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Помогите сделать английский язык!

Указать видовременные формы глаголов в главном и придаточном предложениях


I knew that he had never missed the lectures.

2. I hoped he wouldn’t come and spoil the party.

3. We thought that they were a happy couple.

4. Everybody was sure that she was a liar.

5. Strange!

I thought I had left this textbook at home!

6. He said that he was very tired.

7. They didn’t know that he had seen the doctor already.

8. He said he wouldn’t go to college on Friday.

9. I expected that you would introduce me to your teacher.

10. She said she was glad to see us.

11. He said that he wanted to place an international telephone call.

12. Why did you say you had been absent the day before?

13. He wanted to know why you had missed the lecture.

14. Mike told me she would be there very soon.

15. She promised she would call us some day the following week.

16. The doctor asked me when I had caught cold.

17. Father promised that the journey by train wouldn’t be so tiresome that time.

18. They were afraid that the repairs would cost a fortune.

19. Mother thought the children were playing football in the yard.

20. Sam told me that he had been reading that book for the whole night.

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Oll212 16 июл. 2018 г., 02:59:29

1. past simple, past perfect


Past simple, future in the past


Past simple, past simple


Past simple, past simple


Past simple, past perfect


Past simple, past simple


Past simple, past perfect


Past simple, future in the past


Past simple, future in the past


Past simple, past simple


Past simple, past simple


Past simple, past perfect


Past simple, past perfect


Past simple, future in the past


Past simple, future in the past


Past simple, past perfect


Past simple, future in the past


Past simple, future in the past


Past simple, past continuous


Past simple, past perfect continuous.

Ryta11 10 окт. 2018 г., 16:07:34 | 5 - 9 классы

Помогите пожалуйста Read the rest of the police report and write the direct speech ?

Помогите пожалуйста Read the rest of the police report and write the direct speech .

Ms Delardo spoke to the train guard at the end of the twenty - hour journey .

She explained that the old man next to her was dead .

The guard replied that he had thought the old man was asleep .

The young woman explained that the man was her father and that he had died the day before at the beginning of the journey .

The guard wanted to know why she hadn't reported it .

She admitted that she hadn't told anyone because she hadn't wanted to leave the train .

The guard pointed out that it was very strange that she hadn't told anyone .

She added that she had bought the tickets for the journey and hadn't wanted to waste the money .

1 Ms Delardo : I'm sorry , but the old man next to me is dead 2 Train guard : 3 Ms Delardo : 4 Train guard : 5 Ms Delardo : 6 Train guard : 7 Ms Delardo :

Gupes 23 сент. 2018 г., 11:58:13 | 5 - 9 классы



ОПРЕДЕЛИТЕ ВРЕМЯ И ПЕРЕВЕДИТЕ ПРЕДЛОЖЕНИЯ НА РУССКИЙ ЯЗЫК he says that I am right she tells him that she has a right to know we told them that we had no money he said that he had changed his opinion he said that he would bring me a book the next day they said that they had been in the USA two days before he asked her if she spoke English I asked them whether they had been to Africa he asked us what our names were she told me not to talk with her.

Laaosi53 13 мар. 2018 г., 14:26:25 | 10 - 11 классы

Восстановите прямую речь в следующих предложениях?

Восстановите прямую речь в следующих предложениях.

E. g.

: Tom said he would go to see the doctor the next day.

– Tom said : “I shall go and see the doctor tomorrow” 1.

He told me he was ill.

2. He told me he had fallen ill.

3. They told me that Tom had not come to school the day before.

4. I told my sister that she might catch cold.

5. She told me she had caught cold.

6. She said she was feeling bad that day.

7. The old man told the doctor that he had pain in his right side.

8. He said he had just been examined by a good doctor.

9. He said he would not come to school until Monday.

10. The man said he had spent a month at a health resort.

Nastyamusteg 5 февр. 2018 г., 02:12:32 | 10 - 11 классы

Исправьте ошибки?

Исправьте ошибки.

1) Jane had being driving for hours before she was lost.

2) What had been you doing before you heard the shot?

3) I hadn't seen anything to suggest that this would happen.

4) Witnesses said that they saw a strange man before the attack.

Louise had suspected something bad would happen.

Новичок234566332 26 мая 2018 г., 12:19:38 | 10 - 11 классы

Перепишите предложения из косвенной речи в прямую?

Перепишите предложения из косвенной речи в прямую.

He said that his bus hadn’t come in time the day beforе.

The boys said they would go to the football match.

He said their team hadn’t won the last game.

Molly said that she had gone to the library after school.

Liz said that she would go home early.

Wе said that we hadn’t made any plans yet.

Zerminvova 4 мая 2018 г., 04:57:02 | 5 - 9 классы

Из косвенной в прямую речь, пожалуйста?

Из косвенной в прямую речь, пожалуйста!

1. He said that Peter often went fishing 2.

Mary asked if you could come back later 3.

I said that i had just seen Mark 4.

Alan told me that Angela was watching TV 5.

They said the cat had been sleeping on the sofa 6.

I said that we were late 7.

She asked what the boys were doing.

Соболь1 20 авг. 2018 г., 09:01:14 | 5 - 9 классы

Переведите на русский Olga wrote that she was enjoying her seaside holiday very much?

Переведите на русский Olga wrote that she was enjoying her seaside holiday very much.

She said that she had arrived in Ireland a week before and had been spending every day swimming and having fun.

She added that when she was writing that postcard, she was waiting for another hotel guest so that they could go water - skiing together.

Olga said that she was also going to try scuba diving and she was even thinking of doing some underwater fishing.

She also added that she had been very busy and she had not given herself any time to just lie on the beach and sunbath, but holidays were about having fun.

She said that she would tell Anna everything when she got back.

Алеся128 5 июл. 2018 г., 20:43:55 | 5 - 9 классы

Упр. 319?

Упр. 319.

Восстановите прямую речь в следующих предложениях.

1. George said it was very difficult to play that role.

2. He asked why there were so few people in the street.

3. The man asked the boy if he knew where he lived.

4. The woman told him not to worry and go home quietly.

5. She said that she would sleep in the open air.

6. She wondered if I was going to leave St.

Petersburg the next day.

7. He told me that he had bought that watch the day before.

8. Ann said that she had just had a telephone call from home.

9. My neighbour asked me to leave the key at my sister's.

10. He said he could not understand the rule.

11. He told me he had bought a ticket the day before.

12. When I came home, my mother told me that a friend of mine had called on me half an hour before, 13.

He said that he studied at Moscow University.

14. She said that her brother was playing chess with her grandfather.

Lalalaki 30 окт. 2018 г., 16:38:47 | 10 - 11 классы

6. Выберите нужное слово?

6. Выберите нужное слово.

1. He asked if I had visited my friends (yesterday, tomorrow).

2. They said the conference in Criminal Law would take place (two days ago, the next day).

3. I was asked when I was going to return (here, there).

4. She said she had been in the city of Boston a year (ago, before).

5. He said that the lecture in Criminalistics would take place (today, that day).

6. She said that we could find the articles in (these, those) journals.

Дашуля180300 29 дек. 2018 г., 00:39:46 | 5 - 9 классы

Suddenly a police officer knocked on the door?

Suddenly a police officer knocked on the door.

The officer said that the money had been stolen from a bank.

He said that it had happened at about midnight and an old lady had seen some men running near Helen's house.

The detective said that she had also seen that money had been taken by Helen afterwards.

The officer took the money from Helen though she didn't want to give it back.

But the next day Helen was happy again.

She got a $10.

000 reward for returning the money.

She was glad that she had found the money.

She was glad that she had gone to the cinema.

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