Переведите пожалуйста текст на русский, текст не полный, писала сама, могут быть ошибки?

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Переведите пожалуйста текст на русский, текст не полный, писала сама, могут быть ошибки.

Заранее спасибо) Pierre de Coubertin a young French nobleman, had an idea to bring the Olympic Games back to life.

With the help of the people who supported him he managed to organize the first modern Olympic Gamec in 1896.

Baron de Coubertin had planned to hold the Olympic Games in France, but the representatives from the nine countries that supported his idea decided that Greece was the right place to host the first Olympic Games.

The nine countries were Belgium, England, France, Greece, Italy, Russia, Spain, Sweden and United States.

They agreed that every four world.

The Athens Games in 1896 were a success.

Athletes from thirteen countries competed in nine sports.

A second Olympiad was held in France in 1900.

The 1996 Summer Olympics were held in Allanta, the USA and hosted 197 countries.

The USA toot the place winning 44 gold, 32 silver and 25 bronze medals.

Russia took the second place with 26 gold, 21 silver and 16 bronse medalce.

Begiing in 1926 Winter Olympics were included.

They were held in the same year as the Summer Games, but starting in 1994, the Winter Olympics are held two years after the Summer Games.

The Olympics are governed by the International Olympic Committee, situated in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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Barkalova2011 31 мар. 2018 г., 16:10:39

У Пьера де кубертента молодого французского дворянина была идея вернуть олемпийские игры к жизни.

С помощью людей которые поддерживали его он сумер организовать первые современные олемпийские игры в 1896году.

Барон де кубертен планировал провести олемпийские игры во Франции : но представители десяти стран которые поддерживали его идею решили, что Греция была более подходящим местом для проведения олемпийских игр.

Девять стран Бельгии Англии Франции Греции Италии России Испании Швеции и соседних штатах.

Афины в 1896 победили.

Спорцмены из тринадцати стран соревновались в девяти видах спорта.

Вторая олемпиада была проведена во Франции в 1900 году.

В 1996 году летние олемпийские игры были проведены в Атланте сша и провели в 197 странах.

Сша выиграли 44 золотых 32 серебряных и 25 бронзовых медалей.

Россия заняла второе место с 26 золотыми 21серебряными и16 бронзовыми медалями.

Бегинг в 1926 году зимних олемпийских играх быливключены.

Они были проведены в том же году летом но начиная с 1994 года зимние олемпийские игры проводятся через два года после летних олемп игр.

Олемпиада регулируется международным олемпийским комитетом расположенном в лозанне Швейцария.

Fjbhjbvn 21 июн. 2018 г., 19:24:17 | 5 - 9 классы

Lesson 4 The history of the Olympic Games 1) When were the first ancient Olympic Games and Modern Olympic Games organised (reading for specific information)?

Lesson 4 The history of the Olympic Games 1) When were the first ancient Olympic Games and Modern Olympic Games organised (reading for specific information).

Перевод всего текста.

Uliavolkova1999 2 апр. 2018 г., 04:43:08 | 10 - 11 классы

Составить 5 вопросов по тексту?

Составить 5 вопросов по тексту.

The first record of the Olympic Games dates from 776 BC but it is likely that many competitions were held before then.

The modern Olympic Games began in 1896.

America hosted the modern Olympics 4 times, Australia twice, and in 1980 it was Moscow that hosted the Summer Olympic Games.

No Olympics were held in 1916, 1940 and 1944 because of war.

The Winter Olympics began in 1924, originally the same year as the summer competition, but now are held on alternate years.

The Olympic Games have сhanged over time and regulated by the International Olympic Committees.

Almost every sport, from archery to yachting, is included in the Games and it continues to be the world's largest sports event.

Asslovesu 26 апр. 2018 г., 03:05:05 | 5 - 9 классы

Task 6?

Task 6.

Answer the questions on the Olympic Games.

For each correct answer you get 1 point.

1. How long is the marathon distance?

2. What Olympics saw the Olympic flag for the first time?

3. What modern Olympic Games were the longest?

How long did they last?

4. At what Olympics did athletes march into the stadium behind their respective national flags for the first


5. At what Olympic Games were gold, silver and bronze medals awarded for the first time?

Переведите пожалуйста = )).

Rustikcrut 30 янв. 2018 г., 10:29:56 | 1 - 4 классы

Ответьте на вопросы how often are the Olympic Games held?

Ответьте на вопросы how often are the Olympic Games held?

What is the motto of the Olympic Games ?

What colour are the rings on the flag of the Olympic Games?

What do the athletes do during the Summer and Winter Olympic Games ?

Where were the Olympic Games held in 2014?

Aspirin24 5 мая 2018 г., 08:35:04 | 10 - 11 классы

Составить предложения?

Составить предложения.

1. used, the, this, to, Games, trust, help, 1896, finance, was.

2. that, the, the, would, committee, internationally, modern, rotate, Olympics, planned.

3. consequently, to, in, Games, they, decided, the, hold, Paris, second.

4. are, Movement, official, of, and, English, Olympic, French, the, the, languages.

SileTek 22 сент. 2018 г., 19:35:22 | 5 - 9 классы

Переведите все нормально плиз?

Переведите все нормально плиз!



Name two Olympic events that require an athlete to vault?

What are the colors of the rings on the Olympic flag?

Name the only nation to have won at least one gold medal at every Summer Games.

What summer Olympic event was discontinued in the early 1900's because too many people thought it was cruel?

At the first modern Olympic Games in Athens in 1896, Gold medals were not awarded - what was awarded to the winners?

Name five ancient Olympic sports or events that are still in today's modern Olympics?

Which city has hosted the summer Olympics three times, and in what years?

In which two Olympic sports do men and women compete equally against each other.

9. Which new game was introduced at the 2000 Sydney Olympics?

10. In which year were the first Modern Olympics held?

11. Who was the first gymnast to score a perfect 10 seven times at the Olympics?

12. Who has won the maximum number of gold medals at a single Olympic Games in the history of the Olympics?

13. At what frequency are the Olympic Games held?

14. Which American diver won a double gold at the 1988 Seoul Olympics in spite of hitting his head on the 3 - m springboard?

15. Which country's team remained undefeated in field hockey between 1928 and 1956?

16. Who set a record for the most gold medals in a single Olympic Games at the 1972 Munich Olympics?

17. Who is the only athlete to win the Olympic marathon title twice in succession?

18. In which city were the Olympics in 2004 held?

19. When was the original Olympiad first held?

20. What is the serial number of the 2008 Beijing Olympics?

21. What metal is used in the third - place medal?

22. Who was the first winner in modern Olympics?

23. Which is the 'Black September Day' in Olympic history?

24. In which city will the Olympics in 2012 be held?

25. Which country's team always marches last in the March Past at the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics?

26. In which Olympics did the world - famous American boxer Muhammad Ali win the light heavyweight boxing title?

27. Which country has won the maximum number of gold medals since the inception of the Olympic Games?

28. What is the distance of the marathon race in the Olympics?

29. Who is the athlete to win the Olympic marathon barefoot?

30. What object did the archers hit during the competition before the target board was introduced?

31. Name the person who has won the maximum number of total career Olympic medals (i.

E. , cumulative Olympic medals over a period of time).

32. What is the meaning of the motto 'Citius, Altius, Fortius' of the Olympic Games?

33. What do the rings on the Olympic Games flag represent?

34. When was the first time the Olympic Games moved to Asia?

35. Which Olympics are called the 'high level upsets' Olympics?

Anakul17 8 мая 2018 г., 06:02:51 | 1 - 4 классы

Перевод пожалуйста срочно The Olympic Flag has been th symbol of the Olympic Games since 190?

Перевод пожалуйста срочно The Olympic Flag has been th symbol of the Olympic Games since 190.

Greece always finishes the parade at the opening ceremony.

The anthem has been played at the opening and closing ceremonies since 1958.

Faster, higher, stronger is the motto of the Olympic Games.

The Olympic Creed appeared in 1908.

The Olympic Flame appeared at the first opening ceremony.

The mascot , since the Olympic Games in Munich, has been an animal or a toy that represents the country where the Olympic Games are held.

Алмодд 29 июн. 2018 г., 20:20:23 | 5 - 9 классы



At the end of the 19th century the French nobleman Pierre de Coubertin [ˈpjer də ˈkʊbɜ : tən] got the idea to bring the Olympic Games back to life.

With the help of the people who supported him he organized the first modern Olympic Games.

So the Olympic Games returned to our life in 1896.

They were a success.

Athletes from thirteen countries came to Greece and had competitions in nine sports.

Russia took part in them too.

Now the number of countries taking part in the Olympic Games is much larger and so is the number of athletic events.

Like in ancient times, the Olympic Games take place every four years.

In 1926 the tradition of the Win - ter Olympic Games also began.

The noble idea of the Games is to make all people friends by meeting on football fields, courts and stadiums and to live in peace.

The International Olympic Committee [kəˈmɪti] heads the Olympic movement.

Among other things the Committee chooses the place for the coming Olympics.

It is a great honour to become an Olympic city.

In 1980 Moscow joined the family of Olympic cities and in 2014 Sochi did.

The XXII Olympics in Sochi were a huge success.

The Olympic Games are probably the most important international sports event.

Millions of people watch them all over the world.

They support their Olympic teams and favourite athletes who fight peaceful battles in honour of sport.

A lot of people enjoy the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics, co - lourful and original.

Many things have changed but like in ancient times winners of the Olympics become national heroes in their countries.

Любитель111111 17 мар. 2018 г., 07:45:33 | 5 - 9 классы

Прочитайте текст и ответьте на вопросы после текста?

Прочитайте текст и ответьте на вопросы после текста.

ТЕКСТ The Olympic Games have a very long history.

They began in 777 BC in Greece and took place every four years for nearly twelve centuries at Olympia.

They included many different kinds of sports : running, boxing, wrestling, etc.

All the cities in Greece sent their best athletes to Olimpia to compete in the Games.

For the period of the Games all the wars stopped.

So the Olympic Games became the symbol of peace and friendship.

In 394 AD the Games were abolished and were not renewed until many centuries later.

In 1894, a Frenchman, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, addressed all the sports governing bodies and pointed out the significance of sports and its educational value.

Two years later the first modern Olympic Games took place.

Of course, the competitions were held in Greece to symbolize the continuation of the centuries - old tradition.

In 1896 the International Olympic Committee was set up.

It is the central policy - making body of the Olympic movement.

It is formed by the representatives of all countries which take part in the Olympic Games.

The International Olympic Committee decides upon the programme of the games, the number of the participants and the city - host for the Games.

Over one hundred and fifty countries are represented in the International Olympic Committee now.

Besides, each country has its National Olympic Committee.

Summer and Winter Games are held separately.

There are always several cities wishing to host the Games.

The most suitable is selected by the International Committee.

After that the city of the Games starts preparations for the competitions, constructs new sports facilities, stadiums, hotels, press centres.

Thousands of athletes, journalists and guests come to the Games, and it takes great efforts to arrange everything.

There is always an interesting cultural programme of concerts, exhibitions, festivals, etc.

, for each Games.

Russia joined the Olympic movement in 1952.

Since then it has won a lot of gold, silver, and bronze medals.

In 1980 Moscow hosted the Twenty - Second Olympic Games.

The latest Olympic Games were held in Sydney.

Russian sportsmen got medals for their records in many sports events.


When and where did the Olympic Games begin?

2. Why did the Olympic Games become the symbol of peace and friendship?

3. When did the Games in Greece stop?

4. Who renewed the Olympic movement?

5. When and where did the first modem Games take place?

6. When was the International Olympic Committee set up?

What is its function?

7. Are Summer and Winter Games held separately?

8. How does the city - host prepare for the Olympic Games?

9. When did Russia join the Olympic movement?

10. Where were the latest Olympic Games held?

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Что правильно 1)Where were the first Olympic Games held?

Что правильно 1)Where were the first Olympic Games held?

Или 2)Where were held the first olympic Games?

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