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Make the questions?

Make the questions.

Then ask and answer.

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Помогите пожалуйста сделать задание ответить на вопросы : ?

Помогите пожалуйста сделать задание ответить на вопросы : .

A)The beginning of telemedicine in Kazakhstan .

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - b) An example of a patient and a doctor using a telemedicine network.

C) two special healthcare problems in kazakhstan.

D) how the network is connected .

E) kazakhstan's international position with telemedicine.

F)Telemedicine in Kazakhstan since 2003 .

G) An example of telemedicine technology.

Telemedicine in kazakhstan.

A doctor on the screen.

The patient is very worried.

He has a problem with his heart.

A doctor in Astana is listening to his heart - the doctor is a heart specialist .

But the patient and the doctor are not in the same room or even in the same building.

The doctor is in a big hospital, and the patient is 200 kilometres away in telemedicine centre .

The patient can see the doctor on a screen and talk to him .

The doctor can see and talk to the patient and the health worker who is with the patient.

The health worker is pressing something against the patient's chest .

It is a tele - stethoscope.

This instrument allows the doctor to hear the patient's heart 200 kilometres away .

The doctor tells the health worker what to do, and he gives the correct pills.

The patient will be OK.

The telemedicine centre is not far from the patient's home .

If there wasn't a telemedicine centre , he would have a long and difficult journey to see a heart specialist .

The answer to a problem.

Telemedicine is a modem technology that is especially important for Kazakhstan.

If Kazakhstan was a smaller country , nobody would be very far from a hospital.

But Kazakhstan is the ninth largest country in the world , and about 40% of the people live a long way from cities , hospitals and specialist doctors.

Another problem is transport .

In winter people can't always thavel easily .

Telemedicine helps to answer these problems.

The government began setting up a telemedicine network in 2003 .

By 2011, there were 150 telemedicine centres.

They helped more than 10, 000 patients each year .

There were also mobile centres on three trains which travelled around the country and helped many more people .

These centres and mobile trains are connected with the coutry's central hospital .

They can also get advice from experts in foreign hospitals.

Network need a way to connect all the users .

Kazakhstan telephone network cannot cover the whole country , so the telemedicine network uses a satellite neanrly 36, 000 kilometers above the ground.

Telemedicine is improving healthcare all over the world .

In the use of telemedicine far from cities , Kazakhstan is the leader in Asia.

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Как это читается?

Как это читается?



Например - Hello - хэлоу

Most people know all about Mickey Mouse.

Mickey is the most famous cartoon character of all times, but what about his father, Walt Disney?

Walt Elias Disney was born on December 5th 1901 in Chicago Illinois, He liked drawing from an early age and he sold his first sketches to his neighbours when he was only seven years old.

In August 1923 he left for Hollywood.

He had only S40 with him.

His brother Roy lived in California and together they started the now famous Disney Brothers studio in their uncle’s garage.

Walt created his most famous character Mickey Mouse in 1928.

Mickey appeared in the first sound cartoon, Steamboat Willie the same year.

Walt won the first of his 32 Academy awards in 1932 for the film Flowers and Trees.

Over the next five years Walt Disney made some of his most popular films such as, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio, Fantasia, Dumbo and Bambi.

He made 81 films in total while he was alive.

Walt Disney died in 1966.

His work lives on today with each new generation enjoying his films and cartoons.

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Сочинеие мои каникулы 10 предл и чтобы юыло легко выучить?

Сочинеие мои каникулы 10 предл и чтобы юыло легко выучить.

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Английский 3 кл?

Английский 3 кл.

My friends.

My friends is .

. is.

. has got.

. likes .

We. together.

. are my friends, too.

. is.

And. is.

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Помогите перевести пожалуйста?

Помогите перевести пожалуйста.

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Выбрать правильный вариант?

Выбрать правильный вариант.

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Помогитее пожалуйстааааа?

Помогитее пожалуйстааааа.

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Как люди поняли значения английских слов?

Как люди поняли значения английских слов?

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The class is a typical group of high school kids?

The class is a typical group of high school kids.

Marco (Max Riemelt) is handsome and sporty, one of the best players in the school water polo team.

He's popular and outgoing but has problems at home.

Marco's going out with Karo (Jennifer Ulrich).

She's sensible, intelligent and hard - working and always gets good marks.

Karo's best friend, Lisa (Cristina do Rego), is pretty but not as confident as Karo.

Another student, Sinan ( Elyas M'Barek), is Turkish - German.

He's as good - looking and sociable as Marco and a good water polo player too, but they both fight all the time.

Tim (Frederick Lau) is an unhappy loner with no friends.

He's brilliant with computers but doesn't get on with his family.

The enthusiastic and hard - working Mr Wenger starts an experiment.

First, he moves around the desks and the students.

Everybody has to stand up when they speak and sit down again immediately.

They do relaxation exercises together.

They march in time next to their desks to annoy the class downstairs.

They choose a name, The Wave, for their group.

Everybody has to get a uniform ( white shirt and jeans) to get rid of differences between them.

They think of a symbol and a salute for the group.

Most of the students enjoy the class.

They're not as divided as before.

It doesn't matter if they're rich or poor, good or bad students.

They're all part of the group now.

Even Marco and Sinan start getting on better in the water polo team.

Tim is the keenest - he loves the descipline.

Only Karo and a friend refuse to wear the uniform ; they don't like what is going on in the class.

Karo argues with Marco and Lisa about it.

They don't understand her negative attitude.

Then, The Wave spreads outside the school.

They paint their symbol all over the town and have parties only for group members.

Fights start between Wave members and other local groups.

At the end of project week, Mr Wenger's little experiment ends up in a real tragedy.

Можете перевести на казахском языке пожалуйста срочно нужно).

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Что объединяет эти слова ?

Что объединяет эти слова ?

(1egg, 2batter, 3pizza, 4cheese, 5porridge, 6dinner, 7supper, 8food).

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Много баллов)) Составить предложения с использованием глагола should?

Много баллов)) Составить предложения с использованием глагола should.

И с данными словосочетания и.

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СРОЧНО , ПОМОГИТЕ ПОЖАЛУЙСТАВставьте , где необходимо артикль1?


Вставьте , где необходимо артикль


____ Smiths sent us ____ invitation to ____ house - warming party they were giving on Saturday.

2. _____ expedition crossed ____ Attora Mountains in ______ Morocco, and then fl oated down _____ Nile.

3. ___ Jake visited _____ Netherlands on his way to _____ France.

4. ____ Netherlands is north - west of ____ Russia.

5. Being ____ citizen of _____ Russian Federation, you are protected by its _____ legislation.

6. After crossing ____ Geneva Lake we climbed ____ Mont Blanc in ___ Alps.

7. ___ Vasco da Gama was ____ fi rst to fi nd ____ way from ___ Atlantic to _____ Indian Ocean.

8. ___ International Chamber of _____ Commerce moved from ___ Amsterdam to _____ Hague.

9. _____ northern part of _____ North America belongs to _____ Canada.

10. First they wanted to go to _____ Black Sea, but then they changed their plan and went to ___ Riviera instead.

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Помогите перевести на английский язык) 1) Користь для довкілля від електротранспорту - це низький рівень забруднення та благословенна тиша?

Помогите перевести на английский язык) 1) Користь для довкілля від електротранспорту - це низький рівень забруднення та благословенна тиша.

2) Зеленний туризм вимагає не тільки збирати сміття, але й підтримувати ландшафт, який легко зруйнувати.

3) Щоб запобігти ушкоджкнню навколишнього середовища від авто, фермер заборонили їх використання на своїх полях.

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Пожалуйста помогите с английским языком?

Пожалуйста помогите с английским языком.

Дам 20 баллов.

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Можно пирожное?

Можно пирожное?

Перевод на английский.

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Срочноооооол пожалуйстаааа?

Срочноооооол пожалуйстаааа.

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Перепишите следующие предложения, раскрыв скобки и употребив глагол в скобках в правильной видо временной форме действительного или страдательного залога?

Перепишите следующие предложения, раскрыв скобки и употребив глагол в скобках в правильной видо временной форме действительного или страдательного залога.

Переведите предложения на русский язык.

1). Why … (Sue / resign) from her job?

Didn’t she enjoy it?

2). Why … (Bill / sack) from his job?

What did he do wrong?

3). The company is not independent.

It … (own) by a much larger company.

4). I saw an accident last night.

Somebody … (call) an ambulance but nobody … (injure) so the ambulance … (not / need).

5). Where … (there photographs / take)?

In London?

… (you / take) them?

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What is an electron?

It is a very small, indivisible, fundamental particle – a major constituent of all matter.

All electrons appear to be identical and to have properties that do not change with time.

Two essential characteristics of the electron are its mass and its charge.

Qualitatively, an electron is a piece of matter that has weight and is affected by gravity.

Just as the mass of any object is defined, the mass of the electron can be defined by applying a force and measuring the resulting rate of change in the velocity of the electron, that is, the rapidity with which its velocity changes.

This rate of change is called acceleration, and the electron mass is then defined as the ratio of the applied force to the resulting acceleration.

The mass of the electron is found to be about 9.

11  10 - 28 grams.

Not only the electron but all matter appears to have positive mass, which is equivalent to saying that a force applied to any abject results in acceleration in the same direction as the force.

How does the other aspect, the charge of the electron, arise?

All electrons have an electric charge, and the amount of charge, like the mass, is identical for all electrons.

No one has ever succeeded in isolating an amount of charge smaller than that of the electron.

The sign of the charge of the electron is conventionally defined as negative ; the electron thus represents the fundamental unit of a negative charge.

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Напишите 5 предложений на английском Почему наш мир прекрасен ( 5 класс)?

Напишите 5 предложений на английском Почему наш мир прекрасен ( 5 класс).