Проверьте, пожалуйста на ошибки?

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Проверьте, пожалуйста на ошибки.

There are many languages in the world : French, Russian, Japanese, etc.

One of them is English.

English is the international language, because people use English all over the world.

Also English is a global language, because many people speak that.

Many people learning English language.

Learning English is difficult.

The most difficult for many people in learning English is grammar.

But, we can make learning English easier.

Firstly, we can listen original songs, watch original English films and read original English books.

Secondly, we can watch online lessons in the Internet.

Moreover, we can visit the English - speaking countries.

We believe that learning English is necessary for everyone, because we can travel the world, make new friends and get a good job.

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Seryakova1972 3 дек. 2018 г., 14:33:00

1 абзац последнее предложение неверно, вот правильно - Also, English is the international language because many people speak this language.

Остальное верно.

Sweat69 31 янв. 2018 г., 18:43:55 | 1 - 4 классы

At the present time foreign languages are socially demanded?

At the present time foreign languages are socially demanded.

Foreign languages are needed as the main and the most efficient means of information exchange of the people of our planet.

The question of learning foreign languages is very important today.

English is just one of 6, 000 languages in the world.

One billion people speak English.

That’s 20 per cent of the world population.

It is also one of the leading languages in the world.

About 350 million people speak English as their first language.

About the same number use it as a second language.

It is the language of aviation, international sport and pop music.

English is the official language in 44 countries, where it is used in education and administration.

They are Great Britain, Canada, the United States of America, Australia, New Zealand and some other countries.

In many countries it is the language of business, commerce and technology.

English is the language of modern computing.

Nearly 50 per cent of all the companies in Europe communicate with each other in English.

75 per cent of the world’s mail is in English, too.

Standard English is not completely uniform.

There are differences between the national standards in Britain, America and Australia.

Russia is integrating into the world community and the problem of learning English for the purpose of communication is especially urgent today.

English is very popular in international business of Russia.

It is studied at schools, colleges and universities.

. Ответьте на вопросы : 1.

What is the role of English among other foreign languages?

2. How many people speak English?

3. Why has English become a world language?

4. Where is English an official language?

5. Why are millions of people learning English today?

6. Why do young people want to learn English?

7. Why do you learn English?

8. What is the necessity of learning English for a specialist?

9. In what careers (jobs) can languages be a tremendous advantage?

10. What do we need foreign languages for?

11. What is the best way to learn a language?

12. What is the most important thing for you in learning a foreign language?

13. Is your written English better than your spoken English?

14. What is your mother tongue?

Danilasergeev5 26 окт. 2018 г., 04:46:42 | 5 - 9 классы

Answer the questions1) theme : "Learning English is popular all over the world"Why is English the world's top language?

Answer the questions

1) theme : "Learning English is popular all over the world"

Why is English the world's top language?

What will the role of English be in the 21 - bt century?

Why are you learning English?

Do you think you can do without English in your life?

19875912 22 мая 2018 г., 09:16:58 | 5 - 9 классы



Explain why : 1)English has become a world language 2)people who speak English have better job opportunities 3)we use dictionaries to learn a foreign language 4)it's important to talk to native speakers whose language you are learning 5) So many people in Russia are learning English now.

Zenks 30 апр. 2018 г., 18:55:31 | 1 - 4 классы




Say why you learn english.

Use the ideas below.

(I learn english because i want to have friends from other countries.

) - write e - mails in english - be good at english - speak over the phone to people from other countries - travel to other countries - make presentations in english - watch films in english - read english books - sing english songs - work and play with a computer.

Ksusha261 8 нояб. 2018 г., 18:40:41 | 5 - 9 классы

Срочно помигите сделать?

Срочно помигите сделать!

. people in the world use English.

As a native language English is spoken in .

The number of English native speakers * is .

As an official language English is used .

As a world language English is used .

English expands its vocabulary by .

American English is .

Дописать предложения так что бы получился текст.

Linochka2001 21 апр. 2018 г., 23:53:47 | 5 - 9 классы

Есть вот такой текст, на основе него надо сделать краткий пересказ, предложений 5 хотя бы, на английском языке?

Есть вот такой текст, на основе него надо сделать краткий пересказ, предложений 5 хотя бы, на английском языке.

Можно меньше, но не сильно, больше тоже, но в пределах разумного мне надо будет это учить = ) English today There are over 2.

700 languages in the world, but English today is the most important international language.

Four hundred million people speak English as their first language .

Six hundred million people speak it either as a second or as a foreign language.

That is 20 percent of the world's population.

English has become a world language, because it is spoken as a mother tongue in all the continents of the world.

In the 17th century it was brought to North America by the first colonisers.

Then in the 18th century English was brought to Australia, later on to Africa and India.

Millions of people are learning English today.

It is the language of summit meetings and international conferences.

It's also the language of the United Nations.

Foreign political leaders usually speak to international journalists in English.

The latest discoveries and ideas in all spheres of science and medicine appear in special international journals, of which 60 percent are in English.

80 percent of all information in the world's computers is in English.

Besides, there are a lot of brilliant world famous English, American, Canadian and Australian writers and poets who gave the world their wonderful works.

The reader can fully appreciate them only in the original.

And finally, many young people learn English as a foreign language because it is the language of rock and pop music.

So, English can be used for many different purposes and serve as a key to other cultures and their riches.

Kosorotov15 23 дек. 2018 г., 12:07:25 | 1 - 4 классы

What do you know about these?

What do you know about these?

Say. in what ciuntries people use english as their mother toongue.

In what countries they usebenglish as the second important language.

Where in the world people are interested in learning english.

What countries are englulish - speaking countries.

How much english has developed since the 16th century.

What variants of english you know in the modern world.

What are the most important kinds of english in the 21st century.

If speakers of british english and american english can understand each other.

If you know the words which mean the same in british and american english.

KristinaLink 13 мар. 2018 г., 06:04:10 | 10 - 11 классы

Проверьте на грамотность English language is very famous?

Проверьте на грамотность English language is very famous.

It is the favoured language of technology.

Everyone wants to know him.

English helps to understand others.

It develops compassion.

It is the language of the future of the world.

English is the language many writers.

English is easy to learn.

The hardest part of it is the grammar.

Over 300 million people speak English as a first language.

Courses and teachers help to learn the Englush.

Any language can be learned, but if you want .

You can read books and find information by computer, it facilitates the study.

Try to learn and you see success.

Cnjk 12 нояб. 2018 г., 11:51:18 | 5 - 9 классы

Прошу помочь с переводом?

Прошу помочь с переводом!

Diferent Kinds of English In the 16th century the people who lived in Europe did not know English.

They couldn't understand English words.

Only those who lived on the island called Great Britain, spoke English.

English was useless for the people of the continent.

In those years Latin, French, German and Italian were popular and widely known.

Four hundred years later the speakers of English travelled into every corner of the globe carryng their language and culture with them.

Today English is more important than any other language has ever been.

It has become the language of the planet, the first truly global language.

Of all the world's languages it is probably the richest in vocabulary.

Now it is the language of technology and science, business and sport.

English is the official language of the Olympics, the official voice of the air and of the sea.

People use English as the first language in English - speaking countries such as Britain, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

It has become the second language in countries like India, Nigeria and Singapore.

Then there is English as a foreign language.

People teach and learn English as a foreign language in Europe and Asia, in Africa and South America, in other words, all over the world.

But English is not the same everywhere.

Several kinds of English have appeared.

They are American English, Canadian English, Australian English, etc.

People who live in Britain speak British English.

Fedoseevanasta8 13 дек. 2018 г., 14:10:37 | 5 - 9 классы

English has become a “lingua franca” 1?

English has become a “lingua franca” 1.

Introduction 2.

Main body 3.

Conclusion(your opinion) The following points should be discussed : - the reasons people learn English - the history of the English language - the ways of learning the English language - how you improve(улучшить) your English монолог по англискому плиззз срочно.

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