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Choose the correct variant a) .

You tell me the way to the nearest post - office?

А) may B) can C) must D) have to b) You .

Take a bus to get to the museum A) must B) have to C) may D) can c) All of us .

Be in time for classes А)can B) may C) must D) could d) Children .

Not play with matches А) could B) can C) may D) should e) I wanted to go the swimming pool too, but I .

Not А) may B) must C) could D) have to.

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Intro635241 10 февр. 2018 г., 05:17:44 | 5 - 9 классы

I. Translate into Russian?

I. Translate into Russian.

1. May I invite Nick to our house?

2. I can swim well.

3. If you have done your homework, you may go for a walk.

4. She must stop eating much and she must lose weight.

5. May I go to the post office with Mike?

6. May I take Pete's bag?

7. Can you help me?

8. May we take notes with a pencil?

9. You must not cross the street when the light is red.

10. May I shut the door?

11. My sister can play the piano.

12. May I come and see you?

II. Choose the right modal verb (can, may, must)

It's a hospital.

You (can’t / mustn’t)…… smoke.

I (can / may)…….

Speak Arabic fluently when I was a child and we lived in Morocco.

(Must / Can)…….

You stand on your head for more than a minute?

No, I (can’t / may not)… People (can’t / mustn’t)…….

Walk on grass.

Drivers (may / must)…….

Stop when the traffic lights are red.

(Can / May)……I ask a question?

Yes, of course.

(Can / May)…….

You speak Italian?

No, I (can’t / may not)…… .

I am afraid I (can’t / mustn’t) ….

Help you now.

Don't stand up!

– You (can’t / may not) stand up!

I'd like to see your children.

– (May / Must) I see your children?

Cepgey968 13 авг. 2018 г., 13:25:22 | 10 - 11 классы

Choose the correct modal verbs 1) We ( can?

Choose the correct modal verbs 1) We ( can.


May) deliver the goods only next September.

2) - ( Can, must, may) I smoke here?

- Yes, you ( can, must, may) 3) Passengers ( can, must, may, ) come to the airport an hour before the take - off time.

4) - (Can, must, may) I open my suit - case?

- No, you (cannot.

Mustn't, needn't) 5) ( Can, must, may) I watch television, mother?

- No, you ( cannot, musn't, needn't) Bob It's too late.

Obodr 20 июл. 2018 г., 04:39:21 | 5 - 9 классы

Выберите правильный вариант 1?

Выберите правильный вариант 1.

Jack ___ play football since childhood.

A) must b) should c) need d) can 2.

___ I ask you?

A) Must b) Should c) Have d) May 3.

Steven ___ read and write until he was seven years old.

A) must b) can c) could not d) could 4.

You’ve been reading all day.

You ___ be tired.

A) can b) could c) must d) should 5.

Jack ___ go to hospital yesterday.

A) can b) had to c) need d) will 6.

I recommend you to apologize.

You ___ apologize.

A) would b) should c) must d) shall 7.

___ I have one of these cakes?

A) Could b) Must c) Have to d) May 8.

___ you speak any foreign languages?

A) May b) Can c) Have d) Might 9.

His suggestion may be of little value, but you ___ discuss it all the same.

A) may b) need c) might d) should 10.

I went to the doctor yesterday and I ___ wait for an hour.

A) had to b) must c) should d) can.

Adekosha2 17 нояб. 2018 г., 05:25:38 | 10 - 11 классы

(Can, may, must) you play the piano?

(Can, may, must) you play the piano?

2. (Can, may, should) I watch TV before going to bed?

3. I am sure I (can, may, need) do the work myself.

4. Mary (can, must) finish the work at once.

5. (Have, may, can) you start working immediately?

6. I (can, am, may) to come to the examination at 9 o’clock.

7. (must, can, may) I trouble you for a glass of water?

8. He (have, has, must) to learn English.

9. You (must, can, may) follow my advice.

There is no way out for you.

10. (Am, must, may) I have a look at your painting?

11. (Have, can, may) you play the piano?

12. You (can, may, must) stay a little longer if you like.

13. I (may, can, have) not hear you.

Speak louder.

14. You (have, must, can) return this book to the library.

We all need it.

15. We (have, are, must) to meet each other at the station.

Musinarsen2005 2 окт. 2018 г., 03:49:29 | 5 - 9 классы

Письменно составить 6 предложении с модальными глаголами : can , must , may, could, should, need?

Письменно составить 6 предложении с модальными глаголами : can , must , may, could, should, need.

Mshuaynat 30 окт. 2018 г., 08:44:01 | 10 - 11 классы

1) She ?

1) She .

Speak English.

(can / may / must / should / ought (to) ) ; 2) My sister .

To collect old coins.

(can / may / must / should / ought (to) ) ; 3) He .

Translated the text without a dictionary.

(can / may / must / should / ought (to) ) ; 4) I .

Not play football.

(can / may / must / should / ought (to) ) ; 5) They .

Take and read this book.

(can / may / must / should / ought (to) ) ;

Nabeeva549 29 нояб. 2018 г., 21:11:53 | 10 - 11 классы

Correct ( + ) or not ( - ) пример John cans swim ( - ) I must go now ( + ) 1)I dont must see Andrew today 2)Anna cant to speak English 3)Last year I must sell my car 4)Would you like to have some coff?

Correct ( + ) or not ( - ) пример John cans swim ( - ) I must go now ( + ) 1)I dont must see Andrew today 2)Anna cant to speak English 3)Last year I must sell my car 4)Would you like to have some coffe?

5)It may rain tomorrow 6)I mustnt work on Saturdays, but I can if l like Circle the correct answers 1.

If you travel to Morania you can / should / must have a visa.

2. You shouldn't / don't have to / couldn't laugh at old people.

3. Passengers must / must not / should not smoke in the toilets.

4. I think you should / must / may eat less and take more exercise.

5. You mustn't / may not / needn't tell me if you don't want to.

6. You may / have to drive on the left in Britain.

Russifikator 27 дек. 2018 г., 06:18:37 | 10 - 11 классы

Choose the proper word from the brackets : 1) (Can / May) I play the piano?

Choose the proper word from the brackets : 1) (Can / May) I play the piano?

2) Can / May) John watch TV before going to bed?

3) (Can / May) your friend speak English?

4) I think I (can / may) do the work myself 5) You (can / may) stay a little longer, if you like 6) I (cannot / may not) hear you from the distance 7) You (can / may) take the article home 8) (Can / May) I see you tonight?

9) (Can / May) I find you there ronight?

10) You (can / may) read this article.

You have knowledge enough 11) You (can / may) take this book, I don't need it 12) A fool (can / may) ask more questions than a wise man (can / may) answer 13) Something was wrong with the receiver, I (can / may) not hear you 14) I (can / may) give you my book for a couple of days.

Фатима1444 9 авг. 2018 г., 03:29:15 | 10 - 11 классы

1. We _______ see the lake from our bedroom window?

1. We _______ see the lake from our bedroom window.

Are able can must might 2.

— _______ you speak any foreign languages?

Could can must might 3.

I am afraid I _______ come to the party next week.

Could not cannot must not might not 4.

When we went to the forest, we _______ smell burning.

Could can must might 5.

She spoke in a very low voice, but I _______ understand what she said.

Could can must might 6.

I do not know when they will be here.

They _______ arrive at any time.

Could can must might 7.

I was so tired.

I _______ sleep for a week.

Could can must might 8.

We _______ have gone away if we had enough money.

Could can must might 9.

You have been travelling all day.

You _______ be tired.

Could must to must might 10.

They have not lived here for very long.

They _______ , know many people.

Could should must not might 11.

The phone rang but I did not hear it.

I _______ have been asleep.

Could may must might 12.

She passed me without speaking.

She _______ have seen me.

Could not cannot should might not 13.

— Why did not your sister answer the phone?

— She _______ have been asleep.

Can should must might'nt 14.

— Why did Sarah miss meeting?

— She _______ have known about it.

Should not should must might not 15.

Do not phone me at eight o'clock.

I _______ be watching the football match on TV.

Could not can should might 16.

— What time are you going?

— Well, I am ready, so I _______ go now.

Could as well can as well must as well might as well 17.

She is a very nice person.

You _______ meet her.

Can are able must have 18.

I have not phoned Ann for ages.

I _______ phone her tonight.

Could can must have 19.

He cannot come out with us this evening.

He _______ to work.

Could has must might 20.

I _______ get up early tomorrow, because my train leaves at 7 : 30.

Need have to must might 21.

We do not have much time.

We _______ hurry.

Should to have must might to 22.

When we are in the library, we _______ not make any noise.

Could can must might 23.

You can come with me if you like but you _______ come if you do not want.

Could not do not have must not might 24.

She has been studying hard for the exam, so she _______ pass it.

Could should must might 25.

It was a great party last night.

You _______ have come.

Could should must might.

Simus1 14 июл. 2018 г., 10:41:32 | 5 - 9 классы

Use each modal werb(Can, may, must, need, have to) in the correct form twice?

Use each modal werb(Can, may, must, need, have to) in the correct form twice.

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