснил своим друзьям, что только что вернулся из далекого будущего, и рассказал им следующую историю : «Машина времени была готова в десять часов утра.

Я сел в седло.

Я взял пусковой рычаг в одну руку и стопорный рычаг в другую.

Затем я нажал на пусковой рычаг.

Мне показалось, что я падаю.

Почти сразу я нажал на стопорный рычаг.

Оглядевшись, я увидел лабораторию точно такой же, как и раньше.

Произошло ли что - нибудь?

Затем я заметил часы.

До начала (моего эксперимента) они показывали десять часов.

Сейчас была почти половина четвертого.

Ответы на вопросы : 1 The name of the scientist was Time Traveller.

2 Time Traveller showed his friends a small model of the Time Machine.

3 He explained to his friends that he had just returned from the remote future.

Lizavetaplyukhina 12 июн. 2020 г., 7:55:46 | 5 - 9 классы

Перевести предложения из прямой речи в косвенную в данном тексте (с целью дальнейшего пересказа) : He missed his dinner but enjoyed his supper Supper was already over when a guest unexpectedly arrived?

Перевести предложения из прямой речи в косвенную в данном тексте (с целью дальнейшего пересказа) : He missed his dinner but enjoyed his supper Supper was already over when a guest unexpectedly arrived.

- Would you care for some macaroni and a piece of an apple pie?

- mother asked.

- Thanks, it comes just at the moment, I missed my dinner being on the way and am rather hungry, - the guest answered.

Mother put another plate on the table for him and brought a dish of nicely browned macaroni from kitchen.

- Keep our friend company, Jackie, while I heat the apple pie and coffee, - she said.

Jackie ran out of the room for a minute and returned with a neatly cut piece of cheese on a plate.

- There's a good boy, - the guest said having finished the macaroni and the cheese.

- A clever boy always knows what may be found in the frig.

That didn't come from the frig, - Jackie answered triumphantly, - it came from the mouse trap.

И еще : .

But at the moment the man said to the porter : "Did you see those two boys get on the train and leave me behind?

" "Yes, I saw them", answered porter "They came to see me off" , explained the man to the porter.

И качественный перевод данного текста "человеческим языком" : THEY CAME TO SEE ME OFF The porter saw three men who arrived at the railway station at about half past nine in the evening.

One of them came up to the porter and wondered at what time the next train was to start for London.

The porter told the man that the trains for London went every hour.

The three men decided to go and have a drink.

They came to the refreshment room and ordered three drinks.

A minute or two after ten o'clock they approached the porter and asked him if the 10 o'clock train had gone.

The answer was affirmative.

Besides the porter added that the next train was due to start at 11 sharp.

The three men returned to the refreshment room for another drink.

They missed the 11 o'clock train in the same way.

The porter had to warn them that the next train was the last.

If they missed it they would have to spend the night at the railway station.

Twelve o'clock carne and the bat train was just starting out when the three men came out of the refreshment room, running as hard as they could.

Two of them managed to get into the carriage just when the train was starting off.

The third man could not run so fast and the train went on leaving him behind.

The man stood at the platform watching the train disappear in the distance.

The porter who saw all that was very sorry for the man.

When he came up to the man, he saw him laughing.

The porter could not understand why the man was laughing.

Pie wanted to ask him a question, but at that moment the man said to the porter : "Did you see those two boys get on the train and leave me behind?

" "Yes, I saw them", answered the porter.

"They came to see me off (Они пришли проводить меня)", explained the man to the porter.

Tengizova 12 янв. 2020 г., 18:05:03 | 5 - 9 классы

24. 1 Say which paragraph(s) give(s) information about : 1 the time, the place and the people in the story 2 the events one after the other 3 what happened in the end and how the people felt?

24. 1 Say which paragraph(s) give(s) information about : 1 the time, the place and the people in the story 2 the events one after the other 3 what happened in the end and how the people felt.

Kukolka260303 21 мая 2020 г., 15:25:15 | 10 - 11 классы

Помогите пожалуйста подготовить пересказ этого текста как текст лучше уменьшить ?

Помогите пожалуйста подготовить пересказ этого текста как текст лучше уменьшить ?

Kino was a poor pearl diver.

One day, a scorpion stung his baby, so he took the baby to the doctor.

But Kino didn't have any money.

He only had some very poor quality pearls.

The doctor didn't want to treat the baby, so the doctor's servant lied to Kino : 'The doctor has gone out.

' Later that day, Kino went diving for pearls.

While he was diving, he saw a very large oyster.

He swam down and down and picked up the oyster.

Then he came to the surface.

He took his knife and opened the shell of the oyster.

Inside, there was an enormous, beautiful pearl - the greatest pearl in the world!

Kino and his wife Juana were very happy.

Now they would have enough money to educate their son and maybe buy new clothes and even a rifle.

The news of the pearl spread through the town very quickly.

That evening, lots of neighbours came to their house and they talked about what Kino and Juana could do with the money.

The doctor and his servant also came to the house, because they had heard about the pearl.

The doctor made Kino and Juana afraid about the scorpion sting.

He gave the baby medicine, which he said would save him.

The doctor looked around the house, because he knew that they had hidden the pearl somewhere.

In the middle of the night, while Kino and his family were sleeping, Kino suddenly heard a noise.

Someone was trying to get the pearl!

In the darkness, Kino jumped up with his knife but someone hit him on the head and ran away.

The next morning he took the pearl to the pearl dealers in the main square of the town.

There were many dealers but they all worked for one man and they always gave the divers the lowest possible price for their pearls.

Kino went to different dealers but they all said that the pearl was too big and ugly and that it wasn't worth more than 1, 500 pesos.

Kino was very angry He decided to go to the capital city because he knew that the pearl was very valuable.

But that night someone attacked him outside his house.

Juana said that the pearl was evil and that it was going to destroy them.

She tried to throw the pearl into the sea but Kino stopped her.

Soon afterwards, he was attacked in the darkness by a group of men.

He defended himself with his knife and killed one of the men.

' Kino and Juana knew that they had to get away from the town but someone had made a hole in the bottom of their canoe couldn't go by sea.

When they went back to their house, they found it in flames so they hid in Kino's brother's house.

When night came, Juana and Kino started to walk towards the mountains with their baby.

Kino was still determined to get to the capital and sell the pearl and kept making plans about the future.

During the day, they found a place to hide.

They were resting when they saw that three hunters were following them.

They hid and stayed very quiet until the hunters had gone past.

Then they ran to the mountains.

High in the mountains, they found a stream and a waterfall.

They drank water and then decided to hide in one of the caves under the waterfall.

That evening, the hunters arrived and camped next to the waterfall.

Juana couldn't keep the baby quiet so Kino decided to go down and try to kill the men.

He was just about to attack them when the hunters heard the baby.

They thought that it was a dangerous animal.

A man fired his rifle just as Kino attacked.

Kino then took the man's rifle and killed him and the other men.

But suddenly everything went very quiet and Kino knew that something was wrong.

He went back to the cave.

The baby was dead!

He had been hit by the first rifle shot.

Kino and Juana walked back to the town carrying the body of their dead baby.

They walked slowly.

The people came out to meet them but they ignored everybody.

They walked towards the sea.

Kino took out the pearl.

It was grey and ugly, and in the pearl he could see evil faces.

He offered the pearl to Juana but she said softly, 'No, you.

' Kino took the pearl and threw it into the water.

It dropped to the bottom and settled near some plants.

A crab climbed over it and covered it with sand.

The pearl disappeared.

Natrockaykatrish 3 июл. 2020 г., 0:03:05 | 5 - 9 классы

1. Answer the questions on the text?

1. Answer the questions on the text.

Where did the boys live last summer?

Who came to their house every night?

Why did the cat eat their fish, meat and bread?

How did the boy catch the cat?

What was the cat like?

Where did the boys take cat?

What did they give him?

Has the cat become their good friend?

Why do you think so?

2 The text is about .

1) the boy’s holidays 2) the black cat 3) good friends ПОМОГИТЕ плиз!

Вот текст

THE BLACK CATMy friend and I lived in the country last summer.

We lived in a small house which stood in the garden.

Every night a big black cat came to our house and ate our fish, meat and bread.

We tried to catch him many times but we could not.

One day my friend saw the cat under a small bench which stood at the fence.

He came up to the bench with a small fish at the end of a long line and put it under the bench where the cat sat.

The cat caught the fish.

Then my friend caught the line.

He pulled and pulled and the cat came out from under the bench.

He caught the cat and show him to me.

It was a big black cat.

A cat with no home.

We took the cat to house and gave him a good supper.

The cat ate and ate.

Then he sat near the door.

From that day the cat lived with us and ate what we gave him.

One day he did a good thing for us.

When we were not at home, the hens jumped on the table in the garden.

The cat saw them and jumped on the table too.

The hens ran away and the cat sat down near the table.

After that the hens did not jump on the table again.

When they saw the cat they ran away from him.

The black cat ran over the house and was always near when we were at home.

He came when we talked to him.

Now he was our good friend.

MilkDad322 25 янв. 2020 г., 12:53:13 | 1 - 4 классы

Перевод текста "Let's get started?

Перевод текста "Let's get started!

" Spillane shouted to make himself heard above the roar of the wind.

Jerry slowly and carefully let the car go, and the drum began to go round and round.

Jerry carefully watched the cable passing round the drum.

"Three hundred feet" he was saying to himself, "three hundred and fifty, four hundred –" The cable stopped.

Something had gone wrong.

The boy examined the drum closely and found nothing the matter with it.

Probably it was the drum on the other side that had been damaged .

He was afraid at the thought of the man and woman hanging out there over the river in the driving rain.

Nothing remained but to cross over to the other side by the Yellow Dragon cable some distance up the river.

He was already wet to the skin as he ran along the path to the Yellow Dragon.

Safely across, he found his way up the other bank to the Yellow Dream cable.

To his surprise, he found the drum in perfect working order.

From this side the car with the Spillanes was only two hundred and fifty feet away.

So he shouted to the man to examine the trolley of his car.

The answering cry came in a few moments.

"She's all right, kid!

" Nothing remained but the other car which hung somewhere beyond Spillane's car.

The boy's mind had been made up.

In the toolbox by the drum he found an old monkey - wrench, a short iron bar and a few feet of rope.

With the rope he made a large loop round the cable on which the empty car was hanging.

Then he swung out over the river, sitting in the rope loop and began pulling himself along the cable by his hands.

And in the midst of the storm which half blinded him he arrived at the empty car in his swinging loop.

A single glance was enough to show him what was wrong.

The front trolley wheel had jumped off the cable, and the cable had been jammed between the wheel and the fork.

It was clear that the wheel must be removed from the fork.

He began hammering on the key that held the wheel on its axle.

He hammered at it with one hand and tried to hold himself steady with the other.

The wind kept on swinging his body and often made his blows miss.

At the end of half an hour the key had been hammered clear but still he could not draw it out.

A dozen times it seemed to him that he must give up in despair.

Then an idea came to him – he searched his pockets and found a nail.

Putting the nail through the looped head of the key he easily pulled it out.

With the help of the iron bar Jerry got the wheel free, replaced the wheel, and by means of the rope pulled up the car till the trolley once more rested properly on the cable.

He dropped out of his loop and down into the car which began moving at once.

Soon he saw the bank rising before him and the old familiar drum going round and round.

Jerry climbed out and made the car fast.

Then he sank down by the drum and burst out crying.

He cried because he was tired out, because his hands were all cut and cold and because he was so excited.

But above all that was the feeling that he had done well, that the man and woman had been saved.

Yes, Jerry was proud of himself and at the same time sorry that his father had not been there to see!

Катякатя21323 3 июн. 2020 г., 11:34:45 | 5 - 9 классы

ПЕРЕДЕЛАТЬ В КОСВЕННУЮ РЕЧЬАesop, a Greek philosopher, was famous for his jokes?


Аesop, a Greek philosopher, was famous for his jokes.

One day aesop was out for a walk when he saw a man.

The man was lost.

The man greeted Aesop and asked him, "How long will it take me to get to the town?

" "Go, " said Aesop.

The traveller did not understand the reply.

"I know that i have to go, " he said and repeated his question, but Aesop is reply was the same.

"Go, "

he said again very politely.

The traveller went away.

"the man is mad, " he decided.

After the traveller had gone some distance, Aesop shouted after him, "You will get to the town in two hours.


the traveller came back to Aesop and asked : "Why did not you tell me that before?

" "I did not tell you because I did not know how fast you could walk, " Aesop replied.

Gramash61 22 мар. 2020 г., 11:54:19 | 5 - 9 классы

Пересказ текста, помогите пожалуйста Once an Englishman came to Paris and stopped at a hotel?

Пересказ текста, помогите пожалуйста Once an Englishman came to Paris and stopped at a hotel.

First of all he sent a telegram to his wife, telling her the address of the hotel, and then decided to see the town.

He left the hotel and walked along the street.

He passed several blocks, then turned to the right and walked along another street.

He walked as far as the corner, crossed the street and turned to the left.

He liked Paris very much.

In every street there was something interesting.

He walked a long time, crossed many streets and turned many corners.

It was already evening, and he wanted to go back.

And only now he realized that he had lost his way.

He did not remember the name of his hotel, or the street in which the hotel was.

He tried to remember what turnings he had taken and what streets he had walked along, but could not.

Wander¬ing along the streets, he saw many hotels, but he could not find his hotel.

What was to be done?

It was already very late, and he was tired.

The Englishman went into the first hotel he saw and took a room there.

Before going to bed, he sent another telegram to his wife.

The telegram said, "Send me my Paris address.


Sofia456 5 апр. 2020 г., 5:04:45 | 1 - 4 классы

Once upon a time there was a very fast hare and a very slow tortoise?

Once upon a time there was a very fast hare and a very slow tortoise.

The hare always laughed at the tortoise because he was so slow .

All the animals were tired of listening to the hare .

Then one day the tortoise surprised them all : `let`s have a race tomorrow then!

` the next day when they started the race the hare jumped forward .

Very soon he was far ahead af the tortoise .

It was a very sunny day and the hare was very hot `there`s a tree.

I can rest under it!

` a few hours later the tortoise passed the sleeping hare.

Suddenly the hare opened his eyes and looked around .

He saw the tortoise at the finish line!

The tortoise was the winner !

The hare learned his lesson that day : `keep on going and dont stop until you cross the finish line!


79дурная91 20 мар. 2020 г., 2:29:28 | 1 - 4 классы

Нужен перевод?

Нужен перевод.

Заранее спасибо!

) Once upon a time, there was a very fast hare and slow tortoise.

The hare always laughed at the tortoise because he was so slow.

All the animals were tired of listening to the hare.

Then one day the tortoise surprised them all : `Let`s have a race tomorrow then!

` The next day, when they started the race, the hare jumped forward.

Very soon he was fas ahead of the tortoise.

It was a very sunny day and the hare was very hot.

`There`s a tree.

I can rest under it!

` A few hours later, the tortoise passed the sleeping hare.

Suddenly, the hare opened his eyes and looked around.

He saw the tortoise at the finish line!

The tortoise was the winner!

The hare learned his lesson that day : ` Keep on going and don`t stop until you cross the finish line!


Лята1103 20 мая 2020 г., 16:30:46 | 10 - 11 классы

Ответить на вопросы по тексту : 2?

Ответить на вопросы по тексту : 2.

Answer the questions : Why did the Italians eat with the forks?

What did he give at home to show the invention of the Italians?

Why did his friends begin to laugh?

When did people in England begin to use forks?

Текст : In 1608 an Englishman whose name was Thomas Coryate visited Italy.

He liked the country and noted down every interesting thing he found.

But there was one thing which he found more interesting than the others.

In his diary Thomas wrote, "When the Italians eat meat, they use small forks.

They do not eat with hands because, as they say, people do not always have clean hands.

" Before leaving for England, Thomas Coryate bought a few forks.

At home Thomas gave a dinner party to show the invention to his friends.

When the servants brought the steak, he took out a fork and began to eat like they did in Italy.

Everybody looked at him in surprise.

When he told his friends what it was, they all wanted to take a good look at the strange thing.

All his friends said that the Italians were very strange people because the fork was very inconvenient.

Thomas Coryate tried to prove the opposite.

He said it was not nice to eat meat with one's fingers because they were not always clean.

Everybody got angry at that.

Did Mr Coryate think that people in England always had dirty hands?

And weren't the ten fingers we had enough for us?

Thomas Coryate wanted to show that it was very easy to use the fork.

But the first piece of meat he took with the fork fell to the floor.

His friends began to laugh and he had to take the fork away.

Only fifty years later did people in England begin to use forks.

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