The Rich Man and the Gold There was once a very rich man?

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The Rich Man and the Gold There was once a very rich man.

He had three cars and two houses and many other things.

One day he said, «I am getting old.

I’m going to sell everything and buy a big piece of gold.

» He sold his houses and his cars and everything and he bought a very big piece of gold.

He dug a hole near a tree, and he put the piece of gold into the hole.

«No one will find my gold here», he said.

Every day he went back and dug up the gold.

He looked at it and said, «Good!

My gold is there».

Then he put the gold back into the hole and put the earth back on top of it.

But one day there was a man behind the tree.

He was a thief and he was asleep.

The rich man didn’t see the thief.

He dug up the gold and looked at it.


» he said, «My gold is there».

The thief woke up and looked round the tree.

«What is the man putting into the hole?

» he thought.

«I’m going to find out».

The rich man put the gold back into the hole and went away.

Then the thief went to the hole and dug up the gold.

«A big piece of gold!

» he said.

«It’s my gold now.

I am a rich man.

» He ran off with the gold and never came back.

The next day the first man came back and began to dig.

He dug and he dug but he did not find the gold.

«My gold is not here», he said.

«I am not a rich man now.

I have no gold!

» and he began to cry.

Then he went home and told one of his friends.

His friend said, «Don’t cry.

Here is a big stone.

Take it and put it in the hole.

Then every day you can go and dig it up and look at it».

A piece of gold in a hole is no better than a stone.

1. Выписать незнакомые слова, перевести.

(Не менее 15 слов) 2.

Составить предложения с незнакомыми словами.

(15 предложений) 3.

Задать вопросы к тексту.

(Не менее 5 предложений).

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Ivanhanter 6 апр. 2018 г., 19:53:37

3 -

What did the rich man buy?

Who was a man behind the tree?

What did he do?

How do you understand the phrase in the end of the text?

Does this story have a happy end?

Vkkid12 22 авг. 2018 г., 14:50:04 | 10 - 11 классы

Помогите сделать вопросы к тексту ?

Помогите сделать вопросы к тексту !

Once there lived a man who was very fond of gold.

He used to say, "While I have my gold, I am the happiest man in the world.

" And so all his life he saved money.

One day he was travelling in the desert of North Africa.

He lost his way.

He had no food or water.

He was almost dying of hunger.

He was so weak that he could not walk, he could only crawl.

The heat was terrible.

There were only stones and sand around.

Just then he saw a bag lying on the sand.

He hoped that he would find food in it and water, too.

He crawled up to the bag and opened it.

He saw that the bag was full of gold.

What is the use of gold to a hungry man in a desert?

He left the bag on the hot sand, crying bitterly, "I am the most unhappy man in the world.


13247579540 1 янв. 2018 г., 18:40:44 | 1 - 4 классы

Перевести на русский "May I take my cat with me?

Перевести на русский "May I take my cat with me?

"Dick asked the captan.

"Certainly, "said the captain.

The captain was a good old kind man.

He told Dick stories about strange countries and strange animals.

One day there (was?


The people who lived in that country had (r?

) skins The captain of the ship beautiful presents to the King and the Queen of that country.

Then they invited the captain to their palace.

It was a beautiful palace.

There were a lot of different tasty things on the tables for the King , the Queen and the captan.

But suddenly hundreds of rats ran into the room and began to eat all the tasty things .

"This happens every day ", said the King.

"We don't know what to do.

Nobody can help us ".

So the captain send for Dick and his cat .

When the cat saw the rats, she jumped from Dick's arms and soon all the rats were dead The King and the Queen were so pleased that they gave Dick twelve bags of gold and many other presents When Dick came back to London , he was very rich and the had his cat with him.

He married a beautiful girl.

And the there of them lived very happily together.

Лиза1301 9 авг. 2018 г., 04:47:51 | 5 - 9 классы

Нужна помощь?

Нужна помощь!

Прочтите текст и вставьте недостающие слова.

An old lady went out shopping last Tuesday.

She came to a bank and saw a car near the door.

A man got out of it and went into the bank.

She looked into the car.

The keys were in the lock.

The old lady took the keys and followed the man into the bank.

The man took a gun out of his pocket and said to the clerk, “Give me all the money!

”But the old lady did not see this.

She went to the man, put the keys in his hand and said, “Young man, you're stupid!

Never leave your keys in your car : someone's going to steal it!

”The man looked at the old woman for a few seconds.

Then he looked at the clerk – and then he took his keys, ran out of the bank, got into his car and drove away quickly, without any money.

[B]C) Opposites .

Put one word in each empty place.

[ / B]


The lady was not .

. . : she was old.

2. The man did not.

. . his keys out of the lock : he left them in it.

3. The man was not.

. . : he was young.

4. He did not want .

. . of the money : he wanted all of it.

5. He was not .

. . : he was stupid.

6. He did not .

. . out of the bank : he ran out of it.

7. He did not drive away .

. . : he drove away quickly.

8. He did not drive away .

. . the money : he drove away without it.

Danielllla 16 февр. 2018 г., 01:27:59 | 5 - 9 классы

Помогите перевести текст на русский язык ?

Помогите перевести текст на русский язык !

Спасибо !

There was a big flood near our house in spring.

The water came down from the mountain and the hills, the river came up and u p, and a lot of the houses on the low land were soon under the water.

The Red Cross sent some men, and they brought food and dry clothes, and took some people to higher ground in boats.

One old man lives in a small house near our river.

He is a poor man, and there aren't any other houses near his.

There was a lot of rain one night, and in the morning the old man looked out of his window and saw the flood.

The water was nearly up to his bedroom window.

The water came up and u p, and the old man went to the top floor of his house.

Then the flood was worse, and he went up on to the roof.

"What am I going to do?

" he said.

"The water's very deep, and I can't swim.

" But after three hours the old man saw a boat.

It came slowly near, and the old man saw two young men in it.

"We've come from the Red Cross, " one of the young men called, "and .

. . " "I'm sorry, " the old man answered, "but I've just given you some money this month, and I haven't got much.

I'm a poor man.


Лиза130900000 13 авг. 2018 г., 07:49:44 | 5 - 9 классы

Переведите текст?

Переведите текст.

After he had turned everything in his palace to gold.

Midas was thisty and hungry.

So he sal at his golden table on his golden chair and his servants brought him a cup of wine and some bread.

But whem the king touched the bread, it also tumed to gold and he couldn't eat it.

Annhelp 21 мар. 2018 г., 23:10:11 | 1 - 4 классы

Ответить на вопросы 1?

Ответить на вопросы 1.

Where did the man live.

2. Who had bad manners?

3. What did the man say when he climbed down from the tree?

4. Why did the Rhinoceros take off his skin 5.

How did the man punish the Rhinoceros 6.

Why are there great folds in the Rhinoceros skin now Сам текст Once upon a time on an island in the Red Sea there lived a man.

One day he took flour and water, and carrots, and plums, and sugar and made himself a very big brown cake.

But just as he was going to eat it there came down to the beach Rhinoceros with two piggy eyes and bad manners.

He said, “How!

” and the man left the cake and climbed to the top of a tree.

The Rhinoceros ate the cake and went away.

The man came down from the tree and said, Them that takes cakes Which the man bakes Makes dreadful mistakes.

Five weeks later the weather was very hot and all the animals took off their skins.

The Rhinoceros left his skin on the beach and went into the water.

At that moment the man put cake - crumbs inside the skin and climbed on the top of the tree.

The Rhinoceros came out of the water and put his skin on, and it tickled like cake - crumbs in bed.

He ran to the tree and rubbed, and rubbed himself against it.

And he rubbed his skin into great folds on his neck and over his legs.

And from that day a rhinoceros has great folds in his skin.

Mixarudakov 13 дек. 2018 г., 09:42:58 | 5 - 9 классы

Once there lived an old man and an old woman, his wife?

Once there lived an old man and an old woman, his wife.

They had no children.

The old man had a pet - a bird.

It was a little grey bird.

The man loved it dearly.

He took good care of it.

He gave it food and water every morning and every evening.

One day the old man was going to the shop to buy food.

He said to his wife : ''I'LL go to the shop to buy bread, salt, butter, spaghetti and sugar.

Please, take good care of the bird!

Give it food and water in the morning and in the evening!

'' ''OK'', said his wife.

''I well''.

It was very cold.

The old man put on his warm trousers and boots, a sweater, an overcoat , a warm cap and went away.


Jokernum4 9 мая 2018 г., 01:45:24 | 10 - 11 классы

Grammar and Vocabulary Task 2?

Grammar and Vocabulary Task 2.

Complete the sentences using the appropriate forms from the words given in capitals.

(1 point for each correct answer – 7 points max) Gold Gold, gold, gold… The Prince of Wales 1________________ a British royal tradition when, on 29 July, 1981, he gave his bride, Lady Diana Spencer, a wedding ring made of a piece of Welsh gold.

For ages, gold 2______________ a special attraction, as its history tells us.

Gold 3________________ in large quantities in Australia, Africa, Siberia, and in North America, but the most exciting discovery 4________________ in the Klondike at the end of the 19th century.

Thousands gold - diggers rushed there.

They 5 ________________ of vast fortunes literally picked up from the earth.

However, not everyone was lucky.

About 100, 000 men 6 ________________ through the region by 1900, and only a few of them actually found gold – a mere four per cent of those who survived the cold and the hunger.

Even the lucky ones 7 ________________ any illusions they might have had, though they became rich.


Elena273 6 дек. 2018 г., 19:22:28 | 1 - 4 классы

Fill in with a, an or the where necessary?

Fill in with a, an or the where necessary.

Once _ old man and _ old woman had_ goose.

Every day __ goose laid _ golden egg.

_ man and _ woman sold _ eggs for_ lot of money.

They thought that _ goose was made of gold and Killed it.

When they cut _ goose that didn't find any gold.

And they didn't have any eggs any more.

Irinashuvaeva 16 окт. 2018 г., 05:06:58 | 5 - 9 классы




Once upon a time there lived King Midas who loved gold more than anything else in the world.

Midas(1spend) days and nights counting the pieces of gold he (2collect).

One day when he (3count) his money, astranger entered his house.

Midas, said the stranger, you(4save) so mush money.

You may be the(5rich) man in the country.

Are you happy now.

No, answered Midas .

I never (6be) happy until everything that i touch(7become) gold You shall have what you wish , promised the stranger Eveyone(8know) the end of this story : from that moment on Midas could neithereat or drink because all that he touched immdeately (9turn) into gold.

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