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Надо сочинение на тему "комната моей мечты" на английском языке.

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Sami3003 21 янв. 2018 г., 11:31:30

Everyone has his or her own dream careers or dream outfit.

I have my dream room.

A room where I have everything I need.

A place where I can work on homework or host a LAN (Local Area Network) parity on the weekend.

My dream room would be located on the second floor of the house.

In fact, it would be the only room on the second floor other than a good - sized bathroom right next to it.

The stairs would lead directly to a tiny hallway separating my room’s door and the bathroom’s door.

The door to my room would be made of solid dark wood, with a old fashion door knob and a old fashion key to lock it.

On the door I would have a peephole ; allowing me to peep out and see who wants inside.

Finally, I would have a mail deposit slot on the door, just because I love them.

Inside my room, I would have, on the wall facing the street in front of my house, be a giant glass window, made out of mirror glass.

That way I could hang out by my window, soaking up sun, without people spying on me.

I would sit or stand in front of that giant window, just watching the cars and people go by my house.

I might even stand in front of the window, acting like that big company owner looking over her employees.

When you would look up from the inside of my room, you would find a giant skylight.

It would almost span the whole ceiling of my room ; not quite reaching the sides of the room.

With a skylight, I could lay down on the floor of my room, watching birds fly overhead or a news helicopter, ready to report a new story.

When it rains, I could listen and watch the rain patter against the window.

During winter, I could watch the snowflakes fall down on the glass ; enjoying the scenery without having to be out in the cold.

Next, on the side accost from my lovely room’s “front” door there would be my closet.

A good - sized closet, but not a walk in closet.

I would have my closet split up in four sections.

The first section would be a bunch of hangers for me to hang all of my amazing jackets on.

The second section would be all drawers, filled with shirts.

The third section would be split up into two sub - sections.

The first sub - section would be a place for me to store my shoes.

The second’s sub - section would be coat hooks for me hang up my belts.

That way, I will have a easier time showing off my freaking awesome shoes.

The last section of my closet will be a space for my horseback riding clothes, boots, belt, and helmet.

Finally, I would have a plush Luka Octopus siting in my closet as a contribute to my friends, and my best friend Sky.

The door to my closet would match the door to my room.

A dark solid wooden door, without a mail - depositing slot or a peephole.

At night, I would make sure it would be closes, that way I do not have to stare into the dark abyss of my closet.

The last room I would have branching off my room would be a office.

It would have a door that is the exact same as my closets door, except for a metal plate on the door saying, Octopus Office.

Inside the office, I would have a large wood desk and a spacious leather chair with arm rests.

I could also act like that big boss, in her elegant office.

In the office, I would keep all my schoolbooks and paper on the bookshelves and in filing cabinets.

When I went to school, I could leave my backpack and all my school stuff in my office.

Whenever I need a paper or book for class, I could press a little key chain button on my lanyard.

A screen would pop up from it, showing me a picture and name of all the objects in my office.

Once I selected one or several items that I needed, I would hit the button again and all the objects I selected would be transported right in my hands.

That way I would never have to worry about forgetting a paper or a book, as long as I kept in the office.

After I was done with something, I could hit the button, bring up the menu.

From there I could send that object back to the office.

Making it easy for me to have everything, I need for school without dragging around a fifty - pound backpack.

Вика842 30 нояб. 2018 г., 17:19:50 | 5 - 9 классы

Сочинение : Комната моей мечты?

Сочинение : Комната моей мечты.

Hklhgdxfdhm 18 февр. 2018 г., 20:53:45 | 5 - 9 классы

Сочинение по английскому языку на тему зоопарк моей мечты?

Сочинение по английскому языку на тему зоопарк моей мечты.

Ssikova 26 апр. 2018 г., 17:11:35 | 10 - 11 классы

Сочинение на тему путешествие моей мечты на английском языке?

Сочинение на тему путешествие моей мечты на английском языке.

Asdf123456 2 нояб. 2018 г., 19:26:21 | 5 - 9 классы

Напишите какое - нибудь сочинение по английскому языку на тему : "Комната моей мечты"?

Напишите какое - нибудь сочинение по английскому языку на тему : "Комната моей мечты".

(на английском и добавьте перевод) СОЧИЕНИЕ ДОЛЖНО БЫТЬ НЕ БОЛЬШИМ!

JDavil 9 февр. 2018 г., 07:55:34 | 10 - 11 классы

Написать на английском языке сочинение дом моей мечты?

Написать на английском языке сочинение дом моей мечты.

Nastusa1999 22 февр. 2018 г., 19:56:41 | 1 - 4 классы

Сочинение про мою комнату на английском языке?

Сочинение про мою комнату на английском языке.

Mrkuntyshev 28 мая 2018 г., 15:32:47 | 5 - 9 классы

Сочинение на тему Дом моей мечты?

Сочинение на тему Дом моей мечты.

На английском с переводом.

Камила99 9 сент. 2018 г., 07:51:56 | 5 - 9 классы

Сочинение на тему "проект моей мечты" на русском языке?

Сочинение на тему "проект моей мечты" на русском языке.

Тучка7 26 июн. 2018 г., 10:37:28 | 5 - 9 классы

Сочинение на тему одежда моей мечты на английском?

Сочинение на тему одежда моей мечты на английском.

Perchikov7 16 мая 2018 г., 13:41:52 | 10 - 11 классы

На английский ( комната моей мечты, описать)?

На английский ( комната моей мечты, описать).

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